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  1. Hihi he's probably strategizing like is it a passerby or a real nuisance and if later what's best efficient way to deal with it and move through quickly. The fact that he doesn't really remember or have those vengeful memories. I think there was an interview about that. I think he doesn't get upset easily or even if he did get upset he forgets about it quickly.
  2. This does make me wonder. Most of the time they just call the hint person, but the fact that CTH is physically there makes me wonder if he have a bigger part in the show. They have had friends stay before, but in such a case JH probably chose it. @nyk they don't go to all the masters' house. The master can pick any spot they want so still possible for him to be on show. Like for the sports guy they slept at the gym.
  3. Sabu can be from any industry. They have singers, actors, director, comedians, chef, and olympics/sports people on the show before so the possibilities are endless. To understand or have glimpse of the master's world (philosophies, schedule, challenges etc) Most of the games are more against the members, but sometime they bet and master join too. The group is more noisy compare to past so even for audience some are not as use to it, but it also depend on the master. I think they will tone it down if JH seem upset, but he usually smile or laugh it off so hard to say. hihi he's
  4. Sabu just means master. CTH is just there because he's the hint fairy because they're best friends. At least according to instagram you posted. They always guess who the master is before meeting and use someone that works with the master or who the master is close with. If Jang Hyuk is the master, then master get to choose challenge or show how a day in his life is like or whatever he want to teach them. I think that would be interesting. I wish he would of been in show with old group though because then more balance two calm people and two hyper person. However, still happy if he's on
  5. Yea I read the movie beat review. I just like to read here and there just to see. HIhi wasn't it in that one they call him puppy face too? They might just being talking about his hair, but I just see his face in hometown flex for some reason. I just think there are some things in anime hard to transfer over to real life movie form sometime or if you don't do it correctly can end up being very tacky.
  6. Hm..finally a review we can completely understand. Wonder if we'll agree after all of us watch it. Saying it was walmart version of rurouni kenshin was harsh though in the comments. I love the anime, but the movie never made me that interested to follow as much.
  7. Well I just mean by looking at the rate his fans were increasing stopping it soon at 274k would be easier before it hit 400k and get really out of hand. Maybe he wasn't expecting it to increase that quickly hence he put it back to private so soon. Also, he can also have help from manager to kick out existing or really naughty ones.
  8. Hihi maybe he didn't get latte because he didn't order it himself. I also wonder since one of the people he follow edit pics for celebs if he got them to edit some of his pics. Wasn't expecting the cultwo show to get a dislike on youtube so soon.
  9. Actually, it makes sense to me. Like at least inside anyway I always feel cold by the ac in summer so I can wear long sleeves inside. I was introduce to wearing jacket in vietnam. I never like to be overheated, but sometime it's better than being burn especially when you're riding those mopeds.
  10. As dramafan33 said it's Moon Chae Won. I don't really watch that many of her dramas, but from what I seen I do see potential. She has emotional depth and her last character wasn't the typical cutesy damsel in distress, but someone that knew what was going on so that was refreshing.
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