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  1. Taemin is having another Japanese tour but this time its arena tour. I honestly don’t understand why he’s overworking himself I mean its kinda bad for his health work after work isnt good thou it feels like he wants to make as much money as he can before he does something lol it feels rushed like as if he’s gonna do something major that could effect his career so earning as much as he can lol
  2. They were sitting few seats away but they didnt talk whilst sitting I think at the end of the show suho walked up to her and Naeun waved at him and they spoke and then went on separate ways but she actually looked close with him i dont know if im being delusional or not but Naeun doesnt usually wave or talk that casually with guys in public except BTOB so i thought they must be good friends this is so crazy honestly even Suho who once went to their WGM wedding is caught talking to Naeun but Taemin have never in ONCE waved at Naeun or spoke to her after WGM which is ridiculous lol
  3. Tbh i agree about some parts. I kind of find it ridiculous and uncomfortable when people mention Taemin on her personal account everytime she posts something like she’s always the only one who gets pressured or hated which is not fair i feel like (if they are in a relationship) all the burden falls on her shoulder since Taemin doesnt own a social media account so I think those taemin comments are honestly getting out of control i mean they can write it anywhere or to this thread but to comment on her every single picture even to the ones that has got nothing to do with Taemin even one bit it can become annoying it just makes it look like she has no life or shes noone other than being taemins so im hoping they could stop those comments atleast stop commenting on the ones that isnt related to taemin at all this could actually damage them to some extent if they are real so i wish they stop and give her a break
  4. Holy richard simmons i really thought it was Naeun for a second lol seeing that pic makes me realise what a powerful and visually hot couple they could be if they evet date or exposed dating
  5. If Naeun and Taemin are together and have been together for so long one of the main reasons why I think they havent been exposed is because they both somehow have such a strong relationship with Dispatch like all the time they get either group shoots or individuals shoots but like lately its been done alot now Taemin got its individual shoot by Dispatch literally 3 days ago and now we find out that Naeun also had a shoot specifically with Naeun on her fanmeeting Usually the ones that have been exposed by Dispatch have never really had those kind of shoots with Dispatch as far as I know like taking example of Kai Ive never seen him having individual shoots or even group maybe with Dispatch so he has been exposed twice now by Dispatch so I’m seriously believing that because they have a strong relation with Dispatch and because Dispatch gets the benefit of having shoots with them they will not expose them? Like atleast for now maybe (if they are in fact in a relationship lol) but this can be my delulu only but that sounds pretty believable
  6. Well let me tell you guys one more thing lol Taemin’s video about idol radio and hes gonna be a guest there and that radio’s MC is ilhoon lol as known as Naeuns childhood friend which went to her bday meeting lol these never ending coincidences https://mobile.twitter.com/idolradiokorea/status/1095567084526874624
  7. hhahahahhahaha guys this is so funny but the MC for Naeuns birthday 3 days ago was also Taemins MC for his showcase today hahahahhahaa i don't have any more words to say its so funny
  8. whenever it comes to talking about relationships he always talks about the situations like as if he's in a relationship or when describing the ideal type he's talking like as if he's describing his current partner once i came across this article don't know if it was an actress or an idol she said that 'one of the ways to tell if your idol is dating is when she/he describes their ideal types in detail or the relationship situations so perfectly as if they were in a relationship' Taemin always does this but ends it with I'm not in a relationship and I've never had the experience like I mean taemin seriously? how can someone describe their type or their situations without even having a partner or an experience? I mean noone who hasn't never been in a relationship would say something like well i don't have a particular type or I don't know what i'd do in a situation take an example of an essay you have to write at uni like your first essay is always the messiest and not up to standards cause you never know what to write how to write or what the teachers expect cause you've never had an experience of writing in an academic style Taeuns situation is exactly like this I can never understand when idols talk so much about a specific type or situation but say I've never experienced it before like COME ON DUDE lol you want me to believe that?
  9. The fact that Naeun is giving so much to others even on her birthday when she should be the one receiving shows how kind she is shes beautiful inside and out and it reminds me of how Taemin described her as a giving tree she's always thankful towards the ones who always stays with her and she never fails to give 10 times more back to them in return Taemin is very lucky to have her and Im sure he'll never feel not loved even for a second he has her by his side which i think is the key to their long lasting relationship (if they are in a relationship lol) wonder what she does for Taemin on his bday she's too thoughtful and caring
  10. I wanna point out one thing thou When i watched the live of naeuns fan meeting there were so many vlogs about her daily life and she showed around her closet as well i could see her bedroom to and all the wardrobe as well but those rooms were completely different to her bedroom and closet at her parents house? this video is the one at her parents house but the one on her vlogs everything was completely different? But she's living with her parents isn't she? like where did the other bed and wardrobes come from lol does she have her own separate house as well? Im so confused cause the one on the vlog was definitely not her parents house
  11. GUYSSSSSS AHHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH BIG NEWSSS FROM NAEUNS FANMEETING they asked something probably about a guy to naeuns male friends one of them said Taemin right in front of Naeun hahahahhahahhaha she started laughing and got very shy and her fans laughed and screamed to hahahahahahah wth even her male fans think that she's with taemin i guess btw i recorded everything so i actually have a video of that moment but I don't know where to share it
  12. Guys I've been getting really curious lately about this thing but why is it always Naeun that gets onto a separate car whenever they come back from somewhere? Like its not the case of having no space cause they usually split the members into 2 so they'll have 3 in each car and even though she's living with her family like she's not the only one? Hayoung also lives with her family so shouldn't she also get into a separate car? Thats hella confusing to me I don't have any idea where the hell she's going lol I mean even if she was going to her parents house she could still get into the other cars like Hayoung and drop her off there like how they do with Hayoung? like wth lol
  13. What the actual heck????? I don't care about what anyone says but this richard simmons aint a coincidence anymore Naeun shares this pose and look at the number that is circled in her coat ITS FREAKING 11 thats Taemins comeback day what the hell I mean I am 100% sure thats why she took the photo like that and by showing off the numbers there she obviously pulled it so it can be captured I don't know what to say anymore AND THATS NOT EVEN THE COAT THATS THE BLUDY BAG WTH NAEUN-AH AHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAH did you seriously take your bag put it on your lap just so you can take a picture of the numbers I MEAN THIS GIRL IS SUPPORTIVE AS HELL TAEMIN YOU BETTER PROPOSE TO HER RIGHT NOW
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