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  1. hihi @Lawyerh you notice those last few pics he's with Brooke. I knew it from first time they lay eyes on each other since first ep. The connection is strong .
  2. YG and HR are perfect mirror of each other on different side of the spectrum. You can see it in the story, but also through the song that she transform from his. Where he started chasing a painful dream she doesn't see hers as sadness at all. I think the story is depicted beautifully with their connection too because her dream kind of revolves or includes him. He was her refuge first and now she can be his. So in view of the big picture from many angles I am not upset with the story thus far. I know HR's plans lately have some people disappointed and booing. However, when the time comes and he actually sees YG being hurt or bully, he genuinely reacts both in past and present. I crack up so much about how he worries so much about what she thinks of him at her place too. Btw the person that thinks he is HR"s son seem the most innocent to me. I don't count amnesiac man yet because he might be human.
  3. Yea, I think it's very much needed. Speaking of personal experience. My nephews and nieces are too attached to electrical devices (ipad, cellphones, switch). I'm just amaze when I see how these kids haven't complain one bit or missing any of those things. I'm also not surprise that Seung Gi is good with kids. In Hwayugi even though he has no scenes with baby, he was the one holding/calming the baby. Kids also love him in 1N2D. He said he can play with them all day, but taking care of them is different. That's why I was also proud with the milk thing. Yea, Lee Seo Jin also cute with the twins in ep 2. Twins are endearing too with their sweet singing and seem well behave or orderly with brushing etc. I think they match with his energy because instead of being crazy running around constantly, they can sit in room and play too so not as tiring.
  4. Lol you know there are some adult that don't know and don't let kid win. I was wondering if by chance he would do that and then kid start crying crazily. That would be such a headache.
  5. Hihi hard to say no to kids who come to you looking so adorable and innocent. He sure warm up quick
  6. Haha I was thinking exactly the same thing! That's probably where the conscience come into play. He wanted to pick a bad/evil soul really. I believe that's why he said perfect, but no way person be a first grade. Again the tears come into play and talk of guilt. Also, in ep said depending on person, if you apologize sincerely then it'll take away guilt. Sometime I wonder if it's just because real MTG have feelings for CEO Ji or if there's more to that story with the devil. I had hope of happy ending after devil mention really releasing Mr. Seo with the survival ordeal. Also, that song HR sang was great!
  7. Either that or he let him use him like a vessel. This would explain why he would be afraid of his ex gf or feel uncomfortable. Either that or a surprise like ex is supernatural too is a possibility.
  8. @triplem yea I don't think JKH has ever played a doctor. Either some action type of character or rich one. Actually in after school 2013 say he was a doctor. @40somethingahjumma What's the point of taking soul and the not really dying part. This actually makes sense if we go back to everything you said thus far. If he takes a life before their time then Devil be in pain. There are rules, limitations, and a sort of balance kind of like with plagiarism ordeal. In that sense, not sure if he can totally stop one from being human. Maybe more of like a sort of starting over or about what it is to be human. This is probably where LS character comes in to play when the devil was concern about HR feeling guilty. I think the losing tears remark is more than just losing his inspiration and not being able to write song. The guilt and tears might also be link because didn't it say something about washing away sin which is like redemption? So something like a gamble between God and the Devil and don't know where soul really goes until they die, but I might be jumping too ahead. I'm more curious of why it has to be a desperate soul other then the fact it'll be easier to sell their soul.
  9. Speaking of PP, what did you think about JKH possibly being in Doctor Playbook? Poor PSW. I love watching bts. PSW has a couple of good bromance though.
  10. Watch both episodes already Got my attention and I'm always up for the fantasy genre .
  11. Late in the game. I started watching some of JS dramas lately and like his depth. Not sure if he has a good partner to match in his dramas each time, but can't deny his acting skills. Did saw PS partner, and although topic is really not my usual cup of tea, but there is a message in that one. Surprise Mother of Mine beat Doctor John, but it's been out longer. Doctor John has jump up at the top of my list though. Like @thistle I also dealt with something similar, but it was with my grandma. I do think it's a debatable topic with choice hence people sign those DNR forms. Some people debate the other way around that keeping people on machines are kind of unnatural too depending on how you look at it. I hope they don't lose the pace like some dramas. Wishing the drama a lot of luck and that more people would start watching. I did wonder about his tapping finger too and how it'll come into play.
  12. July 27th http://koalasplayground.com/2019/07/24/joseon-survival-releases-posters-of-new-leading-man-seo-ji-suk-and-scrubs-out-kang-ji-hwan/ also new poster
  13. Yea not sure what to say. It's not over til it's over. Plan for the worst, but hope for the best.
  14. hihi I always like button up shirt look. It's good in between. Not all out like a suit, but not a bit more than a t-shirt. He loos great @gm4queen. Suits can be suffocating so this look is probably more comfortable for him as well.
  15. People keep referencing Hong Gil Dong. I wonder if it's because of the blue outfit.
  16. hihi @gm4queen I was wondering why you were so quiet and was getting worried. I thought you at least watch 1-2 episodes like heidi. I definitely think you should check it out because oppa is working hard. I'm not sure about 1st lead romance as many mentioned, but the 2nd lead romance is so cute, bromance, and sibling relationship all makes it worth giving it a go.
  17. Hm..don't think he'll do it for long if he is. More pics
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