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  1. haha @Lawyerh first attempt. Hard to find match.
  2. hihi can't wait. Yea, I always worry for his hair especially when they say survival...Maybe we should do like a suggest period drama hairstyle for him be like hint hint. Regarding monster. Vtvcab 1 is a cable channel. I always see lots of vietnamese comments in youtube channel looking for vietsub and such so that's why I thought to post. Even without understanding the language they seem to be interested in the drama.
  3. Monster started airing in vietnam on vtvcab1 since march 2nd.
  4. Kang Ji Hwan because he can make me laugh and cry.
  5. You can always go to scenes of him and the other woman. Lawyerh thought the secretary was annoying too.
  6. hihi thanks for dropping by. He visited his cafe, but I haven't seen any news update yet. Hopefully soon.
  7. I:50 I would be cracking up too if a guy was going to try to kiss me after drinking cola. Glad they chose without in final version.
  8. @Lawyerh hihi can't recall all the ones I watch. I feel like I'm leaving a good one out. Ranking them is kind of hard too because of different genres so just going to list the five. -Living Up to Your Name -Feel Good To Die -Are You Human Too -Missing 9 -The Guest
  9. Thanks chingu. Does look interesting and I do like the actor. Thanks for the recommendation.
  10. Haha already did as soon as saw it on KJH side. Great to be able to vote for both men and they're both leading. Although KJH more in danger. I also would pick 2nd version in reality.
  11. hihi first didn't think he was part of that poll because of CEO. Should just change it to boss. FGTD is now tied with alhambra. Jugglers also doing great in the second one. Hihi yes no doubt he was handsome when young too. No question about it.
  12. Our cute BJS. Who's having FGTD withdrawals @Heidi Seow , @Lawyerh , @gm4queen , @nohamahamoud2002 ?
  13. Aww..we'll still be here waiting for you.
  14. hihi yea I figure it was probably old, but can never get tired of a good thing right? Some are just now discovering him so interesting to see what people talk about.
  15. When I watched thí video I thought of you @Heidi Seow because you said like Singles the most. I wouldn't worry about his beard @gm4queen . I think it comes back quick like in this video even if he does shave it.
  16. I crack up watching this scene. Love how menace looking he was about the lights. How he hugs his pillow before bed, and then after the scream checks himself and hug pillow again.
  17. Yes, I did skip scenes in capital scandal too and came back if I miss something I saw in mv. Hihi this is what I miss about watching in videotape because you see the scenes you go through vs internet. I would like to see this couple in a better story.
  18. Hihi haven't heard that in so long. I went back to listen to all the wekid.
  19. hihi, well he probably was amuse by it and wanted to remember the moment. I feel bad for the stars. They film a lot without air conditioning especially in Asian countries. I would die.
  20. Haha not just wife, but wife with kid. Many believe it to be true fact when I was surfing around.
  21. I always saw her in comedy, First time I saw as a lead in My Strange Hero which gives me a chance to see a more serious side. I can see that as brother and sister. I think as couple also possible and want to see more of her serious side mix with comedy. I think our KJH can help with that
  22. You're right I do hate that about saeguk. I think it's totally different from Haechi though. Haechi is hard to tolerate because much of it takes place in the palace or related to officials, politics etc. I think it's more in background here or in a more subtle way. Since the main hero is Hong Gil Dong even up to ep 10 it's his background story and why he would even want to take part in it. Even then most of story is on outside. I think I watch bít and pieces in beginning, then came back to watch whole story too. You never started right maybe just ep 1. At least his hair is less crazy in part of that.
  23. Yea the hair can really change the look. Hihi @Lawyerh is having trouble watching Hong Gil Dong because of it. Would it help if he covers it with hood? I just focus on his face. I don't like the combing back look and his hair was short in incarnation of money, but those bangs got to go.
  24. haha that's the 2nd time you mention that. Actually, guys hair are harder to style then I thought. Remembering my experience with brother. I just can point to what is good and what's not or find a better one. Maybe you are better in that arena. Oh and I do agree that Elle is better most definitely.
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