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  1. On 10/28/2018 at 7:28 PM, TheRedDragon said:

    Yeah, surely gaining weight is important because it is going to be a long, action intensive shoot with pressure of undressing in cold winters as well. With chronic pain in his waist, it is going to be challenging. I don't really care for rumours as I am too old to fall for such campaigns but even if as a stranger, for someone I admire, being healthy and successful is what I would want him to be. He did advise warm water to women with cramps:sweatingbullets:


    I really like to see fellow fans. It is like pride, happiness and communal interests. I am not too used to fangirling but I like to see other people enjoy something I like as well. That is why I like when new people post on this thread and discuss what they like because we are all different but because of our common interest we understand each other better.

    Yes. He looks much better with extra weight and healthier. When I saw his sunken cheeks, I always felt like he should eat more. I also not used in fangirling, but I like him enough that I want to participate in this thread and discuss about the common interest about him.

    On 10/30/2018 at 8:53 PM, TheRedDragon said:

    ZYL does painful scenes very well. It is hard to see him just as an actor, it is like his characters come alive. With all the tragedy his characters go through it is hard not to be swept in it. He did say he is very happy in real life so that is good:lol: Fu Hong Xue was his biggest challenge yet and very handsome as well. I also agree with time, he did a lot of unrecognised characters but his diversity in roles did make him have a solid background. Now that he can take challenging characters and work with talented people, this experience can only help him. His company may be shifty but with his popularity he has more say in his own affairs and role choice, so that is a relief.

    Indeed. His tragic characters were so heartbreaking, although it were the same tragic characters, his approach on each characters were different. He was plagued with bad scripts but he delivered the best performance on each characters. That makes watching him enjoyable.

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