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  1. They are my favorite celebrity couple in the world. I look forward to his return. I believe they are doing well. I wonder if she may join his company since she didn't resign with Jellyfish?
  2. This an older article... but a good about them https://channel-korea.com/jung-so-min-and-her-boyfriend/
  3. My take: Joon is still serving. He hasn't forgotten about us, but he and his agency are keeping silent until his discharge in a few weeks for various reasons. He will return to acting. He and So Min are still together. I think he will have a nice surprise for us. #leejoon #waitingforleejoon #jungsomin #joonmin He is awesome, and so is she.
  4. I don't think he is out yet. I think it will be 2 or 3 more weeks. I do expect him to stay in the business. However, I will support whatever choice he makes.
  5. Hey everyone, I know I haven't posted in a while, but I have been following the discussions. I want to take a moment to once again state how much I respect and admire Lee Joon. I discovered him first as an actor, then as an idol. He is incredibly talented and hardworking, the fact that he is physically gorgeous is just icing on the cake. When I watched him in FiS, I loved his chemistry with So Min. They seem to share so many interests and are a visual power couple that brings laughter to those around them. I know Joon is dealing with so much crap right now, none of it deserved. He has always been an honorable, low key, type of celebrity. Here in the states, panic attacks are pretty common and don't really affect people's careers. I want to see him perform again. I want to see him portray complex characters, I want to see him in action thrillers (he was #1 out if 184 in basic, so he can kick as$, might have a panic attack later, but he can still kick as$). I hope to see him in Rom Coms and family dramas. I am waiting for Lee Joon.
  6. I believe they are together. She seems genuine, and above all, I want him to have someone at his side who understands him, celebrates his uniqueness, and brings him joy. It has been a long wait, but I will still be following this thread until it dissolves...if it ever does.
  7. Sheesh... people are ridiculous. First of all, Lee Joon is 5'11, not short (in fact, same height as Seo In Guk). Secondly, he is an actor who has chosen complicated characters, not afraid to play a bad guy. Not having played the 1st lead in romances has kept him under the radar for many people. But his skill as an actor is amazing, he has won many awards, and deserves far more. Many people who work with him have expressed high compliments about him. He is gorgeous and sexy, funny and caring, passionate about acting and people... and far more insightful than a lot of people realize. The fact that he is so empathetic could well contribute to his bipolar and anxiety issues. I adore him and So Min, they seem to really click. I hope they stay strong, but regardless, he is an incredible human being. He is, and always will be, my favorite actor in the world.
  8. I don't think they broke up either. Apparently he is working as a social worker. He was picked as the recruit representative in basic, so he seems to be good at advocating for others. We know from past shows interviews that he feels strongly about equality and treating others well Although they aren't in a position to be seen dating because of the controversy he is dealing with, I feel she cares deeply for him and respects his ideals I also believe he supports her in her career and respects her as well. I wish them great joy.
  9. They really have more than just great chemistry... they connect on multiple levels... https://www.soompi.com/article/1102387wpp/jung-min-lee-joon-dropped-adorable-clues-relationship-announced
  10. In my half century of life, I have known only about 6 couples who were truly matched perfectly. They supported each other, shared common interests, found humor and joy being together, and simply enjoyed being together. Although we are but voyeurs into the love between Lee Joon and Jung So Min, we have thrilled to see the behind the scenes glimpses they have given us. As fans of theirs, we want them to succeed...to be one of the rare couples who are truly matched... who love, laugh and help each other grow. We wait, not always patiently, to see more of their happiness in each other.
  11. I think we are all really stressed over this. Joon is my Ultimate Celebrity obsession, and I loved him in FiS. I want him happy above all else, so I was ecstatic when it was revealed he and JSM were a real life couple. The subsequent blackout for LJ is horrible because we have no idea how he is doing...is he finding meaning in his service? Is he taking care of himself? Is he and JSM still finding joy in each other? He has stated in the past that it is possible to separate acting jobs from real life. It was even written into the storyline of FiS. I think we have all used JSM's IG to find clues about their relationship, and lately, with all the pics promoting her new drama... we don't see anything to indicate she is still with him.. and that thought brings us to tears because he is our bias. We want him happy above all else.
  12. Since he placed #1 out of 184 in basic, and the fact he believes in keeping his body fit.. I am sure Joon still has an incredible body. He is also willing to do sex scenes (Rough Play). Joon is so underrated as an actor.. scary & evil or sweet & nice... he can do anything.
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