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  1. Daum has foreign members. It's just not as user friendly the first time trying to figure stuff out. Well I was afraid that some of you will be worry. I think because of his personality it's natural for him to be down or dissatisfy with himself, but just as equally he is a fighter and can bounce back. I think when he's in the "down" time some encouragement will help speed the recovery. I think from the time people started dropping the show to the end was when he felt like he was doing something wrong or not portraying BJS correctly. He started questioning himself and therefore constantly looking at the script. So if we look at that time frame that's a long time to be under stress. No wonder why he got sick. I do know that comments/reviews affect him and that's why in past he doesn't read them during a project except for maybe one. Hence, I think words of encouragement and ones like selenette said about scenes etc would help because he's a logical person as well. To persuade him about the bias remark, sometimes analyzing like in other posts in here will help him more. I'm kind of like that myself.
  2. Thanks for your hard work as always. Sad that he think it is bias opinion. http://cafe.daum.net/withTG/Kjjr/141
  3. On the daum app you have to hit yellow button on very bottom, then on kakao side confirmation on first talk message thingy. You are feeling my pain from last night.
  4. Do you have kakao? You can connect that way and confirm on kakao side.
  5. @jenappelle Did you try Kang Ji Hwan ?
  6. https://www.clipfail.com/watch/5464r2u244t4b374y4m4c4.html some eng sub, but haven't found full episode better than nothing. I laughed a lot for island trio. He is so quirky and full of contradictions. Sometime so manly and then he have these squirmish quirks. Sometime in Macgyver mode, then he looks like beginner or lost.
  7. Thanks you're a life saver. I apologize for missing it in your previous post. I think all the searching and translating in the late hours screw me up. Aww KJH was sick for three days (KHS @ Daum). I find it common, that a lot of stars in kdrama land feel the pressure and responsibility of being the lead, but due to KJH's caring personality for those around him probably even more so. However, I think he'll be even more determine for the next project since his motto is I failed and failed, therefore I can succeed. We just have to keep showing him our support.
  8. I'm having trouble finding the application thread. Where is it located in the bulletin?
  9. Lol, it is stressful. I was so happy to get to the message to be part of the cafe, but now it's saying I'm just a guest and to find a bulletin board and get enlightened or rank up through activities.
  10. Haha agree with the bangs remark. To funny and crazy, wait to you see him dress up as woman. I thought I mentioned for both Big Man and Incarnation of Money, I didn't really care for love interest. I think for each drama there is something different that sticks out to me. In incarnation of Money I like his relationship with his mother and I like to see trials and tribulations, but it is not the same for everyone. I think it did took me some episodes to be more invested. I do hope that you eventually go back to it even if you don't choose to watch it all now. I'm running out of things to watch so I had to go all the way back to Saved the Last Dance For Me which he was barely in and Fireworks. Hihi it made me appreciate FGTD a lot more because the leads don't give each other grief as in some kdramas.
  11. Never saw In Gyo Jin in Jugglers. Right before Feel Good to Die, I saw him in When Time Stopped. His character was totally different, didn't talk much serious type. Congratulations to the actor though.
  12. @selenette Did you go back to find the eps or did you remember it by heart? Either way that is amazing.
  13. At least you tried. Everyone can accept or tolerate different things to which guy is the better one. It can be a personal preference and that applies to us picking the one for ourselves and for the drama. I don't see it as right or wrong. Kang is a good guy too in my eyes. Although I'm sure you miss some stuff fast forwarding especially in last few episodes.
  14. Oh don't worry I didn't take it that way. Actually, KJH did such a good job at the beginning that I was thinking how am I going to root for this lead. Yea, I can do with or without the romance.
  15. You describe it perfectly. They inspired and challenge each other. I think that's why as a couple it's great because they help each other grow.
  16. I definitely see where you're coming from especially stopping where you did. Personally, I often have 2nd lead syndrome myself. However, I also hope you would go back to watch all of the drama to be fair. In this show, I don't think it is as simple that RD change BJS She has a significant part in it, yes, but there are other factors that made it more plausible to me. It usually take something big to initiate that change. BJS didn't change right away. Actually, he had many fail attempts before he asked for RD's help. She helped point things out and the time loop experience made it even more clear. He didn't just take her words for it, but he also notice things and take it in. Even at the failed restaurant that he thought there was no hope, he acknowledge skills or capabilities when he sees it. Example: He was truly impress how manager handle all the phone calls. It's just his approach is different since he's a logical person. However, he will admit to which way is best. This is why I don't see it as typical bad guy turn good scenario.
  17. Even though the last episode was aired since Thursday, I'm not sure why I'm delaying it til now. I guess it was bittersweet as I mentioned before, and I'm going through a time loop of my own reminiscing and collecting my thoughts. So let me apologize first hand if this becomes lengthy. First of all, I would like to thank all of you chingus here for making it such a pleasant experience. I find it rare. It's not just having an interest in KJH or the show itself, but you guys want to promote both to other people. Everyone has been supportive of each other. Each comment pretty much has some type of reaction and everyone help answer inquiries. I've enjoy the comments and many of you are talented with words and more seen in comments, translations, and video editing. It really makes the holiday extra special too. Now to thoughts about the show: I wasn't thinking about any Kinky stuff, but as soon as I read it I can't help laughing out loud to the dominatrix outfit RD wore in the beginning and the role playing comments. It is a little disappointing that RD didn't get promoted since she is the catalyst of all the change. Even being co-head of the Labor Union would be nice. It makes sense too since Mrs. Choi is pregnant to have help. Glad a lot of our wishes came true like PSR wasn't the typical traitor and of course our ship. Interesting how we mention both RD and BJS have hard time holding off security guy on the rooftop, and then we see him dealing with it so well with two guys holding each arm. It's funny that BJS's online chingus also make the not dating experience remark. It'll be funny if RD ever read the forum. On the disappointment of the physical aspect as someone mention they're in the beginning of relationship and still have a lot of time for that or maybe we can hope for it in a youtube webisode snippet or mv. Also, they might be slow, but not many have reach the point of dying for each other that soon. Since our lead is flawed, it is also nice that this show don't throw rocks at anyone and everyone is happy at end. It is a show that really make us reflect and think. Some people said KJH has everything so they don't feel sorry for him. I see many people who are well materialistically, but who are totally miserable. I think it's about healing wounds and to be considerate not to cause any because what goes around comes around. KJH made better decisions, YSB, and many other characters improve once their issues was addressed. On the show not being so popular. I have to admit it has a lot of positive comments on youtube that I don't often see. Maybe they'll get award for show to be discovered or hidden gem. Other stuff everyone already mention so I won't repeat. Of course KJH is great! Again it was a pleasure, and I'm sure we'll eventually bump into each other again somewhere.
  18. This is why I rarely do editing, not enough patience. Thank you for your hard work.
  19. Yea font looks good. I guess while I wait for mv have to watch ost again in the mean time. Since 5 was depressing waiting for the happy ending in 6.
  20. I imagine piggyback ride since advice with pulling hair, but he'll be more careful. It's also the most popular and realistic choice in terms of difficulty.
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