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  1. hihi @gm4queen I wouldn't mind seeing Choi Daniel and Kang Ji Hwan together this time in bromance because they're both really nice guys. Have Daniel be good guy too. Although, I do not want to see a love triangle between them. Can't wait til you finish watching COALG. What is Heidi watching now I forgot? Lol @Lawyerh actually now that I think about it there's always a moment in drama when he have slight beard or in a promo so it's actually not that hard to find pictures. I think even in real life when he's on vacation and stuff he have light beard too. @nohamahamoud2002 I can do with young or old as long as they act good and have nice personality. Speaking of which did you enjoy Kikwang's acting in beginning of Monster @Lawyerh? He's the younger KJH character. I've seen him before but didn't pay attention to him in kpop scene, but I did notice him in this drama.
  2. hihi didn't recognize him at first glance Beard not meant for everyone, but light one or not too much can be nice on him @gm4queen
  3. Definitely room for a season 2. So much to explore and as some mention in earlier thread that there were still many unanswered questions. Hehe and more eye candy doesn't hurt as per @angiedramadive.
  4. Yea, lots of people been complaining about subs. Apparently, hard to find good one. Such a shame for good show, but can still figure out what's going on at least.
  5. @nohamahamoud2002 Haha I saw this ep. I was hoping too. Gong Myoung was so shy and afraid of offending people.
  6. Ok so for our post in cafe daum korean text and pic like this after? 5. 외국 팬들로부터 - 메시지 당신은 배우로써 백진상를 묘사해내는데 굉장했어요. 당신은 사람들이 나쁜 악당 캐릭터를 싫어하게 만들다가도 나중에는 당신에게 반하도록 만들었어요. 이 자체가 성공이에요. 왜냐면 한 번 마음을 정한 사람들의 마음을 바꾸기는 힘든 일이니까요. 쇼를 통해서, 우리는 다른 관객들의 반응 보고 읽는데 많은 사람들이 전체 드라마을 다시 보거나 처음 보기 좋은 드라마이라고 생각해요. 화이팅! What do you guys think? @jenappelle @Lawyerh Hihi brain kind of dead to do anything much with picture design.
  7. It's ok. There are a lot of abbreviation I don't know either. We are all here to help each other out . Actually, I never try embedding with twitter. It's ok as long as we have the link. The videos were funny.
  8. http://m.cafe.daum.net/withTG/dAc?boardType=C ok so if you follow jenappelle's link on desktop 1. You sign in by clicking on bottom right 2. Once sign in https://plus.google.com/photos/117726157404844321872/album/6650520844803626401/6650520841832499266?authkey=CK2witq_vtnuWQ follow the snapshots from there. Just look at the things I circle notice board top left, business application left bottom 9th down with red N, Writing in red upper right, and then just type (name, age, where from, requesting level up as foreign member)
  9. haha actually now that I look back at ep 21 they even have a caption about him being awkward from the moment he step in
  10. Not sure if it's romcom alone that stress him out because he seem to be fine with other works. I think it was more FGTD in particular because BJS is a tough role. Also, because of the different opinions that sprung from the existing webtoon.
  11. Hihi, no actor had made me think of Kang Ji Hwan yet or look alike. I saw Choi Daniel in Big Man first so didn't see him as lead, but I did watch recommended office drama of his and enjoyed it. Jo Jong Suk is nice actor too. So did you finish COALG or stop after 1st episode?
  12. I feel they're friendly enough, but that he still feel a little awkward sometime with variety show.
  13. Did you gúy feel a little weird while watching Island Trio though? I mean he was off doing work alone a lot. Granted he volunteer for some of that on his own accord. I just thought they would split up better or at least keep him company.
  14. Haha, yea I never did that much work for joining a fanclub. If I like them I just check out a lot of their works. If I like their work and see some stuff I like about their personality then I might do quick follow on instagram or something but nothing where I have to register.
  15. hihi I got in a little before you then read what you figure out afterward. I was already a member of daum. What got me stuck was looking for the application that jenapelle mentioned, but she sent link later. Also, on phone using daum app instead of daum cafe app. Anyway, just happy we're all in now and that it is over with.
  16. Thanks for joining us @mworca. Glad I'm not the only one having difficulty registering in the daum cafe. Makes me wonder if there was something wrong with me. Hope you can understand my English. I hope to learn Japanese too someday. COALG is good. You should check it out.
  17. Rough translation of Island Trio while we wait for real subs. I was proud of him too. So sweet to watch.
  18. I think everyone is different so fans are different too. I don't think a fake fan would put so much effort. You have interest and give support and that is good enough
  19. Oh I didn't recognize you with new pic for sec... I agree with you KJH probably notice @nohamahamoud2002 the next time he logs in. I actually like soompi because I use laptop more than phone .
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