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  1. 9 minutes ago, budgerie said:

    Yes I saw the interview. Maybe I did'nt interpret it correctly. Did he say JK (onscreen name) wanted to escape his reality or did he meant JH wanted to escape his reality? :phew:


    If I didn't remember wrongly, it was asked why did he accept this role? And he said something about escape from reality. But I didn't listen carefully, is who wanted to escape from reality? JK or JH? :tounge_xd:



    JK https://stuckonhyuk.wordpress.com/2014/03/31/tv-daily-jang-hyuk-talks-about-thorn-obsession-bed-scenes-etc-photos-and-excerpts/

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  2. 3 hours ago, budgerie said:

    Actually how do you feel about Thorn? I read comments about the movie. Some said he loved the student, some said it was lust. I'm confused even after the end, I don't know whether he loved the student or he felt guilty towards her...but for sure he didn't love his wife as in deep love but he felt responsibilities because of their baby.



    Didn't one of his interview talk about it was means to escape his reality so that doesn't sound like love to me.  I think it was more of what she said to him in the end and him ruining a life as well.

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  3. 2 hours ago, budgerie said:


    Age isn't a factor. It's the personality. CTH KJK could talk to ZX with no barrier. Even HKI talked to ZX with no barrier. There are just some people who are tongue tight when they're in the company of a stranger. I think he is a slow warmer. He needs time to get to warm up to people. There are people like that in our circle of friends too and is often misunderstood as being unfriendly and unapproachable. But once they're warmed up, they're actually very nice people.

    Oh you don't have to explain that to me.  I am one of those people.    I only stress the two sentence because of subtitle, but didn't think he was unfriendly or anything.

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  4. 4 hours ago, budgerie said:

    He looked so serious, not even a smile. But yes, when not filming, he usually keeps a distance between him and another woman. This is what I really like about him ok. I dislike men who hugs every women - over friendly type? And I think this man in real life also finds it difficult to strike a conversation with a woman. Remember in DB when he was washing those pots and pans, and ZX was there helping, there was awkward silence than he started to ask where she got those steamboat ingredients from. :joy:

    Haha yea I remember his like two questions or so and that was whole conversation.  I think another reason is there is also big age gap.  I think he's friendly to all, but like in MC he say awkward sometime didn't he... Of course he is respectful of his wife because he's not in acting role so he does have more control of situation.


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  5. 16 minutes ago, budgerie said:

    I think I remembered watching this. Is it the 3 of them in a room and answering questions while eating? I agree, basic manners must be observed but unfortunately, sometimes the ones who crossed that boundary are the people closest to us. Familiarity breeds contempt. Out of the 5 dragon bros, I think I like HKI next (JH is #1, HKI #2). He hardly teased JH. He's more on the quiet side and respectful of JH actually.

    Yes, that's the one.  Although, sometime it's hard to tell in variety especially korean variety.  Like in running man some people think they're too rough, but they all love each other.  Kwang Soo is suppose to be the worse but behind the scenes everyone say he's very polite and reserve.  I feel like if they feel like they went overboard, then would apologize in bts.  I remember early episode of running man with JH.  The one where he was doing modeling jeans etc.  I really feel KJK was trying to make him feel better about jeans and was even cheering for JH even though he was on other team.  Maybe he felt he can handle more now because he's done a lot more variety since.

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  6. 40 minutes ago, budgerie said:

    He also did show some discomfort when they teased him alot in DB. At the Thai restaurant when he said "enough already, I'm already a father of 3".

    To me, no doubt is for entertainment, but we shouldn't overdo it. He's still a human. None of us like to be told of the "mistakes of our youth" on TV. A small fraction just for laughs is fine but not harping on it and I felt the other guys who teased had gone overboard. We can be the best of buddies but respect is a line we shouldn't cross the boundary. You don't like your "things" to be spilled to the public, than don't spill mine to the public too. 

    Being the JH that we know, even though he's upset, he is quick to quell his temper. It is an outing that they had all waited 20 years for, probably no more such outing in the future, so is best to enjoy it for as long as it lasted. It's not easy to get everyone together, even more difficult in the future as everyone (except KJK) have family, have children. This is like a dream came true for JH as he had said he wanted to do a 1 time project with his friends.

    I remember in Wok of Love vlive he did say he can't stand people with no common sense.  Like you should know how to act and which lines not to cross-basic manner ordeal.

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  7. 1 hour ago, Prettysup said:

    Haha I am quite sure he was only joking about the hair essence thing. Why would a guy with short hair apply essence on it? Some more he exercises and sweats so regularly.

    Actually, I think it's actually common in SK even with short hair.  


    17 minutes ago, budgerie said:

    His sense of humor - is hard to tell if he's telling the truth. Like in DB, he said bite tongue if want to do crying scenes. I'm sure he doesn't do that. But it sounded so real maybe a newbie might follow?

    Hihi I remember on youtube for Happy Together someone said he's like politician good at 90% lie, but tell it like truth.  Which is funny because also have this pure, innocent and aloof image too at times.  Sometime I think variety shows are an experiment for him to test things out like he does with acting.  Like JaeSuk said in family outing how many personality is he going to show that day.

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  8. 23 minutes ago, budgerie said:

    When I read that she was sad when JH announced he is getting married. She must have had a crush on him then but who wouldn't? Even now that he is married, sure also got female co stars have a crush on him. JNR seemed to have chemistry with her male co stars. So is not only JH. Her chemistry with the actor in VIP is also not bad.

    Actually, felt she had more chemistry offscreen with Sang Yun in VIP as compare to actual drama, but I haven't been able to continue with latest episodes.  With JH I feel like they were both comfortable with each other in bts.


    28 minutes ago, budgerie said:

    Fans and netizens mouth are scary. Media too. They literally write all sorts of news about the celebrity, add spice to it some more. So far we (or me) haven't heard much negative comments about JH but doesn't mean there isn't. Just out of curiosity sake, you heard any negative comments about JH?

    I think so far only the military thing as negative, but nothing else really which is amazing because sometime people speculate and create rumors.



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  9. 10 hours ago, dramafan33 said:

    On a lighter note. Im still freaking single and not by choice. Nowadays its so complicated to even meet people! Also I’m an introvert so I guess that doesn’t help. Also, Jang Hyuk has ruined me, where am I going to find a cutie like him? :wub: 

    In same boat.  I seen many unhappy couples.  I'm just going with flow not rushing it, but not close off to it either.  In meantime JH help pass the time.

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  10. 25 minutes ago, Biology Lesson said:

    I agree with you. I thought JH's performance in MF was mind blowing, but at the end of the day the show left me cold because his control never broke. We never saw him lose it or let loose. I think that would have made the show epic. Beside that, I thought that making Mal-Ran crazy and so vulnerable made his entire quest of revenge against her seem pointless, as he probably could have found a far quicker way to break her, and not wait for more than 20 (!) years with his revenge... Not to mention, that he was the one that supported her and cared for her every time she started loosing it, which made no sense. I thought it would have been better if she was a Femme Fatale, ruthless and sexy, which would have fit Lee Mi-Sook far better, and would have explained the driver killing for her. Also, would have made the sexual tension that every now and again sprang up between Mal-Ran and Pil Joo make more sense. 

    Yes, good point.  His revenge just felt sad especially with that drinking scene when Boo-Cheon asked if he was happy.

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  11. 3 hours ago, budgerie said:

    Oh wow! You finished MF! Wasn't it only 2 days ago we spoke about MF? Hahaha! As I've said before, the ending is up to individual to conclude if it's sad or not sad.

    Indeed, MF is not a drama for everyone. It's too heavy. I just happen to be one who likes him in heavy character. Have you watched bad papa? I enjoyed it but not everyone likes the genre. But it's super sad ending and gets me truly upset with the writer. :joy: 

    Haha yea only about 2 days ago.  I never know what my schedule would be like so I try to finish it quick during Holiday.  The power of JH :lol:.  Yes, I did watch BP.  I enjoyed it too, but yea ending was upsetting and beautiful at same time.


    Do you know where to find english sub for his Saturday NIght Live, Uncontrollably acting, or Life Bar ep?

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  12. 15 minutes ago, budgerie said:

    I guess younger generation in korea likes those flower boys type of artistes. Boys that probably hasn't gone in to military. And these young girls will go hoo gar gar over them. :D

    Actually, late 30s near 40 I don't consider that young anymore.  I guess that's why I'm shock all the list was flower boys.  Although, I don't hold being a flower boy against them either.


    Thanks for recommending MF.  I don't know if I would change the order of my list though.  I enjoyed it and it wasn't sad ending at all.  I was thinking of another sad ending because of rooftop scene which didn't happen :).  I can see why it's not for everyone though.  JH is good at the whole suppressing feeling, but I think it can be heavy for all 24 episodes for some.  He never really got break or big temptation from that possible happiness bc of setup and no time in whole revenge ordeal that some needs as break in melodrama.

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  13. 1 hour ago, Biology Lesson said:

    So, is this becoming a thing? Imitating JH? I noticed that the girl from MC is doing various variety shows with, I guess, her friends from her KPOP group? And here her friend is doing a bad imitation of JH, while she is cracking up... I'm not gonna even try to understand what's with the outfits... 


    Haha at least they imitate his latest drama.  Maybe even more people will look it up as some mention since not everyone realize he was in it.  I'll just take it as he's gaining more popularity.

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  14. 1 hour ago, yoeda said:

    Recently Dr. John. It's Ji Sung. I think it's done good in rating but when I check for a weekend drama it's average 9%. just watch it a bit and piece but I kinda resume it's like BM. My thought is ppl like doctor drama but with heavy makjang and love story. Doctors has a high rating but heavy with romance and ppl complaining that drama do less doctoring. lol. Dr. John and BM more to heavy thinking and genius doctor kinda not SK cup of tea. :huh:

    Actually, I find it's more than just doctor genre.  When talking to a Korean friend she was always amaze at the actors I like even though we're the same age and I'm always surprise at certain views on things or when she recommends a drama to me.  She seem to like light drama and happy endings more.  Also, even something simple as liking face more before military because skin is better.  I feel a lot of them became better actors or more manly looking after military though along with other international fans.  She would only watch certain dramas for actor and only if it has high ratings.  I just read summary and give 1-2 eps try and if I like it I'll continue.  I'm sure not all are like that, but interesting to see.

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  15. 4 hours ago, budgerie said:

    What vitamin is he taking to have so much energy? Hahaha! I'm wondering what supplements he is taking.


    He's detailed in the things he does. Like for example, knowing all the cartoons that his children are watching/used to watch. Reads soccer books because his 1st son is interested in the game. Not sure if 2nd son plays soccer too. How many hours does he sleep? He watches movie at midnight and wakes up early morning to exercise and goes to the gymn. And filming.


    @phoenix24Have you watched any of his variety programme yet? Friends in Croatia, Dragon Bromance, Real Men, just to name afew. 

    Hihi I think that's why he gets burnt out and fall asleep randomly at different times in the day or they always tease him for it.  I caught glimpse of him in Croatia, saw Dragon Bromance, Real Men, Running Man, Urban Cops and family outing.  I think that's why for me he grew a lot from ep 20s of family outing to the later version of Happy Together.  I like his chemistry with Jaesuk.

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  16. 2 hours ago, The Reel Life said:

    I noticed he watches alot of English movies too.. the classic ones. He always cites them. Like this time in his interview he cites The Graduate which is a 1967 movie! :o


    Yes, it is interesting most actors do not have the time to watch that much.  However, even in preparing for Iris 2 he watched all 8 seasons of 24 so I was impress.  Other actors might just watch 1 or 2 eps to get a feel, but he's pretty thorough.  

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  17. 9 hours ago, The Reel Life said:

    Welcome to this forum! Hope you'll enjoy more of his shows! My favorites are Fated to Love You and Money Flower. 2 totally different acting styles and characters from 1 same person, it's like you see no traces of each one in the other and he just melds into the character. That's how talented he is! 

    Thanks @The Reel Life.  I think Fated to Love You and Beautiful Mind sticks in my mind more because they're different from his norm and show his broad spectrum.  I do hope he mix it up more because like he said actually older age better to express romance since they have more experience.  Also, don't want him to get typecast.  

    9 hours ago, dramafan33 said:

    I agree, to me it was a combination of everything, Bangwon felt guilty towards Seogeom and therefore Hwi, he tolerated many more things from him than he would anyone else, but, to me its also obvious Bangwon did not want to kill Hwi and I would even say he loved Hwi very much. Now we learned he let Seonho go because he was Hwi’s friend ( my instinct was right about this)  I feel deep down Bangwon wishes he could have the kind of relationships (based on loyalty) that Hwi had with his friends (I remember the scene when he observed Hwi being carried away by his friends) In a way, Hwi was his conscience too. Unfortunately BWs ways and path is completely different. But he enjoyed the warmth of that bond and friendship for a while. The whole thing is sad.  

    Yea, after seeing whole sub for ep 16 I felt even more so.  He was always talking about making Hwi his.  I think beside his great personality, he also admires Hwi's skills.  A good person to be your right hand man.  Something he probably wish from SG too, but couldn't have.  Also, the fact that BW wish Hwi didn't come, but also to be there to witness his moment.  Despite BW's betrayal and review Hwi still trust him at the end to do him the last favor.  He still hoped that BW would be different so there's definitely more to this relationship mutually.  BW might pick his goals in the end, but he does have certain rules and he give certain chances for those he love.


    @Biology Lesson yea picking 1 emotion is hard.  I think what attracted me to JH is actually because he can display complex emotions, shift from 1 to the next or a combination of emotions at the same time.  It makes you empathize with his character and want to hear his reasons or story.

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  18. 1 minute ago, budgerie said:

    Have fun (here)! You'll not regret knowing this man who is a (in my opinion) superb actor who can do all sorts of genre as well as a doting husband/father. Despite his standing at the entertainment industry, he remains humble, sincere, friendly & well mannered. Hahaha, I shall not go on. I can't stop once I start....

    Haha well you have to adore him for a reason.  I'm usually not too active on soompi.  Although, I'm new kind of did a marathon of sorts to catch up and yes I like most of what I saw hence took a peek at this forum.

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  19. 16 minutes ago, budgerie said:

    Yes I read it before. Thanks! Btw, I enjoyed Stuck on Hyuk very much! Any new stories/update? :D


    Hi @phoenix24Don't think I've chat with you before...hello!

    I think Bang Won just feels he "owes" Hwi because he killed Hwi's father. Sort of a guilt feeling.




    Hello @budgerie, yes I'm kind of new to Jang Hyuk world.  Thanks for the warm greeting. 


    I'm not sure if it's just a guilt feeling.  BW never had a good relationship so it was nice however short-lived it was.  As someone mentioned, Hwi was also there for BW and was just as ready to save him before the great reveal.  Sense of belonging and love is a basic human need and that's why last scene he say it was hard.

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  20. On 11/24/2019 at 9:52 PM, budgerie said:

    At the end, Hwi died for the people. Did BW have to kill Hwi? With SH dead, I'm sure Hwi would have gone to a faraway place with HJ and his bunch of friends to start a new life. Hwi won't be a threat to BW. So I don't understand why BW had to kill Hwi. It could be that BW had become like his father, suspicious of people who he thinks are a threat to his throne. BW ruled with an iron fist. 



    I don't think it's ever quite that simple especially when the person takes on the role of a King in most dramas and even more so in Asian dramas in particular.  I think it's more about the message BW is sending out.  He let Hwi chase after SH knowing that Hwi would probably let him go and BW already told him the consequence of what would happen if he stands in his way.  Still BW let both Hwi and SH go the second time and truly hope they ran somewhere far away after Hwi promise he would forget everything with many witnesses.  Now for the third time he is just taking his stand and showing that he hasn't gone soft to me for any future revolts not just Hwi in particular.

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