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  1. When you're trying to move on but the universe is hell bent against it.... I honestly officially experiencing POST-SHLYE drama slump. I can't seem to enjoy any other drama. They all feel bland compared to the fire and emotional overload SHLYE's was...
  2. On a much lighter and sadder note I was watching bpwinces! "Yellow Lights", and then I decided to look into the song itself and ouch. That is such a MooKang song, some of the lyrics: Don't cut the lights Just take it slow We're moving fast We've lost control But, I feel safe with you You're my sunshine You're my rain You're all I've lost Yet all I've gained If I must tell the truth Hello darkness, goodbye light I'll kiss you close and hold you tight If that's alright with you I'm coming back, if that's alright with you So come on back, if that's alright with you What should I do in the darkness of you? When you light up my moon from July until June What would you do if I died before you? Would you sing about me like I sing about you? 'll go cry myself to their MVs again.
  3. Reading this, with the BGM playing is a baaadd idea. I am not one for "poetic" endings, or tragedies even. But after just playing everything over in my head all night long, I can admit that the ending was one of the most beautiful tragedies I have seen. I don't think anything else could have proved JK's love to MY as her final moment of stepping in-front of him did. As someone else mentioned...he'd been alone for a very long time. What he said to JK in one of the earlier episodes "I'm okay, I am used to getting rejected", and his repeated confirmations, either from JK or JG; "Are you okay with me like this?" "JK will be able to go on as normal right?" Despite everything, I think he still harbored the notion that he doesn't really leave a lasting impact on anyone. That everything would go on as normal, even with him gone. But right there at the end, he gets to see the depth of JK's love for him. He gets to feel needed, loved. And that gives me a little bit of solace. He didn't die as alone as he lived. This OST does strange things to you... And this is what makes me mad. You didn't think these two broken souls, who were each others everything, in YOUR OWN WORDS, deserved to know their truth? You didn't think they deserved the chance to seek out this comfort? You didn't think they had the right to decide whether or not they could be with each other? How was MY to blame for what his father did? In a way it was JK's parent's who ruined his family by getting his mother involved in the cult. But they were just two lost children, with only each other for comfort. And Tak...what was her damage at the end there? Where was her prejudice towards MY coming from? Arghhh crappy adults.
  4. JG told MY that he was the one who taught JK how to love. That he saved that child who had known nothing of love from her own parents. How fitting that adults it is JK who in turn did that for MY. That JK opened his heart to love, taught how to breathe and at the end JK was why he wanted to live again. She saved him just the way he saved her. They truly were each others home and I think that is why JK kept being drawn to him right from the beginning, even when he annoyed her. Why she was so determined to find the good in him. Life dealt them the cruelest hand it could. Right up to the very end. I still truly think that the adults failed them, several times over. And things might have turned out different if they'd dont been as worried about their own fates. I might rewatch the last episode just to take in everything that I might have missed in my pain before. Meanwhile, I shall go watch some MVs and try and put the hundred million pieces of my bleeding heart back together
  5. I am totally with you on this. I thought I was prepared for where this was headed. But it seems so...pointless to end it the same way after giving us so much development. I don't need another "life is all bleakness and no redemption" ending. It is so so unfair to both JK and MY. They've experienced more than their share of misery already. The one solace they have is each other. You can't just effing trample over all they've built together. And for JK to not even know WHY MY is suddenly behaving this way. Arrghh it makes me so mad. Why does everyone keep her out of the loop! And okay this is the last straw, because if they are going down the incest road; Tak and JG...WTF???? How did NONE of their conversations carry any of the weight this revelation should have? Forget sleeping together, even a hint of romantic development should be sending alarms all over. But???they??? just???talk???about???him??being??a??murderer??? wut.
  6. This drama should have its timeslots for Friday/Saturday. It is IMPOSSIBLE to focus on work for these three days because they keep giving us episodes like this!!
  7. I've been screaming this at my screen for the past 4 episodes now. just what is JG damage because I am failing to catch up ALSO...they give us an angsty preview (episode 12) but then they give us THAT kiss??? I am getting a whiplash folks. and I don't know how I will survive this. That aside...can we just lump the psychiatrist and JG together and present them with "The Lousiest Adults EVER" award? Because I cannot believe how one used the misery of CHILDREN and made a profit out of it. and the other is trying to snuff out a person to justify his guilt and hatred. wTF guys. just what.
  8. Midway through episode 10 finally and...WHY IS EVERYONE SO DETERMINED TO MAKE HIM INTO THE MONSTER THEY THINK HE IS. MY is trying, trying so hard to be good for JK. But then you have that witchy "we can never be human" sister. You can see how he is trying to not let her words affect him. and JG!!! MY has a chance to be better but you just won't give it to him! JG keeps pushing him to be that monster and
  9. If THIS is what JG is hiding, I will truly never forgive him. No matter what monster he may be battling, he was told several times by YR and he could see himself, MY's growing fascination with JK and the other way around. Yet he stayed quiet. And I doubt JK will forgive him either. As much as she loves him, no BECAUSE of how much she loves him. For his sake and our sanity he better be keeping quiet about something else entirely. PD-nim...chaebal.
  10. Some more thoughts on Episode 9 after piecing together whatever was left of my heart The actual investigation on the murder case; I'll admit they caught me off guard. I was pretty much convinced that MY did NOT kill Mi-yeon. But I was also convinced that he did have a part in throwing her off or he was the one who threw her off even. I thought at first that was he was making up the whole thing to throw JG off. But he actually stayed behind! This whole thing really has me thinking about his relationship with YR. It's so interesting to see how he really cares for in his own twisted way. His expression as he was leading Mi-yeon to get the information was chilling.
  11. "One Million Stars Falling From The Sky" more like "One Million Pieces of My Heart" So I just got done with Ep 9. And these are list of times this episode broke: - When MY almost missed his step as the van brakes infront of JK - "I wanted to end things quickly" - CAN I MAKE ONE MORE CALL - JK trying to drink her feelings away - MY WAITING OUTSIDE HER HOUSE - AND THE ENTIRE CONVERSATION THAT FOLLOWS. MY's expressions...I can do a frame-by-frame breakdown and SIG is pure brilliance the amount of expressions you can see in his eyes. For some one who speaks very less and usually in one liners...he was trying so hard to get her to show some concern. To show that she still cared. "Are you scared? Of me?" You can see how much he wants her to say no to this. And when she says she can't understand him, it's the closest I've seen to panic from MY "Then ask me questions. Ask me anything" RIP ME. - thEN TEACH ME. yet I will probably re-watch this episode more than it is necessary
  12. I absolutely love love the attention to detail in this scene. Specially on SoMin's part...the way her fists are balled up in the 4th still. It such a minor detail but it speaks volumes on how hard it must be for her to walk away. And I think this is a recent pattern...previously she'd been able to stare him off and walk away, like when he asked her to stay for cake. But ever since the kiss, like in the scene right after, when he asks her to stay longer...you actually see her expression change, turning her defenses up before she turns to look at him. And I think this is just pure brilliance on SM's part.
  13. Another thing I noticed, was the look MY gives JK when he thinks shes upset. It almost as if he's intrigued-yet-wants-to-make-it-stop. Almost as if he can't help being drawn to her. Like when SA's mother slapped her...that held tilt while he waited for her reaction, and that tiny step forward before he started following her. And I think the body language says a lot to because the way they show him turning its almost natural as if no thought was put into it (he moved the same way before he kissed her too) And then right at the end of episode 8 its more than his usual reaction to her being upset because this time HE made her cry.
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