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  1. http://www.starmometer.com/2018/12/25/voting-for-asian-drama-actress-of-the-year-is-now-open/ Lets vote for PMY fellow shippers. =)
  2. i heard that pmy attended a wedding but the organizers are asking those who posted pictures to delete them, why?
  3. Lets shift to the webnovel. They just update it and its now in chapter 98 where Taeyang, their son is already 8 years old. Im so excited for the next chapters
  4. 4 months are almost gone and I still can't move on from PPC. This is the longest record I've shipped couple from the drama and still curious about them. God please help me Piece of advice, read the webnovel through mangago.net. it will help you ease or overcome your anxiety
  5. Its kinda weird to know that despite PSJ having successful dramas and great number of CFs, why is it that he is struggling with poll votes in Starple app? Why does he struggle to be on top? Is there any possibility that somebody is manupulating?
  6. Based from what I heard, it has something to do with PSJ's CF. Did SJK lose endorsements after admitting it? I have limitted knowledge about korean entertainment culture, thank you for educating me
  7. I am a new fan of PSJ and I'm so curious, is this his most active forum or thread? I heard that there were a lot of kdrama fans are shipping him to KJW but I dont see any active forum or thread.
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