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  1. Just like in dreamkjk caption, Jong Kook said 'I'm sry but Ji hyo and I dislike the word getting off' and Ji hyo said 'I'm really dislike it'. It may be wrong though cuz I just interpreted as I heard.
  2. I want her to bring HaHa to LA so that we can hear the rest of her Christmas story
  3. For today's episode, every scene was heart flattering for me and I love the way they accepted and didn't deny anything when the members teased them. They seemed like they enjoyed it a lot. Love both of them P.S. These days real life keeps me busy so I can only come and read analysis of all of you. Love all of your analysis
  4. Yes. As soon as I saw that photo, I also feel like they deliberately do it for us to easy to edit. I don't know why maybe bcuz of their outfit they somehow give me couple vibe. Also I love the way JK glanced at JH whenever he talks and JH's obvious seriousness. They really made my day.
  5. Thank you for your warmly welcome. Now I'm the new maknae, Yayy!!!!
  6. Yes I saw that too and super excited for it. By the way I'm new to here and I'm spartace's fan since the old days and keep following up their interactions.
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