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  1. I would like to see them in action movies like James Bond or superheroes like MCU (i'm a die hard fan of MCU... sorry DC) or comedy drama like The Big Bang Theory (i love love TBBT... so sad its already finished) or like The Lord of the Rings trilogy hahaha i could have imagine PSJ as Legolas (Orlando Bloom) and PMY as Galadriel or Arwen akakaka i'm crazy right...
  2. All bts scenes is really amazing... I like it all... the viki interview is not a bts but i loooovveeee it very much because that is the foundation of my belief that is something going on between them and makes me ship ppc
  3. He looks soooo cute when speak with mouth full of food hahaha... I'm just one of the crazy old woman fan
  4. I just wondering since when did PMY wears the bracelet all the time... we know that PSJ wears his since his birthday
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