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  1. I MISS THAT PART!! so it's already pass a week according to what Secretary Jung said to SDJ in the office... what's with this abnormality?!
  2. the top comment on naver TV in the last scene video of today's episode me : same knets.... same..
  3. after texting Journalist Park "I had an accident", Woomi said this in the car before the accident, WM : So, think of this carefully, this is my fault, this occasion happen because of me. I'm Segye's CEO.. Segye's friend. So that's why I will take responsibility of it" then she proceed to drive the car, and intentionally speeding up. I understand Woomi sense of responsibility since she is aware that she makes things more difficult because she unintentionally mistaken that private investigator as segye and that make it a bit more complicated since it gave CYR more reason to be more suspicious of segye's condition. But still, Segye won't be happy with her choice. She will blame herself for that, Woomi's sacrificing herself is really , I mean go that far to save your friend.. i dunno if it is selfless or selfish anymore... that is so scary, since we dont know how much time pass since she hiding from anyone. and that last bit when she said "the face won't change". and no preview till at least Friday.
  4. this is how Naver TV usually at Monday and Tuesday night Beauty Inside clips will be lining up on the top videos, powerful... Today episode, again and again, bittersweet that last bit break my hearts so much... waeeee....
  5. Done watching with sub, now my question is Should I be disappointed that they really just sleep there? On another note, finally, Eunho-Sara relationships will going somewhere, I was pretty much dumbfound in the last couple of episode where their relationship going nowhere. That evil fiancee of Sara will be the new problem for both couple, but I surely am believe that it will lead the both of them at the deeper level of their relationship ; the sibling relationship, Segi Couple, and Marygold Couple. It will be a happy ending, I will keep faking that I have no concerns whatsoever about it being a sad story because it won't be, I sign up for romcom, not melodrama..keep faking till makes it, though I dunno how Segye conditions will took part at the end of story ; will she somehow cure it, or will she live the rest of her life like what she is for the past 10 years?
  6. Hellooo... just decide to make a new account since i don't remember my old one years ago been stalking this thread for a month before deciding to join in... Cant wait for tonight episode...
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