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  1. Choi Jin Hyuk Maneuvers Through A Dangerous Situation On “The Last Empress” SBS’s “The Last Empress” has revealed preview stills of Na Wang Shik / Chun Woo Bin (played by Choi Jin Hyuk) in the upcoming episode of the drama! Spoilers Na Wang Shik / Chun Woo Bin became part of the imperial family for the sole purpose of revenge. Even with only three months to live his life, the character does everything in his power to achieve his goal of destroying the imperial family. In the latest episode, Chun Woo Bin confessed to Emperor Lee Hyuk (played by Shin Sung Rok) that he is Na Wang Shik. When Emperor Lee Hyuk held up a gun at him, Chun Woo Bin did the same, saying, “That’s right! The son of Baek Do Hee that you killed, Na Wang Shik, that’s me! Lee Hyuk, you murderer! Die!” The episode ended with the two men reciprocally at gunpoint and raised expectations for the upcoming episode. In the February 13 broadcast, Choi Jin Hyuk will showcase his fighting skills. As seen in the new images, Na Wang Shik uses his bare hands to conquer his attackers. The producers of the show stated, “With Na Wang Shik revealing his identity, the drama is at a situation that cannot be predicted. Please look forward to seeing how Choi Jin Hyuk will carry out the revenge Na Wang Shik has been picturing all his life and how he will pull off the action scenes.” cr: soompi.com/article/1303426wpp/choi-jin-hyuk-maneuvers-through-a-dangerous-situation-in-the-last-empress
  2. “The Last Empress” Cast To Go On Reward VacationV The cast and crew of “The Last Empress” will be going on a well-deserved holiday! On February 13, News1 reported that the cast and crew of SBS’s Wednesday-Thursday drama “The Last Empress” would be going on a reward vacation. Later the same day, sources from the drama confirmed the news by stating, “The team is currently in preparations for a group vacation.” “The Last Empress” began airing in November 28 and has consistently broken its own viewership ratings records throughout its run. Of all the dramas airing on public broadcast stations in its time slot, “The Last Empress” has consistently been the highest rated. Its success is even more impressive given the fact that the drama initially faced controversy early in its run due to injuries on set, rumors of overwork, and its sensational content. Recently, the drama also announced that the show’s run would be extended by four episodes. Detailed plans for the reward vacation will be made after the show wraps up on February 21. cr: soompi.com/article/1303450wpp/the-last-empress-cast-to-go-on-reward-vacation
  3. “The Last Empress” Cast Laugh Their Way Through Serious Scenes In Making Video https://www.soompi.com/article/1303088wpp/watch-the-last-empress-cast-laugh-their-way-through-serious-scenes-in-making-video
  4. Our spotlight series continues, this week with Jang Nara. Jang Nara is currently starring in the successful SBS drama An Empress’s Dignity, and has already won an SBS Best Actress award for her performance as a naive musical actress who finds herself married to the Emperor of the Korean Empire. The role showcases what Jang Nara does best: cute and innocent at first glance, but when threatened or wronged, full of spunk and fighting spirit. Jang Nara is famous for the sweet girlish quality that she brings to her roles, and it’s to her credit that she brings this flavor while also making each of her characters distinctive and three-dimensional. Read more @ http://www.dramabeans.com/2019/01/actor-spotlight-jang-nara/
  5. Shin Sung Rok Enraged By Startling Turn Of Events On “The Last Empress” https://www.soompi.com/article/1302252wpp/shin-sung-rok-enraged-by-startling-turn-of-events-on-the-last-empress
  6. just curious? 1. what will sunny think if she know about min yura is woo bin/wang shik x-lover? 2. will woo bin should also received punishment coz kill ma phil joo & try kill sunny (2 times, coz the orders from Emperor, eventhought sunny like already forgive woo bin for this matters). 3. what if sunny know that Emperor help release her family from jail. She still don't know who help her family right? just woo bin know about this matter. @ChewyChocolate happy read your fanfic.
  7. “The Last Empress” Cast Members Have Shining Chemistry Behind-The-Scenes https://www.soompi.com/article/1292937wpp/watch-last-empress-cast-members-shining-chemistry-behind-scenes 8 Ways “The Last Empress” Episodes 29-32 Turned Up The Romance https://www.soompi.com/article/1291785wpp/8-ways-the-last-empress-episodes-29-32-turned-up-romance
  8. Watch: “The Last Empress” Cast Can’t Stop Laughing Behind The Scenes In Making-Of Video https://www.soompi.com/article/1289589wpp/watch-last-empress-cast-cant-stop-laughing-behind-scenes-making-video Lee Elijah Tells Story Behind Cement Torture Scene In “The Last Empress” https://www.soompi.com/article/1289641wpp/lee-elijah-tells-story-behind-cement-torture-scene-last-empress
  9. 7 Surprisingly Cute Moments From “The Last Empress” Episodes 25-28 Read more @ https://www.soompi.com/article/1287901wpp/7-surprisingly-cute-moments-last-empress-episodes-25-28
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