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  1. haha yea that's why you end up making me rewatch it. Hard to resist Lee Jin Soo.
  2. A guy that can cook is always appealing to me and with children even better. Cute picture... have you seen this video? Starting at 15 secs mark our KJH so cute Yes, I do like the 4th actress in Goblin too.
  3. Hihi he didn't start out as husband material, but we see his journey to get there. BJS was not in beginning either. Yes, I know the train scene you're talking about . Lawyerh and I awknowledge 4th actress, but don't count as love interest because less chemistry or doesn't really match with him. Yes, my mom have trouble just losing 5 lbs and it has been years so him losing it in that amount of time must of been hard. Hihi and yes it's sweet KJH always there to help his juniors with acting.
  4. I have hope for Jin Soo too in the husband department.
  5. Yea, he was dying from gaining and losing at around same time. Literally ate just vegetables for losing part. I notice we think a lot alike from reading your comments. Was going to say the same for slap scene on how he teaches etc. I'm so glad you said it first or notice too. Emotional/crying scenes are especially hard if you're a method actor.
  6. So glad you're watching monster. hihi funny you mention 3 actresses. That is why I always like to see what other people feel about them. A 50 episodes drama with no comedy would be too draining. This is why I said monster has a little of everything.
  7. So glad you're watching monster. hihi funny you mention 3 actresses. That is why I always like to see what other people feel about them. A 50 episodes drama with no comedy would be too draining. This is why I said monster has a little of everything.
  8. Haha I did like Louis Koo at one point or when I was younger. It's good this cycle everyone is participating.
  9. @Lawyerh the scene you like wasn't simple to make. Start at 7:05
  10. Haha not really while I was at it with ghost detective I took quick glimpse. I like to see what my friends like about other people. Plus the BTS gave me good feeling about him. Sometime our first impression about people can be wrong and we can miss an incredible person. Take BJS for instance. So sometime I might voice my first thoughts/reactions, but know I don't condemn them as this or that because people are complicated.
  11. Haha I didn't like him in drama but can't hate him after watching bts. KJH usually care for his juniors and Daniel respecting his senior are the reasons why we like them. Both are good well-manner men. I also saw Choi Daniel using English in some of his interviews. Give him additional points for trying to connect with foreign fans.
  12. Haha yes, I do love that scene too. Ost also beautiful. @gm4queen lawyerh is less impress with story and she complains about it, but like she mention to me is strangely attracted to it. I find his character interesting and deep though. His character is a guy you love to hate at first glance, but can't seem to hate because at the end of the day he's a gentleman and caring to those he love. hihi everyone has their own thing. KJH has this thing for hands and foot. @Heidi Seow and yes he did look hot on stage of runway cop.
  13. They were cute in the beginning of this video too, but too bad video keep freezing in some spots.
  14. Hihi no problem. Like you guys mentioned before just because we all have a favorite actor, doesn't mean we can't appreciate another actor. The way he ate the sandwich when he can finally eat in ghost detective was funny. I actually saw Jugglers before this so would be my 2nd drama with Choi Daniel as lead. I remember some of his interviews. He's kind of quirky too. The interviewer use word weird or how he use strange metaphors a lot, but hihi doesn't really seem that odd to me. I can see why he has nice chemistry in bts with kjh in big man. He has his own charms and I can see why you like him .
  15. Lol, yea it wasn't scary. I finish watching. The end kind of remind me of Goblin. Choi Daniel look so tall beside the lead actress. She really has to lift her head to talk to him. Overall I enjoy it.
  16. lol started ep 1 first it fit valentine's atmosphere then horror music but nothing too bad yet. I mean I can watch The Guest, but I don't consider it scary. We'll see.
  17. Haha yea noha was telling me about all the suicides @gm4queen. I probably have to watch it during the day. Too bad we don't live near each other could do marathon etc for dramas like this. oh @Lawyerh you told on me already now I feel pressure to watch.
  18. Vietnam is known for Pho, but my favorite is this pork chop dish with broken rice. I came to soompi due to my love for kdramas and good stories. I became a lot more active after meeting great friends who gave me nice discussions in the feel good to die thread. We don't always agree, but we respect each other. @Lawyerh @angiedramadive @jenappelle@Heidi Seow @nohamahamoud2002 @selenette @gm4queen Looking forward to meeting more friends.
  19. Hihi oh @Lawyerh having a deja vu moment with you making us pick between the two handsome guys/dramas. On @gm4queen on the smarter and manlier comment. I believe it was advertise as such. In COALG always talking about his iq and he is a detective in uniform in slight beard look. Even the poster of FGTD he's in Ruda''s arm. Although, both dramas have similar formula. Both men are smart. The heroine is not the typical damsel in distress and save our guy in many occasions. Both are fun to watch with lots of laughs. Maybe that's why we enjoy both dramas so much. Between how do we hide a comment or do hidden content you guys?
  20. hihi next time I try to persuade you guys to watch something I need to keep in mind to throw a pic up. It'll be faster @Lawyerh and @gm4queen.
  21. Thanks chingu. Hihi funny that passing out bts is exactly how I imagine it. Happy holiday!
  22. For those not in Daum yet...Happy New Year!
  23. Yea, he'll be killing it if you count overseas. Although, many dramas I like don't always do well in Korean rating or at least at the time it was release. It always make me wonder.
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