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  1. 3 hours ago, Biology Lesson said:


    But that's a lot of money... I mean, you usually don't donate money to an entertainment troupe. Is he like a benefactor or an investor? Is this something people do? He clearly has a lot of faith in Ki sup, and his insistence that he will accompany him to this show and others make JH seem almost like an agent... I wonder if they actually have a business connection, or if Ki sup also works for JH.

    Actually, I saw other celebrities move by Ongals.   I think it is because it helps k-comedy go on foreign stage.  You don't need to understand Korean hence Ongals=babble in Korean and they have humbling start.  They were also in master of the the hous ep 18e with Cha-In Pyo being the master who help to promote them.

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  2. 3 hours ago, dramafan33 said:

    I thought this show “Law of the Jungle” was going to be very extreme but so far it’s been like other varieties right? I feel that Real Man was tougher 

    Well normal episodes are more extreme because they have very few tools and just them against nature.  Here they have a lot of things they can use since there are abandon homes.  When I read the synopsis, I didn't think it would be as tough.  On the bright side isn't that kind of good vs JH suffering....

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  3. 1 hour ago, Biology Lesson said:

    I hope so too. The thing is that it seems that The Swordsman itself has already impressed most of the people that watched it. And I have to say I'm seeing more and more reactions to the movie from non-Koreans, so I still don't know what The Swordsman is going to do for JH's career. JH has a unique approach to action that seems very fresh to these viewers. It still baffles me why JH hasn't done more action movies! Weren't any offered to him, or did he prefer to do drama?

    On the other hand, I really don't want JH to take the same path as Joe Taslim. I mean he is much more known to international viewers, but "The fast and the furious" is not the type of movies that I want JH to do, or Mortal Kombat in which Joe plays Sub-zero with a mask over his face...

    I'm hoping for a Chuno-style movie, in which you have a great dramatic role, but also great action sequences, with a better story than Chuno, as you know how I feel about Chuno... :). I do have a problem with Korean movies as they tend to treat emotions in a very detached and shallow way, but I trust JH to take care of that...

    Yea, that's what I worry about too.  My cousin recently sent me the new Mortal Kombat movie trailer, and while I had great childhood memories playing the games etc...the movies itself doesn't do it justice for me.  I don't know if I like that many martial arts movie from Hollywood to be honest.    How nice if we can blend both worlds.



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  4. 5 hours ago, azureblue7 said:

    I don't think he is getting revenge. Most probably edited to make the whole thing funny. He's too cute.

    haha yea I totally agree that's why I said when they say or call it revenge.  It's cute because he doesn't seem to get mad or even if he's to actually get a bit annoy he can always respond with a smile or laugh about it.


    @Biology Lesson yea Korean seniority is strange to me too even though we have that in Vietnamese culture, but they take it to a whole new level.

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  5. 42 minutes ago, Biology Lesson said:


    Oh, I didn't mean he told his friend to switch with Minho, but to make him come out of that room. Still, seems like what JH demands of himself, he wants to spare others from, and I find that amazing. The fact remains that he was aware enough of Minho's whereabout to notice the amount of time he was in the furnace room, even with all the people around, and this is something many of his costars commented about- about how he will give them medicine when they fell ill, about how he would send a wetsuit before they are about to do a scene falling into water, or simply giving candy to an exhausted costar....


    You are probably right...

    Yea, I knew what you meant, but just adding on to it.  I agree he's observant or "aware" as already mentioned since he's not trying so hard to gain attention etc., I think this also allows him to observe more where variety show stands.  In general, like you mentioned of his demand of himself and since he's a sweet guy that's why I said he would of been caring/attentive regardless.


    How is it even when they say he's getting revenge back in the next episode or to help his friend get rid of laziness that he still sounds so nice.?!?  Heaven knows he could look and sound intimidating, but the choice of words he uses and the way he laughs as he convinces other person to do the right thing is just too adorable.

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  6. 10 hours ago, Biology Lesson said:

     calling Minho away from the fire after Minho spent 10 min in the furnace room and telling him to take care, while JH himself spent half an hour lighting that fire while breathing all that smoke. It was such a small moment, but tells so much about JH...

    Actually, I think since he spent the 30 mins and been through it, probably more reason why he worries for Minho even more.  I think he suffer himself hence he said "go save Minho" and not like switch spots or simply relieve him of his duty etc.  Just like JH said if he start something he has to finish it or else he feels like he failed and that's why he stay over.  Although I'm sure either way he would of been sweet and caring to everyone.


    I also think he would of been more comfortable eating if they had brought food back and the whole group was eating at same time, but since he doesn't know what they've gather so far and some people haven't ate yet it turns more into serious and responsibility feel.

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  7. On 2/4/2021 at 1:39 AM, Biology Lesson said:

    In the various variety shows that JH did, I was always amused by how fast people start calling him Hyukie. He's just that cute! :D Hyukie or Hyuka

    Actually, I saw an interview in the old Um Ki Joon thread today where he talks about out of the 76 artists, Jang Hyuk is one of the people he kept in contact with like occasionally go drinking and talk about acting.  I also see on instagram JH liking Um Ki Joon's stuff on the sidushq_star profile.

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  8. 11 minutes ago, Biology Lesson said:

    JH posted some of the calendar pics on his IG, but looking at the pics, he didn't post the originals- he re-posted a fan edit! :) Notice the signature on his neck in the B&w pic... Sometimes I think that whoever JH's bored, he roams the net for fan posts... can't he post the originals?!



    Probably saves time.  It's sweet though to know he looks at fans' post and actually repost.

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  9. 14 minutes ago, Biology Lesson said:


    Oh, so I guess 3 days can be used to produce 3-5 episode, depending on how intense the challenges are. I seriously know nothing about this show- Is it a competition? Do they get challenges like in Survivor?

    I haven't follow these days, but before they work as a team to survive so not really competition.  From the articles seem like this part is still the same.  The challenge sometime is the main guy or chief would leave them to see if they can apply what they learn from him.  Now since the show has 400 something eps now, they might try to introduce new stuff to keep it interesting.  They did get help before if it's too hard sometime to like give them some supplies as in tools or food seasoning etc.  Hopefully JH would be little more lucky in that regard instead of starting really from scratch.

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  10. 39 minutes ago, Biology Lesson said:

    I hope you are right. But, I'm slightly confused- they said that they filmed for 3 days, right? so how many episodes is JH going to appear in? I see people are talking about a season, but can 3 days fill a season?!


    Yea that confuse me too.  When I first saw the post I took it as him being in maybe a few eps of the new season if we go with old format of the show.  While it can be a good learning experience, I'm not sure JH would want to suffer for a whole season. What do you all prefer him being in whole season or few eps?  If they do a season then 3 days is talking about just for that location and they will continue to other abandon places for later episodes.

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  11. 2 minutes ago, Prettysup said:







    I watched Uncanny Counter and I also kept thinking how Hyukie will fit into YJS’s role. But later on I changed my mind coz I don’t want him play second fiddle in a drama, despite how popular that show is. 

    About the change in writer, it was done becoz the team could not reach an agreement about the ending, so the writer quitted in protest. 

    Yea that's same with me I prefer JH to be main lead.  Supporting not always bad, but I wanted more..


    Yea the ending is setup for second season.  I wonder what kind of ending the original writer had for the show.  Although, I wanted to see JH in a new drama, there hasn't been any that really fascinate me either so mix feelings of maybe it's better that he didn't star in them.

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  12. 5 hours ago, Biology Lesson said:


    dissociative identity disorder- that's like when a person has multiple personalities? Well, we could say that he played a version of that in The client, I guess. So that's the theme in Awaken? I haven't watched it... 

    I think it would be fascinating to see him portray any mental disorder. I actually would love to see him portray a manic depressive person again. I loved his portrayal in Penthouse elephant, and I'm curious how he would approach such a role now. 

    Also- I read a great book about a man that had a stroke. I think portraying such a character, showing him losing himself and then struggling to recuperate might be a great challange for JH

    yea pretty much like new name for it.  In awaken they only have one other personality though and that applies to the children with high iqs as part of an experiment.  His mom was the scientist hence I say there are complicated relationships.


    2 hours ago, yoeda said:

    I open Awaken for 2 min and my mind thinking, what's this? Until now I'm not pick it up yet even I love Namgoong Min. 


    I think I'll pick Uncanny Counter later since JBG was a hot stuff now and he work with JH before. At the same time my mind said why they don't offer Yoo Jun Sang character to JH? Haha.

    hihi yes hence I say the story have issues, but it has juicy scenes.  Actually the first two eps bore me and I gave up on it for time.  Later it got better and then would be off again.


    Uncanny Counter was easier to watch throughout, but actually Yoo Jun Sang character didn't seem that deep.  I'm not sure if it's because of YJS portrayal or the writing and character story was reveal in later episodes.  They actually change writer in that show which I found interesting when the show was still going strong and near the end which makes me wonder as well.  People don't seem to be too upset about the changeup though.

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  13. 8 hours ago, dramafan33 said:

    I think the same and many times they don’t seem suitable or maybe repetitive for him, honestly. Like say I was thinking he could’ve done “Awaken” but, that character seems like others he has played (I think) Who knows how many offers he is actually getting but regardless of that, he might actually be waiting for a role that inspires him now, while still maintaining himself active with variety, as opposed to taking back to back dramas, as he was over the past few years. Maybe he already took that drama you mentioned too. All we can do is wait! Ahhhhhh! 

    Awaken has some script issues and I don't really like any of the female lead.  It would of been kind of interesting to see him as a high iq person that has dissociative identity disorder that he wants to keep in check.  While watching I can't help wondering how JH would of portray certain scenes.  He does the suppress pain acting so well along with complicated relationships.

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  14. 25 minutes ago, dramafan33 said:

    I don’t worry because he already filmed it and he is fine. But, I do worry about these shows in any country but more in Asia. Remember that chinese actor who died doing these type of shows? Of course, even breathing is dangerous these days so why worry right? Lol I just want to see him again 

    Haha they don't always get fed so well though.  JH also hate starving.  However, they are also a lot more experienced now.  Still happy to hear at least get to see him soon.

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