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  1. @TheRedDragon Thank you for the information. I hope that he can get the freedom to choose the future projects and get good scripts. But I do hope that he didn't push himself and takes better care of his health.
  2. Yes. He looks much better with extra weight and healthier. When I saw his sunken cheeks, I always felt like he should eat more. I also not used in fangirling, but I like him enough that I want to participate in this thread and discuss about the common interest about him. Indeed. His tragic characters were so heartbreaking, although it were the same tragic characters, his approach on each characters were different. He was plagued with bad scripts but he delivered the best performance on each characters. That makes watching him enjoyable.
  3. Hello, I'm new here. Before, I was just being a lurker. Just created an account to join this thread.
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