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  1. haha make sense they'll definitely need a doctor. someone is bound to get hurt. Yea, I don't like messy look either, but am worry from title that it would be leaning more towards that. I can only hope no beard or the one lawyerh mention. Yes, that is song il kook @Heidi Seow .
  2. on march 13th: news of kyung soo jin is also reviewing the joseon survival drama role of the emergency doctor @Lawyerh @Heidi Seow @gm4queen @nohamahamoud2002
  3. https://aminoapps.com/c/k-drama/page/blog/best-choi-daniel-drama/ER8s_Pu5Woxddj4anZDnaRDwvKKxRn7 saw this voting for choi daniel drama
  4. Hi, yes we're very happy to have you here. Many of us just started liking him recently so it's ok. Hihi like @Lawyerh said we just marathon his drama in fast mode. I like lawyer's list. After all that if you can watch period drama, then try Hong Gil Dong. He always tries his best. Let us know what you think too. Always curious to hear other's opnions.
  5. I thought you like 2005 KJH and BJS the most
  6. Haha I know I seen pic before, but unsure. Hair remind me of Lie to Me Days which is 2011, but from the way his hair split possible at 46 daejong film award which is 2009. In most pictures his Hair is split more to his right viewers left, but for that award it's his left viewers right like in your picture.
  7. Lol you change picture quick @Lawyerh Thanks a lot @gm4queen . KJH wear suits pretty often so I didn't really start hihi the list of pics will be too long. Both guys are cute in suits. Hihi your guy get to smile when they face off. Want to see KJH smiling too.
  8. @gm4queen seeing all the suits on your side makes me miss him in suits too.
  9. I usually hate and love seeing them cry at same time. Love because that's probably why I like them because they're great at acting and of course hate because feel bad for them. I don't know double edge sword, but I always end up watching those scenes multiple times. What would you do if you met someone sick like that?
  10. Haha in the vampire world they kind of cycle between good and bad. Damon is not bad as he seems and Stefan his brother not always good. His olden days maybe even worse than Damon. Elijah also have a dark side. I can see Daniel playing a vampire and any of those characters actually.
  11. I felt bad that he had to crouch down to read screen because he is so tall. The minimum wage there is pretty low even for back then. Can't believe he saw a ghost before. How can he still not believe after seeing one. I like this type of show because he actually see more of the comments and responds. Oh he likes Pho, actually see more and more of that on shows. Debut in Hollywood would be nice---practice more English. He does seem to have that innocent/mature side at same time, but speaking like a bum was funny. Wonder if KJH would ever do an hour show like this. Happy for you that CD seem to enjoy it and seem open to doing more.
  12. https://www.soompi.com/article/1308657wpp/kang-ji-hwan-in-talks-to-lead-new-time-slip-drama Already, have translated article about new drama
  13. No problem, editing can be fun, Just need the right inspiration. Tag me when you start editing again.
  14. I was a bit upset with his character in fireworks because unnecessary drama out of guilt that just drag on for too long. His old crush was kind of nasty too. Not to say they don't have cute moments, but it's not the top of my list.
  15. lol I remember going through this with lawyer. She must of said she would quit about 10 times in the beginning. I was in a dilemma because I didn't want to force her because everyone is different. However, I love his character/acting so much here. Thank god she kept going and love it too. I wouldn't really say it's totally tragic because you still see him in last clip with message of hope. Lol, what do you think @nohamahamoud2002 ?
  16. Hihi I didn't think FGTD was that bad as compared to some other dramas, but I was there later. Like guessing story etc is fun so some discussion not bad as long as we're constructive and open.
  17. @gm4queen that wallpaper is awesome. I don't do wallpapers either because I would have to change a lot, but I do know where to look .
  18. So true. Welcome Lola! What dramas have you watched of his?
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