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  1. Hello to all. I spent the last few weeks some past work by ChenKun. The camera loved him from day one and he made great use of that fact. Over the course of Little Chinese Seamstress, through Painted Skin 1 & 2, and on to Lost in 1949 he certainly stepped up his acting game, but none of them match the spectrum of abilities displayed in RotP. Sadly it isn't as easy to find much of NiNi. Their chemistry is extraordinary. Me too. I just finished a book on daily life in the Tang Dynasty and much of the dangerous intrigue in the royal court is substantiated in fact. A second season could easily include a pregnancy. JMO. NingYi and FengZhiwei finally give their love to each other. Remember that FW couldn't refuse him at the funeral. Something to the effect " I'm not my mother" no kidding, lol. The guilt, and that bogus speech from daddy emporor has her plan the ultimate escape, but the devoted GuNanyi uses his skills to save her life and they escape to rethink things. At that early stage she wouldn't even know she was pregnant, and she would have been protected from serious injury, maybe a bump on the head to insert a little amnesia into the mix. They could travel to Jinshi where she would be recognized as the right full Empress and Princess of Tiensheng ( after a little tussle with the Dowager Empress. ) And by the way she is sure she is pregnant and it is assumed by the court that the deceased Helian Zheng is the daddy, but FengZhiwei knows better. She was a virgin when she and NingYi made love. She throws herself into governing Jinshi, proving to be a capable ruler and gives birth to a Prince. Meanwhile back at the Capitol, NingYi has his own problems...fill in the blanks...among them the news of a strong, popular, and competent Empress in Jinsei and he follows her exploits closely becoming more and more curious. FengZhiwei learns a lot, one by one all the lies of her life are revealed and she comes to the realization that her own parents were a lie, her brother the Dacheng prince lied, her teacher lied. The only truth was her love for NY and his love for her. But she is a ruler in her own right and has responsibility to her peeps. Wanting to solidify relations with Jinshi and satisfy his curiosity NingYi invites the Empress to the capitol. She can't refuse for a number of reasons ie: breech of etiquette, automatic war drums, love etc. So she arrives at the palace and pays homage to the Emperor Ning Yi. BOOM,boom boom...and introduces her baby boy as the Royal Prince of Jinshi. Only NingYi and FengZhiwei, know his true identity and the circumstances of his conception. NingYi is immediately overcome with emotion and collapses stunning the court officials, his eunuch calls for the Imperial Doctor. Will someone please name the Royal Prince of Jinshi? Troptina, great thoughts on the story! Love it. Come on help me out here.
  2. JMO dramas very rarely come with HEA endings. RotP is described as historical, drama,romance and I think it fulfills that promise. In most episodes the viewer has to invest actual brain cells to follow the delicate power plays involved in the plot, quoedos for not throwing in gratuitous sex and violence to fill empty storytime, while retaining the elements of of a deep devoted love. Unlike the Game of Thrones showrunners who are criminal for inserting useless, shocking, garbage to entertain the audience while they try to come up with ways to make visual sense out of the as yet unfinished novels. The actual plot of GoTs is simplistic and predictable. We take issue with the poor editing in the push to finish RotP, and our frustration with the lack of the HEA. GoTs has had 5 years of episodes and now the writers think they can wrap in 6 installments. Just have to say...they better be spectacular episodes, and there better be a HEA, if any characters survive to provide it,lol. ( sorry for the rant, I watched a lot of GoThrones over the week ) Back to RotP, in the bedroom scene I would have liked the scene to have started out the same including the push, but have had it transition to unbridled passion as FengZhiwei pulls out all the stops finally expressing her unconditional love freeing NingYi to do the same. Lol, Morning after guilt has her running for the cliff. Haha You have got to be determined to jump feet first and see it to the end, because after all the sharper the knife the less it hurts. Ps has anyone seen Tuo Shen, if so, where?
  3. I agree, in RotP Nini really shines, her comedic as well as dramatic talents are wonderful, hard to follow up. ChenKun, what can I say? ... I watched 2 complete viewings because I couldn't focus on anything but their pairing. I can certainly envision a second season. There are loads of threads to pull. I have no problem with the show deviating from the book, and many times the show is better than the source. Example: Game of Thrones, I found the show a huge improvement over the books. (Reading them was like getting unmedicated dental work) whole storylines, characters, settings were chucked into the dustbin with good result. MTS on second season: FengZhiwei is smiling way too much for a suicide. The ever loyal and vigilant Gu Nanyi uses his wuxia powers to save her but she is injured. He takes her to a secret location where she recuperats under his doctoring, but there is some memory loss. Oh and she is pregnant but the details escape her. NingYi soldiers on as emporor, heartbroken without her love and estute council. Remaining celibate despite several romantic closecalls. All the while grooming NingJi to eventually replace him so he can roam the empire trying to satisfy the question " where is her body??" Please feel free to add on, I love a challenge to put creativity to use over the holiday. All passionate and talented members here could probably build a killer storyline!!! Ps I watched Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress, I thought it a lovely film,very well done. Going to try Painted Skin.
  4. Lol too true, I have tried to look at trailers for other dramas but I keep returning to RotP. Thanks for the historical background but all of the facts make me appreciate fiction even more. I could easily envision NY as a great emporor, a different type of emporor, one who would stretch bounderies and possibly break rules. After all his iconoclastic nature is part of his character. Isn't that why he was released from the temple? I was reassured by the comment related to characters not dying after going over a cliff. In a wuxia world the devoted GuNanyi (last order to follow and protect ) would bust a move and break her fall, freeing them to return to Minhai or resume her position as Queen. Does anyone have an opinion on my suspicion that NingYi might imprison FengZhiwei in the same way his father imprisoned Yale? Don't throw stones just speculating. When were they in love? JmT, their attraction, followed by infatuation happened early on. Deepening feelings quickly follow demonstrated by the trust factor. They may not understand but they trust each other implicitly. By the time they are in the cave it is a done deal. I give both actors huge thanks for creating such a sweet and realistic scene. When FengZhiwei huddled close positioning her head so she could hear NingYi s heart beat as she slept was something every audience member could relate to. Safety, contentment, and trust equal a higher form of love beyond simple physical desire ( but that WAS on my mind, naughty me ) Why does FengZhiwei continue to honor the vow she took to Mama Q after she discovers that Mama isn't her mama and the father referenced wasn't her real father? How could the oath be valid if it was based on lies?
  5. I have selfish motives when it comes to the rich cast of characters in RotP. They provide the viewer with a lot to chew on, and I can be like a dog with a bone, only satisfied when I've exhausted myself,lol. I greatly appreciate the discussion. Why is his name GU Nanyi? Could he be the lost son of Chief Gu? Or why does he have the same birthmark as FengZhiwei? Just wondering... We first meet GN as this wuxia warrior, the strong silent type, a stone cold killer if ordered , thorny. When FengZhiwei lifts his hat his face looks angelic, innocent, almost fragile, childlike, true dichotomy. Screen time well spent. This may be a question of nature or nurture. I will give Master Zong credit for a few things, he recognized a talent successfully training him to be a terminator, and to read and write. He provided housing. GN admits to FW he doesn't or didn't have a home, no concept of friend. All his personal and intra personal growth seems to come via FengZhiwei's nurturing. Nanyi doesn't even know what tears are until he is overwhelmed with motion as FengZhiwei cries on his shoulder. JMT a beautiful growth of a character without beating the audience to death. The same goes for the scene with Mama Yale, wonderful stuff. GuNanyi takes important baby steps toward becoming a complete person...a doctor? A husband? No longer limited to existing as Zong's robotic killing machine. Back to Mama Qui. Anyone think she was motivated by a good bit of resentment toward FengZhiwei for surviving while her own child was sacrificed?
  6. What was with the birthcard belonging to FengHao? You asked why I have Master Zong on my blacklist for exploiting one of my favorite characters GuNanyi. MZ is essentially the only family and home GN knows, but what has Zong done with him? Decided early on after an assessment of Nanyi's abilities that martial arts was the kid's powerhouse neglecting the development of everything else. What he created was a weapon to be used, and he used him. First to guard and protect FengZhiwei. He is presented to us as a monosylabic, flat, socially inept body guard, refered to as an idiot, basically a half of a person. Zong was content with that. FW little by little draws out GN's hidden abilities, not by demanding but by accepting what she could, correcting what she had to, and leading by example. GuNanyi was made whole by FW. When Zong tells GuNanyi to protect FengZhiwei and while you are at it kill NingYi. That did it for me. Zoneg wanted a weapon without a heart but he didn't get it, because GN had learned to sympathize and empathize from FW, and refuses to carry out Zong's order to kill. GN goes on to memorize the medical manual and transcribe it from memory, find a bit of romance with the little princess, and so much more, wish we had seen a bit more of him. He represents one of many in society who are overlooked, regected or exploited because they don't fit the mold, and Zong jmo represents how that happens. Being used as weapon is something NingYi struggles with too, deciding that he can become "the weapon with a heart", so I was impressed when he cried as Ning Sheng went down.
  7. I have zero experience with Chinese or any Asian language, but I have become so accustomed over my time watching that I've began to recognize a good handful of words and phrases. So now I'm ticked off that I'm missing so much because of imperfect subs, grrr the direct recording is going to be one of my must haves going forward. I agree that Feng Zhiwei had many opportunities to give input and have her opinions taken seriously, I loved the balance on the ship, intimate then all business, a partnership. I can't understand the "you never listened, you never asked ... " jmo bs and it smacked of the predictable female complaint aimed at men pushed into the script. Mama Qui funeral was heartbreaking on so many levels. Mama is on my villain list because of the oath,but beyond that her lies. Even her last request to Zone was a lie. She asked him to promise to let FW decide for herself while in reality Mama had already locked in FWs fate with her own inability to disengage from the past. Her self sacrifice a study in selfishness, considering she was willing to take FW with her and did take FH rather than disavow the former empire and Bloody Pagoda. Zone is on my bad list too. His exploitation of GuNanyi is something I can't forgive. The underwater kiss was lovely. I would have loved it more if he dragged her to the surface and really planted one, lol. This pairing of leads would be perfect in a Chinese retelling of Jane Eyre. Chen Kun a wonderful flawed Rochester to Nini as the feisty Jane. A girl can dream.
  8. I agree that her safety was his goal. Perhaps his safety was part of her goal at the end, especially after the Emperor laid out their prospects. I want to snap the writer's pencils just like that hair ornament for many of their decisions. Including snapping the ....blows steam! I'm curious to see CK in something else, but I can't let go of NingYi. Would love to see more of that character, sigh..
  9. I agree, the character NY is overacting, and in doing so he succeeds in becoming the thorn in his brother's sides. His father gets it, example " the joke" is no joke, but the Emperor laughs out loud furthering the threat to the Crown Prince while covering for NY. JMO that puppy dog expression is priceless as it changes when the assembled brothers and officials turn on each other playing the blame game. As for the pacing... I am used to western fare when action is often inserted for little or no reason other than to keep eyeballs amused. It took me a while to come down off the action sugar high and appreciate the pace of RotP. Slowing my brain down so that I could absorb the fine dialogue and small details is one of the reasons I can't move on. This drama is imersive and my enjoyment has intensified once I gave myself permission to let go and get wet. I don't know much about the Mary Sue discussion. I usually equate it with the damsel in distress type. My thoughts are that these leads don't fall into that catagory. Much of the action and dialogue goes against the predictable. I loved FW admitting that she wasn't the sweet, altruistic female, and that she would (in other words) burn down the world " for him". My kind of female, lol.
  10. JMO Best opening shot, NingYi in the temple surrounded by his patterns was outstanding. Best Expression of Love, after the epidemic his halting admission, so shy, so swoonworthy. Reminded me of Mr. Darcy, very JA. Best Villain, Ning Qi, first he sets up his own mother to be ousted as the Emperor s favorite, then he kills his own half sister, along with his plan to murder and assume the throne. Favorite costume combo, NY and FW at the wonderful birthday party or sitting together after they admit their love. Feel free to add more, loving the observations. I have a few more but I have to get my sweet potatoes on. Happy Thanksgiving to all.
  11. Great discussion. Prince An... what a player! Wonderful scene as he takes advantage of the drugged FW and seems to fall in love with her himself. I thought we would see him leading her to bed! Of course he knew she was expressing her love for NY, but I don't think he cared. I would have liked him to have survived to fight another day. I agree that was a wonderful scene. As to your point about his fitness to rule it seems like apples vs oranges. His character is so rough and tumble compared to NY. The deep conspiricies of NYs court seem very different from his world. He may have made a good ruler in Jinsei but would have been outplayed in T. He was a wonderfully enjoyable character, and he learned a lot from his time in Tiensheng. I reached the last 10 episodes and I have to admit they desperately needed a few more episodes to land that plane. Originally I tolerated the ending but now I just cannot fit the suicide in an acceptable context given the scope of the drama. Not looking for a HEA ending, but I could have accepted almost anything else. Ran off to join the circus, joined a nunnery, joined the girl scouts and sold cookies....but suicide? Ultimately it was her mother's fault! Lol but not really laughing.
  12. I can't get off this train,lol. NY Presents initially as a drunken unable to pay his respects, returning before the court to play some very calculated moves. First he presents as humble, respectful, non threatening, asking for no reward other than release of a prisoner, tearful and repentant. Who can accuse him of plotting, he is established as a useless prince, but his father sees through this ploy but is unable to find fault. Emperor rather then heap sympathy he says something like NY IS HARD AS NAILS. The incidents of overacting, hyper outrage, tearful humiliations IMO are to satisfy the emperors expection of a "passion play" One of my favorites is NY reaction to finding FW is the love obsession of his sister. In a serious moment his "hammy" the man Sao ning is in love with is a women made me giggle during a serious situation. As size from the bother pacing and cutting of the final episodes I really can't find fault. GuNanyi shows growth and charm from monosylabic robotic gun to a man capable of caring, concerned, even tearful man. Would have loved to have had him hook up with the little princess.
  13. PA, sad but true that many otherwise great stories are watered down or trashed in the effort of the sequel, prequel, second season mentality. JMO mediocrity is a sin...win or lose, but go for it. That is what I love about RotP. They took the risk. It was mentioned that the back story for BP and Dacheng were never developed, so the viewer has a hard time investing. But isn't that the whole point? In the drama we are shown that many of the young citizens don't know or even remember the previous empire. Part of the tragedy is that the elders insist on having the next generation sacrifice their love and lives to satisfy their needs...for what? Such a tragic loss. As for me, I love the flawed alpha male. Hehe I just do. I enjoy strong female characters if they are done well, but many times they drift into MS. So RotP is in my wheelhouse since both leads are intriguing and worthy of discussion.
  14. JMO Eventhough I understand the novel has a different pov, I don't believe the FW as protagonist storyyline could have carried the whole 70 episodes of TV drama. ROTP brings her character from " silly " to powerful in her own right, she learns and matures in a wonderful way. Without NingYi or with NY in a secondary role , this growth would have been hard to believe given the time period depicted. Nini does a wonderful job,her skills are many. With each actor she is able to project authenticity, there were minor sceneuuus when I said to myself, " I know how that feels, that is what I would do". The chemistry between FW and NY was extraordinary. The dialogue and the way it was delivered never seemed to dip to clichéd or stylized action. For this viewer the couple seemed to have an immediate reaction that went beyond casual interchange, more like recognizing the " love map" of a significant other. The interplay of dialogue, is intense At the end, back to GO. Is FW trapped by fate in an Atari? The oath to her mother, her love for NY, and her own birthright as the Remnant of an empire she can't even remember. Her only move is death. Sad
  15. Thanks for all the info on GO. I know what to get my brother for the holiday, he enjoys deep strategy games. So who is FW? Hao is the 9th prince and the bloody pagoda brother is 4th prince of Dacheng, she was switched at birth from who? Sorry for being thick. Very sad to watch FW being manipulated by her older brother for the sake of " the reflection of the moon in the river" NY mother offered some sage advice. I loved her scene with GN. He was so innocent. Wow NingQi ,the simple brother from the boarder, really turned out to be surprisingly evil. For a while I considered GuNanyi might actually be FW brother, same mole by their eye.
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