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  1. hihi love chair pic-background is in purple too @Lawyerh my favorite color @gm4queen yea I hope it's more a matter of delay so more people can recognize his work. I hope this station is not as hard to find for fans in Korea as it is for us to find sub.
  2. @gm4queen I was telling @Lawyerh about this. It's a bad sign if even the raw takes a while to show or is hard to find.
  3. Cute bro and sis moments. He really fits right in with past period. Nice moves in the beginning. Has a lot of elements in his usual drama and pace. Can't wait to hear what everyone else thinks.
  4. haha @Lawyerh yea as group pic he doesn't look so tall bc of 2nd lead, but oppa definitely not short. http://english.chosun.com/site/data/html_dir/2019/06/06/2019060600480.html He must of went to change because she still wearing same dress.
  5. haha always glad to see you @gm4queen. You're not the only one that thinks oppa is handsome. Between @Lawyerh also love his hair and wish it was like that for drama. We are shock at how great he pull off pink.
  6. @Lawyerh hihi yea all gear up to watch. Only 4 more days to go.
  7. https://www.vlive.tv/video/132728 It kind of have monster feel in beginning @Lawyerh and @gm4queen. Miss you @Heidi Seow!
  8. Thanks @Lawyerh In the video with him and the cap kind of give me monster feel. Nice to see him back in his manly fighting spirit vs his previous role in coalg and fgtd. Always like variety.
  9. Thanks for dropping by @gm4queen. I was telling @Lawyerh that I couldn't wait for it to air so the gang will be back and discuss his new drama. I don't know about shorter, maybe more layer. hm..oppa always cute hihi. I miss seeing him on screen can't wait.
  10. Hehe thanks for the tag. Happy for you. Yea, he did gain some weight, but actors always up and down. Hope he appear more than in trailer though that was too quick.
  11. welcome @Leila Pan. You're viet? I think some stuff is getting lost in translation a bit.
  12. haha oh I think I saw it was 2013 so thought you saw it by now. Yes, it's been a while so thought I check up on thread. Nice list of dramas, thanks. Hihi like your edit of photos too.
  13. dance compilation how is it that he's able to pull off bad boy leather jacket and adorkable glasses at same time...
  14. Everyone ready for leaving Saturdays open starting from June 8 10:50pm. Such an odd time but that's what they say on Vietnam Fanpage @nohamahamoud2002, @gm4queen, and @Lawyerh
  15. Lol wonder if there is a story behind his hand on his face?!? What do you guys think @Lawyerh and @gm4queen? Feeling guilty for not looking at his news as much lately and came across this pic.
  16. Hihi I think one of his dog's name Luxury. Before he had Yi Nok a shitzu that he gave to his parents.
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