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  1. So drama should continue at the end of swordsman. With all the blood splashing and wounding he needs to wash up and bandage himself. He finds out that his beloved who is the sister of the king was back. She was betrothed to a faraway nation as like a peace offering. However, since she was in love with Tae Yul she was pregnant and had the child in secret. Hence TY stop being an imperial guard. The kingdom fail wherever girl was betrothed to and that's why when they scatter she went back home. She's still in love with TY, but it would still be a crime if the king knew. TY finding out she
  2. Yea, I was wondering because in the latest episode they still play games. People have option to eat bowl of noodles and go for 2nds so last person or two might not get to eat at all, but they left some for everyone so maybe it's due to other guests were nice too. Who knows maybe some audience complain too from previous episodes so they're more lenient now.
  3. I find it interesting that JH really like to feel for himself with his hands when he can't use his eyes instead of just letting other person simply lead him . I know some wonder why he did this home show, but I find him extra cute in this clip. The way he was looking around and the way he can wear other people out in a sense in other clips. Also, when kid say Jang Hyuk samchon in 2nd clip and he gave big smile right back up. It's so heartwarming. 1:10
  4. Hihi can't say I was shock Spaghetti is a bit heavy for breakfast. All I can say is he's a big boy that enjoy hearty meals. At least if we ever have to treat/cook him a meal, then both spaghetti and hamburger is pretty easy so good to know. It look like he wanted to continue playing the game so cute.
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