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  1. tv appearances, magazine shoots... is this it? is our YEH finally making a comeback?!! So happy for her! Hope this is the start of something wonderful like the rising of the phoenix
  2. YEH covered Lee Hi's Holo in the 2nd ep of CP reunion. I hope MBC releases the full version. Her life must have been so difficult and lonely the past few years. I'm glad that she looks to be slowly healing.
  3. so excited! We get to see her again. So this must be the schedule she mentioned on her new vlog (What's in my bag) becasue she mentioned she gave 1 of her collagen to Moon Jeong Won eonnie. i really really pray that her guestings are just a warm up and that she's gearing for back to back projects soon. I know it's a bit greedy but if YEH is ready to be back in screen then I'm all in. Seeing her vlogs and guestings made me miss her even more. She really is one of a kind. A true Hallyu star. Hee charisma is undefeated for me until now. Ofcourse there are a lot more successful and f
  4. just watched the Eng Sub on Viu. What to do the more I see YEH the more I miss her. But it's refreshing to watch her again on screen looking relaxed and a bit happier. I feel as if the last few years must have been hard on her. I pray that 2020 will be her jump point to 2021 when she can run again and achieve her goals and dreams as an actor. Fighting!
  5. Wed YEH Vlog and Coffee Prince teaser! What a great day for YEH fans! Is it too greedy to expect a new project announcement from YEH eonnie?
  6. rewatching CP in netflix aftee finishin Goong. I miss Yoon Eun Hye... I can't say it enough. and so im gonna binge on her dramas until her birthday while praying that she announces a new tv drama soon. Btw I appreciated Goong much more now after my nth rewatch. It just has everything you could want in a drama...escapism at its finest. Truly is a classic and the songs are just daebak! They don't make dramas like Goong anymore.
  7. YEH has posted a new video in YT. I'm really glad that I can watch her eveey week. Hopefully in the coming days someone can sub hee videos. I've seen a lot of comments in her yt about it which just shows that she still has international fans waiting for her. Really really praying that she gets a comeback one she so much deserves. Plus I really miss her in dramas. Netflix doesn't have her whole filmography yet so I keep rewatching CP and Lie to Me.
  8. i'm so happy that YEH has slowly started to be visible in korean ent again. I miss her so much. Thank you for sharing the end sub of house detox. i truly enjoyed watching it. i hope that this is a start of great things to come for her. YEH is truly a one of a kind star. I have never supported any k actor after her because I can't find the same brightness, sincerity, and star quality with them. True that there are more stars who are much much successful than her but none i could find with depth as YEH. I don't want to bring up old wounds because God knows YEH has had so
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