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  1. @gm4queen someone mention he's more good looking in person and skinny @Lawyerh
  2. oh my your june picture is so cute. I miss the adorkable guy.
  3. Picture from kim nam gil vietnam fanpage. I think they took it from Queen Seondeok. I don't remember him crossdressing in that drama, but I didn't watch every episode from beginning to end because it's pretty long. I think someone must of thought he would look good as female too and might of put his face on one of the female's body.
  4. You know all this crossdress talk remind me of a picture I saw on facebook.
  5. this was what I was talking about @Lawyerh . The new baddie that just show up in Fiery Priest. I guess was shock from his pushover image in FGTD, but apparently he has some previous dark works too. I guess that's why they're actors.
  6. I guess they have a lot of fan meetings in Japan. Wasn't sure how well he received there, but happy for him and for fans in Japan.
  7. Love for our star can be felt in so many places. Truly wishing him the best!
  8. Glad you visited again. I did see part of that meet and greet on youtube. Did he ever speak any English? From video I just saw Korean.
  9. Lol, was not expecting to see that kind of talk today randomly on youtube. Funny to hear Feel Good To Die and Children of a Lesser God. Can't believe the one lady can't watch that much of coalg. Anyway, just for kicks and giggles.
  10. hihi I actually saw this already. Hey he's a good actor I'm sure he can take on feminine challenge. I thought it was funny.
  11. haha don't worry you weren't the only one. Always happy when you drop by chingu.
  12. Joseon survival a drama which runs for 12 to 20 hour-long episodes or 24 to 40 half-hour episodes between 9 and 12 pm Korean Standard Time according to Kdramapal.com
  13. The kid one from 90 dáys to love. Cute FGTD photos. Don't remember him wearing red suit in actual drama though. Yea the other one is from 300.
  14. He sure love animals... while we're at it and kids
  15. hihi sometime it's this kind of feeling with news
  16. Hihi thanks for the pics chingu. No, I don't follow her.
  17. TV Chosun is bringing the time traveling theme back for a spin, and it's currently courting Kang Ji-hwanand Kyung Soo-jin for leading roles. "Joseon Survival" depicts the strong friendship between Jeong-rok, a courier and former national archery athlete, and Im Kkeok-jeong of the Joseon dynasty. It is a story about these two men fighting for survival and their loved ones, and bonding in the process. Kang Ji-hwan has been offered the role of Jeong-rok, a man from 2019. Jeong-rok is poor, but he has one thing in his life he wants to protect. He reportedly falls into the time slip along with his sister and his first love, whom he reunited with after 8 years. Jeong-rok is a man willing to put his life on the line to protect his time-warped companions in this perilous age. Im Kkeok-jeong, the drama's other lead, is our Joseon man living in 1562, and he is someone of low birth. He never had anything, and therefore has nothing to lose. The role offered to Kyung Soo-jin is Lee Hae-deun, an emergency medicine doctor at the nation's best university hospital. As a 3rd year resident and the only daughter of a wealthy family, she overwhelms people with her arrogant persona. "Joseon Survival" will be penned by writer Kim Sol-ji ("Syndrome", "No Limit") and helmed by PD Lee Hyeong-seon ("Always Spring", "Gold, Appear!"). Kang Ji-hwan and Kyung Soo-jin are currently reviewing their offers in a positive light. The drama will be out in the second half of the year, so we have plenty of time for the juicy details. Written by: Orion from 'Orion's Ramblings'
  18. So do you understand Japanese or do they use English too? Yea, I did see him talk about that and I know it happens sometime. I meant in general.
  19. Isn't it kind of strange if it's in Busan that there is more information in Japan Site vs Daum? Not just that but other news is not as quick as I would imagine.
  20. haha well I figure @Heidi Seow and @gm4queen wouldn't mind unless he's in it, but since heidi mention coming up with the plot. I just thought it wise to start with what kind of vampire. hehe blue eyes can be cool.
  21. Blood oh yea I did see it. In short he's a vampire doctor. Some others, but I didn't watch it. Do you watch any chinese vampire drama series? In kdramaland still Scholar Who Walks the Night, but that's period drama. The thing is do we want him to be full fledge vampire or half breed. The traditional kind, evolutionize, or like from experiment.
  22. Yea he skinny but just thought he's keeping BJS weight cus BJS pretty skinny too. Not good to lose too much weight especially with his height.
  23. haha make sense they'll definitely need a doctor. someone is bound to get hurt. Yea, I don't like messy look either, but am worry from title that it would be leaning more towards that. I can only hope no beard or the one lawyerh mention. Yes, that is song il kook @Heidi Seow .
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