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  1. So to clarify, is this uncut episode that’s 70 minutes long different than the supposed last episode? Or is it basically the same thing as the last episode but with extra scenes (undeleted scenes). Might seem like a trivial question, but with what I briefly read on the sub while trying to avoid main spoilers, it sounds like they’re two different episodes basically. Just trying to time myself wisely (but wouldn’t complain if I rewatch the last episode twice anyways lol)
  2. Im so ready to watch this tonight. Been holding out on spoilers.
  3. Idk what I see in TinCan haha. The relationship seems very peculiar and wouldn’t really happen. But also, it’s something that seems predictable in a sense. I think it’s because of Tin’s background and how much he needs someone like Can makes me love their relationship. Will definitely check out your recommendation as I wait for the next episodes of LBC. I started a week ago and finally caught up yesterday :(
  4. So I had to make an account and follow along with you guys in this series I am so sad that there are only a few episodes left. I’ve invested so much emotion into this series lol. TinCan is seriously my favorite ship and I’m glad they got a lot of screen time in the past few episodes. I do agree with you guys when it was mentioned earlier that the development seems very fast pace. This is actually my first Thai series. Are shows generally this “long” (aka short cause my heart needs more)? I heard some are speculating about s2. Is this just theory or is it actually a possibility?
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