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  1. 1. My Love From Another Star 2. Healer 3. Gaksital 4. W 5. Descendent of the Sun
  2. Ateez - Pirate King dance practice Ateez - Pirate King Halloween Version
  3. yes hahaha 2006. Gave away my age there hahahaa but in 2006 I was still in school so I'm not that old I'm just happy I am here for Ateez pre-debut and debut. I missed my two fav groups' debut but I ain't missing these cuties Instagram: @ateez_official_
  4. woohoooo I am so happy that Ateez has a thread now! I have been waiting for their debut since forever hahaha. I've been into kpop since 2006 so I have seen many debuts and disbands. I think Ateez has the potential to be one of the top boy groups!
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