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  1. Been busy with my IG milk cp shipper grup chat. Yeah.., all of them are crazy but happy shippers. So I kind of surprise when I get back here to found that some of posters here taking my post as a provocative post. Like I said before, English is not my mother languange and I think because of that many of you are misunderstood me and my posts. And I think my humor level cannot match up with you all. Anyway, because I finally found my own pack (CJM-YEH shippers on IG) to chatting around almost 24H, let me say goodbye to this thread. I am sorry if some of my post offended you or provoke you. It is a pleasant journey. Bye everyone
  2. I said before my mother languange burden me to give long reply but lets try. 1. I never saw WH force his will to YJ. He always respect her. So, when YJ chose to get in SH car even WH already there, she chose to left him. So WH reaction is something that respect her choice, to left him. For not wanting his explanation. He already search for her (and find her) but she still leave him. He did try and yet, she still left him. 2. He applied Doctors without Borders was way before that situation. Coincidentally, the vacant position came after that situation. 3. He only knew one thing as point 1 ; YJ chose to left him without giving him a chance to explain to her. She chose on clueless state like before by leaving him when he try to explain it to her. As a married woman (for 21 yrs) I found CWH has a very very ideal husband traits. He willing to apologize first, he praised his lover often, he giving his lover presents even when she is not asking. What a dreamy man
  3. My mother language is not English so I just give reaction to every post I'm agree with which is #teamcwh post She creates her own misery by run away from the situation. Still not watching ep10 with sub, yet
  4. I am with you, even I only read the recaps. WH should go to Africa after battling with his biological dad about fire incident. Maybe for 4 years or above?! He still kept his promise though. Protect her and not change his feeling for her. #teamCWH One more; when he goes to Africa, take KHJ with him and then leave her there, on African desert.
  5. If I upload full version of this on yt, will I get banned?! It’s Robbie Williams ten most popular song on spotify though Still taking a safe distance from rewatching ep 10
  6. Thank you @packmule3 Your madcap lightening my grumpy mood. http://bitchesoverdramas.com/2018/11/29/fluttering-alert-episode-10-fake-news/#comment-6176
  7. I hate this alteration from the novel. In the novel, she trust WH. She’s shock (by receiving wedding invitation) but not shaken. She’s holding on to him. This is the first time I am not excitingly wait for the next episode or for the subtitle out. *still grumpy* Thank you. This episode deserve to be forget-able episode
  8. What about the preview? I am curious on why YJ wears bridal gown? Ahh.., I don’t even have energy to spamming MBN IG acc as I intend to do before, for making our couple sleep sitting and of course, the kiss.
  9. I hate this episode! And the preview! Why on earth YJ wears bridal gown?! And the writer, director, editor whom so so stingy with kisses! sign grumpy old our couple shipper
  10. The reason why I am so hooked with this drama. This couple relationship is so mature yet very sweet to watch. And sometimes I questioned the fact about CWH never dating any woman cause he’s such a smooth talker, well maybe for YYJ only But, please continue. I love to watch you do that to your woman
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