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  1. Remember in the first episode, CKH said that in some other cultures when you say ‘may I buy you a coffee’ means you want to start a relationship with them. WW is saying exactly that!! She wants to start a relationship with him! And his smile says it all, he was so happy! ❤️
  2. Monchoo the video you pisted at the very top, what is that? What is a drama she was in?
  3. I know right! Imagine somebody else playing MLC! Cringe.... I’ve been watching dramas for a long time and rarely have I seen a more compelling and touching chemistry. I really hope they’re just fooling around and just doing this to heighten our anticipation for Season 3.
  4. There are so many scenes they deleted. I saw some fight scenes definitely not in the finished cut! Sad! You know this is the first drama EVER that I’ve watched before they even stopped airing! I only watch dramas that already finished because I want to know if its a happy ending first before I begin. I hate sad endings! This is a testimony how much I loved this drama series! TanCheng forever!
  5. It's either the kisses or the fault lies on Cheng Cheng's chest tattoo! Either way, what are we going to do with our lives? Season 3 must come soon for the sake of our sanity.
  6. I know right! Now Im uber worried that this will spoil all dramas for me and make other love stories so bland in comparison. I hate those close-mouthed-wide-eyed kisses where the actress need only act like a block of wood. Scenes where they just mash their lips together and supposedly are passionately in love! You guys are right! Its sorcery, pure sorcery! Its so rare in a drama where there are passionate kisses! Sigh! what are we going to do?!
  7. The YY you’re talking about is Yang Yang right? isnt he older than XZL and shorter? Im sorry but the height diff between LJ and XZL is also a big factor for me
  8. Nice one! Though as much as I drool over XZL, I wish he wasnt the only one in the pic!
  9. Guys! I dont know if its just me but some of the scenes in the OSTs, I didnt see them in the episodes. There was one scene where I dont know if its MLC or the eigth prince but he was drinking and tears where falling from his eyes. In which episode was that? The song was at the end credits but the scene was in the OST. How about some of the fight scenes? Were they all cut? Can somebody please enlighten me. And isnt Xin Zhao Lin an amazing actor, tears would just fall and he doent need to scrunch up his face. Crying and laughing he is still so handsome! I cant believe Im fangirling over a guy almost half my age!
  10. Ok that’s it! Nobody can top this couple. I swear Im not going to watch Season 3 if its not them! Waaaaaah
  11. Okay it's official I'm a perv! When I opened this up I was all "woohoo! Chest, Cheng Cheng's chest! Now we are just like XT and her obsession about his chest!
  12. Thanks so much @Renaro Kopique for the recaps. Im sorry if I missed it, but what happened to 9th prince Jing Kang?!
  13. Truth! you know when a actor is forever associated with a character that nobody else can play them, like Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, etc. Remember what happened to the movie version of Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms, it was lambasted because everybody hated Yang Yang in the role made famous by Mark Chao. Even though Yang Yang is a very handsome actor, people just saw Mark Chao as Ye Hua that's why the movie flopped. I think everybody feels the same if somebody else will play MLC. Xin Zhao Lin already played the role for 2 seasons, it's a mortal crime if somebody else will play him. if it does happen and he breaks all our hearts for not signing on Season 3, they should just get new actors to play NEW CHARACTERS though I don't think it will be that successful.
  14. Yes, he literally went crazy! Poor guy! I don't think he's inherently evil it's just because of love. I honestly don't care about Pan Er, I find no redeeming qualities about her because she still schemes about XT but I would be willing to watch if he has a new beginning with Tan Er.
  15. OMG! Its 2am and Im still awake! Its all your fault guys! For posting about S3 and how it may be a diff cast!!! Waaaaaaaaahhhhh!
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