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  1. about the conversation with his doctor.. if I'm not mistaken, the probability to be able to heal is just 5% but he could also die if the surgery gone wrong. I think that's way he try to just accept it and live with his condition for the past 10 years, that's why he said that there's no cure when his grandpa asking. But now that Segye left him, I'm so sure he will take anything, even with that 5%, because he can't live without Segye anyway. About Segye, I can't say I like the way she is running away and leaving Dojae because it's so sad, people can say she is selfish, yes in a way, but what else she can do? She feels guilt and that feeling eating her alive. She is being mean to Dojae to left him like that, yes it's in a way true too, but before all that, she needs too live first. She can't smile anymore, she feels like dying, she hate herself so much that she can't live anymore. She can't even begging for forgiveness to dojae's mom because it doesn't make sense if she said dojae become like that because saving her from accident, how could she explain that grandma that dojae save in car accident was her?. I mean, if only she can just admit to everybody why she felt guilty to Dojae so that everyone can just blame her, she can beg for their forgiveness and pay for what she's done (though we know it's not like that, it's not her fault). Woomi knows it that's why she stop Dojae from meeting Segye the day before she left. She knows Segye through and through, she is her bestfriend and will be always in her side. Like Woomi said, Segye needs to live first. May I said that actually the writer been constant about Segye's personality, and she left dojae like this is constant with how Segye from the start is. Just like her mom said, Segye isn't easily change, she is always like that. But what to do with Dojae? My heart breaking for him... He choose Segye over his family or position, he said he can leave all of that to be with her no matter who she changes into he is ready to throw anything away just to be with her. Even after knowing the truth of their past he said it's okay because even if it's not her he will still save the person, and that saving her is the best thing he had ever done, but now she can't live with guilty feeling, she can't live with herself while dojae is too good she feel she don't deserve him and his love...so she want to leave, but Dojae..Dojae can't even remember her face on his mind when he miss her,and he loves her so much that anything else doesn't matter, isn't their fate so cruel like this? I suddenly has a strong nostalgic feeling, this is like watching Goblin all over again, the torture is real. Im Meari writer-nim, jinjja..... p.s : one thing I want to complain, there's no melodrama tag on this drama. I mean.. they should have warn me?! Please give me back my RomCom in episode 15 and 16. p.s.s : SHJ and LMK are so good, both in the RomCom side or Melo side. what's with this couple? so perfect.
  2. IT IS A CRYING GALORE...... HOW CAN I SURVIVE TILL NEXT WEEK, HOWWWWWW... Segye crying... Segye want to break up.. Dojae can't even remember segye's face although he miss her so much.. Segye disappear... Dojae crying... How am I not going crazy with this kind of episode? with this cliffhanger? HOWWWWWWWWW.... this is a very depressing episode.
  3. @farishta thank you so much for your two cents, I love to read it so much and I want to give it more likes!
  4. if I'm not mistaken, I read on Beauty Inside dc gall that there's baseball games last night. Beauty Inside still doing good though despite it, I mean from the knet response Beauty Inside is really popular, always Top on Naver TV, the article too made it to the trending on news naver, and all top comment usually positive response with many upvote. I expect rating to be increase higher for tonight episode. but seems like for tvN drama there's many criticism about it, and the rating decrease quite a lot. I just watching ep 1 so I don't have much to say about it.
  5. 8 hours to go... Still cut for episode 14 Aigoo..it's only a picture but it looks so sad. I can sense Dojae's sincerity and Segye seems like moved by it. I hope this is the scene that will come after that breakup thing. and finally Music&New release this, I love this BGM so much the one that goes " I love you love you love you.." it's 2morro version. Omg this 2morro band is so good! and.. Zza Zza Com mi Zza Zza Zza and All complete BGM/OST in the drama, check out this playlist from Music&New
  6. Me to Im Meari Writer-nim : there's still 3 episodes left, for all the teasing the writer has thrown to us since ages ago, it's only right for her to give it exactly what we imagine it should have been... like I swear I won't even really whine this much if not because of all that tease LMAO.
  7. Segye ask Dojae "Wanna eat ramyeon?", again, for the second time. I CAN'T WRITER-NIM PLEASE STOP PLAYING WITH MY HEART!
  8. Beauty Inside at #1 Top 10 Drama TV (November 2018, 2nd Week) Lee Minki at #1, Seo Hyunjin at #2, and Lee Dahee at #7 Top 10 Drama Actor (November 2018, 2nd Week) Congratulation Beauty Inside Team!!!! Let's keep it up till the end, fighting! (This survey is based on the analysis of online articles, blogs, community, SNS, video responses of 39 TV dramas that are being broadcasted or scheduled to be broadcasted from November 5th, 2018 to November 11th, 2018 by GOOD DATA CORPORATION. The results were announced on November 12th,2018) credit
  9. So sweet, they are cheering for the 3rd grade senior high school whose gonna take entrance exam, because it's near the time for university's entrance exam in Korea. And the drama too near the end. Wedding scene will be beautiful.. I just hope that the ending will be sooooooo happy that any of happy things that already happen seems like nothing, something so strong that make me forget all the sad things and cruel encounter fate of both of them.
  10. CYR been picking on Segye endlessly even before she has any suspicion about Segye's condition. She is annoying, for me, but of course in the way I think she serve her purpose as the annoying one just like what writer intended her for. So I think if she's being hated for being CYR the way CYR is, then she is playing her role right. If she is being annoying but no one care enough to talk about her then it means she is being ignored. If so many people raise their voices because they find her annoying, I think it's in a way to see her as she is that relevant so the viewer can't just ignore her presence. If there's people who find the drama have many flaw, and bashing or stop watching, I think it is their lose to miss out such an amazing drama. Just like them didn't care about me liking this drama I like, there's no reason to bother about their opinion of why they don't like the drama, because I won't understand their way of thinking. To each of our own I guess. Of course it is sadden too if people who don't know being influence but they should have their own opinion of anything to begin with, not because someone told them this and that and just trust it blindly before even try to watch.
  11. @shjfan23 @Ponyo_mokona you're welcome we need this extra fluff before storm coming in episode 13 With Seo Hyunjin and Lee Minki team up,but only up to that interrupted wine kiss? It will be a such a waste! Having such a great combo of Kiss Master, so far it still hasn't reach 100% of what they might capable to pull of. Yes it's 15+ rate, yes, but there's a certain degree of bed scene that could be included within that boundary.... right? umm.... I mean I'm certain that I have seen bed scene on other 15+ rate K-drama... Most importantly, JTBC as cable channel, so my expectation is kinda high.. please make this happen, Im writer-nim..Song pd-nim.. Butakderimnidaaaa.. In the meantime, K.Will sing Beauty Inside ost at Yoo Hee Yeol Sketchbook.... My ears been bless.. the part where they are talking about OST part 4 Beauty Inside 내 생에 아름다운 start at 2:00, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HfN9bOobtmM
  12. I dunno too hahaha, the youtube and naver TV version cutting Dojae part mentioning bed scene twice! and that other angle of shaving kiss hahahahah Aju~ NICE making video team! way to go... only I'm having a heart attack..hahaha EDIT: BEHIND CUT CR OMG... WHY IS THIS SO PRECIOUS... SEGYE-DOJAE WAAAAAAAA Mwoyaaaa.. My heart...
  13. KYAAAAA I'M GOING CRAZYY... MY HEART MY HEART Shaving kiss making video EXTENDED VERSION DOJAE MAKING ME CRAYYYYZZYYYY.. calm down my heart... CALM DOWN! part that making me crazy ( OPEN WITH CAUTION, and better to see this after watching the extended video and then this part PS : The making video team succeed to kill me.......
  14. Talking about Woomi, I actually want something happens with Woomi and Junghwan, let it be love love love everywhere.. I actually kinda sceptical about Woomi supposed "bf" why even Segye never saw him hahah.. Exactly me after watching the preview On another note, JTBC Drama sending food truck support to Beauty Inside team.. The banner on the truck said "Thank you Beauty Inside, JTBC is proud of you" & "Enjoy the meal and have strength till the end" Yoksi... And a fan spot the filming... Kyaaaaaaaaaa Dojae n Segye They were waving to each other, why is this so cute too
  15. it's about time Segye know about it, the sooner the better, it gives us a higher chance to have a happy ending for Segi Couple at the end. Now that the cat is out of the bag, in the beginning of quarter end, we just gotta brace ourselves and hoping that everything shall be overcome by their love. Just make sure to have a box of tissue and stay hydrate well when watching because it's gonna be a tearjerker. On another note, Eunho-Sara finally going next level, yass!!!!
  16. yes, it seems like that. I've been searching about Im Meari writer-nim, there's not much that I can find. I can only find Beauty Inside where she is the main writer. The other work she's being credited as assistant writer for Kim Eunsook writer-nim drama. Yeah, i think she is doing a good job too. I hope the rating keep increasing for the remain 4 episodes. It will be good for her to have a successful debut as main writer, and I think she is doing a wonderful job. I mean, they tease us about sleep together since episode 3 where Dojae said to sleep together, proceed to show us a few bed scene where they are just sleep, have a hot make out session but interrupted by Segye's mom, having Segye go to Dojae house at night only to have a talk about Joseon porcelain but went back to her home after to sleep, or go on a vacation but not even a single kiss being shown there. yeah well okay we just have 4 more episodes to go, please have mercy writer-nim. the preview though.. took longer than usual. Have a feeling it might be release tomorrow. But i hope it will be sooner
  17. Just find out something about this drama writer, Im-Meari. Actually, the first time i heard the name I remember Kim-Eunsook drama "A Gentleman's Dignity" (a very good drama, very recommended!), there's one character with that name Im-Meari, isn't the name so pretty Im Meari? it's such an unforgettable name. I'm actually curious about her writing style, so I kind of browsing anything I could find but I cant remember any drama that I have watch which is being written by Im Meari writer-nim. But then I come accross some naver blog and found out that Im Meari writter-nim is one of Assistant Writer of my favorite K-Drama writer, Kim-Eunsook. Her name being credit as one of Assistant writer on Kin-Eunsook hit drama like "The Heir", "Descendant of the Sun", and my most favorite "Goblin". So I said to myself "No wonder I'm so hooked by Beauty Inside, there's many association with many things I have liked over the years experiencing watching drama. from the writer who has many connection with many of my favorite drama to the PD (Another Oh Hae Young), to the casts". Beauty Inside is just my kind of drama, it will be easily become top on my favorite drama too. For now, I'd like to trust Im Meari writer-nim, please for the next 4 episodes, fill us with happiness and give a good happy ending and tie all the loose end. A much more lovey dovey scene of Segye and Dojae (preferably bed scene *wink wink* ), a sweet scene of Sara-Eunho , and please reduce Chae Yoori presence because she is annoying haha Im Meari writer-nim fighting
  18. Hmm.. Interesting theory.. The only thing I can think of, is back to where it started, Europe. The first time it happened was when she and woomi went to vacation in Europe in her 20. Why Europe? Maybe there's something there.
  19. well her character in the drama is really annoying though so I actually share the same sentiment with knets, tbh, sorry. One thing I could think of her behavior is obsession. She might develop the kind of deep resentment towards Segye, born from jealousy or inferior feeling (or the combo of both, I believe), that is so strong and it's really not healthy, as she might only feel the kind of happiness and amusement when Segye is in trouble especially from something that was from her own doing. As she is loving herself too much, to the point of narcissistic and seems like enjoying being the center of attention, it seems to ignite her prideful self that Segye receiving much love, from people around her and public, despite Segye's strange behavior of running away almost in the middle of any kind situation suddenly. Some of her behavior was kinda odd in the latest episode though, especially about how she seems certain about Segye's condition despite never see Segye's change in person. But I guess when someone like her already made her mind to destroy someone, that obsession can really make her doing literally everything just to satisfying her self esteem. But really, is it all worth it? Her character is flaw, yes, and a very hateful one. Even I, while in the middle of rewatching again, will fast forward her scene
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