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  1. Its been 2 days since the end of MotA but I still find myself bitter at the ending. I feel that I have waited for the longest time for Hyun Bin to return to the TV screen and have tried not to get overly excitable for the drama every weekend only to get teary-eyed disappointment. I know it is not real but the fact that JW stayed in limbo at the end really is kinda hard to swallow for me. It is equally hard for me to accept that the brother got all the approving cheering while JW's silhouette hid in the dark shooting and not be comforted by his friends and Hee-Joo. There were ample time/opportunities for this drama to have a clearer ending if there had been less repeated flashbacks and useless fillers/scenes. Jin-Woo and He-Joo did have some special chemistry and bonding. While they might not be ardent passion, it was somehow deeper and mature and therefore it gripped me on a very different level. I really wish the ending between them were clearer (even just for our frail hearts) and that the loopholes of the game explained better. Even though I hate it that many elements surrounding the game were very loosely explained, the scriptwriter is amazing for coming up with such a story...furthermore, her sheer audacity of not succumbing to most fans for having a happy ending is also something I'll never forget..and for these, I think she deserves to be congratulated. I think I love MotA though I don't think I'll watch it again anytime soon...
  2. I just read the news as well with photos of them in the supermarket. I am so hoping this news gets validated by their agencies soon!! They look perfect together!!!
  3. Gosh I hate ep 15. So many absolutely useless scenes that took forever. I want to flip the table, throw some glasses and smash the wall or something...argh arghh arghh..
  4. I just watched Hyun Bin's movie "Negotiations" and well....it was almost mind-blowing to see how Hyun Bin has progressed his acting skills over the years. He was so very well melt into the character and what a captivating performance! I highly recommend the movie. I had liked Hyun Bin since the drama "The secret garden" and now I am becoming a faithful fan. What a joy to watch this man on screen!
  5. Throughout the episodes, I don't find the romance between JW and HJ "forced". For me as an audience watching the story unfold, their romance seems to me quite a natural progression. I agree with the argument that for JW, after 2 failed marriages as well as finding himself in an extreme distraught situation because of the gaming, romance is most likely the last thing on his mind. But for the exact same reason, we as human innately possess the ability to find outlets for tension and emotional distress and lean on those who understand and believe us. I don't think JW considered HJ a romantic prospect in any way in the beginning. But how HJ took care of him without questioning had somehow opened a tiny space in this heart for HJ (as JW had voice-overed on the train when leaving Granada) -- I think that was one of the reasons JW decided to initiate contacts with HJ, one year after the incident in Granada. I can somewhat imagine JW's mentality shift during that one year in the US: Though still in distress, frustration, and guilt over killing CHS, with the passing of time, JW must have also become slightly numb, less overwrought, and more accepting to the eerie reappearance of zombie CHS and other crazy consequences of the gaming. He went to see HJ, not because he had fallen for her, but because of some kind of belief that HJ, unlike others, would not see him as some mega lunatic. HJ dismissed JW after finding out what happened to her brother, but at the end because of her consistent supports as well as her trust, it triggered the romantic feeling to sprout, trust to build on his part, and I think before JW could rationally think through whether he should/should not or even "wants to" have a new romantic relationship in that stage of his life, HJ had already become a supportive existence for him as we saw in the past few episodes. I read writer SJJ's interview with my mouth agape. I find it difficult to accept the script writer's perspectives on JW/HJ's relationship - what a load of crap and to me a shallow explanation. It doesn't take an expert to imagine the emotional mindsets of HJ and JW, but as a scriptwriter, the fact that she doesn't seem to grasp the emotional development of the characters she created really surprises me. I don't quite understand how SJJ could own the storyline without those basic understanding of human emotions and possibilities.
  6. Finally I am able to enjoy Kdrama once again after "My Mister"!! I am crossing my fingers and hope that the PD will surprise us with a different ending from the Japanese version Love the leading actor/actress...not only because both of them are very pleasing to the eyes, but also with their excellent acting performance. This drama makes me anxious every time when an episode ends. I don't get the low viewing rating in Korea.
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