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  1. Looking back at the vogue photoshoot. A new side to our duo leads @gm4queen and @Lawyerh
  2. Well i heard they decide to extend drama later in last 4 episodes and CJH can't because he had fan meeting overseas. Well CD can always do double drama in one year never know.
  3. No, I have not. I had to go back and glance at school 2013. I guess there I have seen him before and didn't even realize, but I don't pay attention much to the actor's name when I first started. It was funny when he talked about how main friendship is weird at times.
  4. First time heard of this. Lol, don't know much about it, but after my vote top 3. Why am I not surprise most votes go to some young person. Maybe should split it into groups be more fair.
  5. @Lawyerh this review or blog kind of remind me of you. I also find the coffee part interesting and that thought did cross my mind. http://popdramatic.blogspot.com/2011/10/k-drama-review-coffee-house.html Also, gals @angiedramadive this blog also show how powerful our drama was. The first drama to actually make her write a review and to like KJH for once. Hihi fun to analyze= have to agree to that with our long essays.
  6. Great link. She put it very nicely. I wasn't focusing on the love triangle. I was more focus on his character development. Sometime I would fight against my comments/opinions too if I were to try and see the other side. This one is true for thinking that he is a bad boy and only living for himself. However, the truth is he's totally miserable and is barely just existing instead of living. He's definitely different and interesting to watch. Thanks for sharing @Lawyerh. it does give a few new insights or perspectives.
  7. Hihi I actually get his logic even though it's not right. She said she wouldn't wait for him, but I think that is also to ease his mind so that he can leave and not look back. Remember the strong character is suppose to be her charm after all. You can't blame him for being somewhat surprise to the person she end up with. Now towards his mess up logic you say?!? How can he possibly think she would wait? I think for him, it's more didn't think she would move on that soon. I mean they been through this mess up relationship for 10 or so years. In that time, we didn't even see him date despite his jokes about female fans and how popular he is. I think that's why she was kind of hostile towards the secretary in the beginning as some audience mentioned. Every time he left it was about that amount of time and I don't think he gave news then either. Some people can find someone easily and will marry, but others would only marry someone they love which is not always easy to find. Oh ís the lying part what made you think he is bad boyfriend type or not husband material? I think I gave that a pass because he lie to protect her. Also, even in the cliche kdrama husband material type like he was in Lie To Me. They always hurt the ones they love when they have a misunderstanding which can last for like half the drama or more. Sometime in a way that is too childish and nasty for my taste. This is what I find refreshing about this couple. Even when they fight, they think about it and in the end have each other's back.
  8. So happy you're watching it. Hihi that's why the girl fall for him right away and sees sparkles or stars.
  9. haha I just grab from facebook the pic I like @Lawyerh. This kind of edit is doable. Actually, this from a year back, but interesting they are still using this style and haven't gotten to him yet. Probably soon. The facebook is https://www.facebook.com/KDramaPassion/
  10. Happy Birthday to CD. I look up his birthday meaning in Japanese and it means magic love hihi. Isn't that interesting?
  11. Haha I had feeling you would go for that photo. I do love that look too. It's funny when I was looking for KJH's pics there was one pic of CD with glasses smiling brightly.
  12. Yea, right after he said seeing her is like being with ex-wife (the problem.) He also, said he felt like he can forget his ex-wife by leaving now when EY asked. I think he was afraid to confront it before. I think JS always looking out for EY. He was determine to fix his "disease" because he said never imagine a new and better life=moving on from her. I think he was unclear because he always put her first and like you said he doesn't know how long it would take just that it would be a destructive relationship/pattern if he doesn't. However, I felt he was confident it can be done now while before he said don't think he could even if he tried. Everything depends on EY. He always check and act according to her like in last few eps unless there is proof otherwise that she'll be unhappy. I think his one minute can be 10 years remark. You mention is timeline or how long he liked her, but then he can just show her alone with kiss. However, he asked after are you ok with that? For me, that can also mean is she willing to wait. I'm not giving him a freebie on being confusing, but this couple has always talked in riddles. Lol, not bother at all. Your post are always interesting.
  13. Sniff sniff you guys are giving me JS withdrawals
  14. wow @angiedramadive you really know this drama in and out. hihi I don't know where to begin so I will skip the quoting @Lawyerh. 1. Yeah, I was not confuse on love part. Sometime there is a bit of doubt because I do wonder if it'll be cliche kdrama style like lawyerh mention because of screentime or if they'll try to shock us since they made such a big deal about triangle with poster. I do like the main lead relationship with the president. It's deep and they really understand each other. 2. The secretary was the only other person that he lets inside his bubble and trust. Maybe not love interest, but her part is still significant. She does also inspire him to be a better man or pick the right road. 3. Hm..interesting point about marriage, I never thought of it that way. I do know that he liked her for a while. Yea, when they were at the movie i thought it was a bit off, just wasn't sure on timeline. Some people have chemistry, but realization about love sometime comes much later. 4. Actually, I said he went to fix his mental state is because of the kiss. If he want to not cross the border the last thing he needs to do is confuse her or hurt her more. At one point, she said if he only show any sign he was coming back. To me, that was his sign. The one thing he did or show that is true about his feelings. This was after he told her what the problem was so for me he went to find the solution. As soon as he came back, he continue where he left off and went to propose right away. As quirky/odd as he is, I find everything he does have reason and purpose.
  15. Yea, I was also glad on the ending. I do love him playing smart quirky characters. It was fun that female lead is not weak and is there to fight side by side. Although, I wouldn't mind for the next one for him to go back to his action manly self and be smart at same time. If he's not a pilot, then maybe a secret agent or something so he can have lots of cool outfits for us to look at too.
  16. Me too when everyone else around me was watching it I was not. hihi it open up a whole new world. I hope more people discover your favorite as well .
  17. Hihi i'm sure you pick a few words here and there from watching your favorite. Maybe we should start typing script in korean and english that way we also understand kdrama faster.
  18. Who is this person? From what I was told pretty close to the translation I got. You had a hard time. I'm sorry I couldn't participate joyfully.
  19. My turn to pick favorite Lee Jin Soo's pics @Lawyerh So many to pick from. I love his smile. @gm4queen thought of you in last pic since you mention eyeglasses collection.
  20. Nice video...haha you even change your profile pic. Yea, I'm so glad you stuck with it and had open mind.
  21. Hihi, yea she said watch video and end up rewinding a lot so just make up new video and loop her favorite part. The song is about loving and loving only you. He does have a bright smile that lift your spirits up. I think he's the first kstar I know that smile that much.
  22. haha yup you are spot on as expected from CD fan. I tend to look at mass information in one go and depending how I like them is how much I remember. If not I just remember the general feel ás time goes on. I think this quirkiness will be good for Variety Shows too. He doesn't have to do the extreme ones start off on calmer shows.
  23. haha omg spice girls. Bring back memories so cute. This explains him looking so excited and dancing at his seat at award show when iu was singing.
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