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  1. Hi brownies. Finally I was able to join this thread... I've been a silent lurker from the 1st thread, and honestly I haven't finished it yet, but I'm sooo overwhelmed that we have our 2nd thread for our dearest HoneyBee couple, hence I made this account so I can post to say my gratitude to our all-of-yous who made this 2nd thread possible... Very Well Done Brownies!!! I'm really proud to join this group... while I'm still catching up and finishing my readings for the first thread I'm very much looking forward to hear and read more updates and wonderful insights from everyone here in this recent thread abt our lovely couple... I started being a shipper since last year after watching MOLS then got to know more about them in WGM then the rest is a history... Presently, while Jonghyun is being on an active military service and being visible on social media once in a while, my heart longs for our dearest Seungyeon ....really wondering why she's been so quite, or may I say not having so much media exposure... I hope and I believe some good things were bound to happen for our beautiful bear... very soon!!! Thank you everyone! More power to this group!!! Till next time... Tatah...
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