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  1. I started watching OGT, OMG..ZLY and JH chemistry is so cute.. ...Anyway this OGT rating
  2. I just was wondering the samething too, when ZLY and FSF spotted eating hot pot with friends. They both doesn't wears theirs wedding band's. https://media.weibo.cn/article?id=2309404308089418455257
  3. Studying for my for biochem
  4. Today i have kale chips with sushi yummy
  5. OMG!!! Our FSF's at the carpets. He's so handsome. Maybe you are right @ElleWoodsen that's why we didn't see our handsome FSF with the wedding ring at the red carpet. Was he tripping when he said Teacher Zhao maybe bcoz he just remember that he is a married man bcoz he doesn't even wearing his wedding ring that's why I am also agreed that his birthday wished to her is just a cover up....
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