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  1. 10.25.18: Korean TV Ratings for Thursday Variety Major Broadcast KBS2’s Happy Together 4 (Yoo Hae Jin, Jo Jin Woong & Lee Seo Jin) – 4.8% Nielsen Korea MBC’s Daughter-in-Law in Wonderland – 4.1% Nielsen Korea SBS’ Capture the Moment: How is that Possible – 9.7% Nielsen Korea Cable Channel A’s Follow Me, City Fishermen (ft. Lee Duk Hwa & Lee Kyung Kyu) – 3.5% Nielsen Korea JTBC’s JTBC News Room – 5.6% Nielsen Korea MBC every1’s Come on Over~ It’s Your First Time in Korea, Right? Season 2 – 3.8% Nielsen Korea TV Chosun’s Life Documentary My Way – 2.8% Nielsen Korea tvN’s Life Bar (Kim Ui Seong, Jung Man Sik & Lee Sun Bin) – 1.2% Nielsen Korea Drama Major Broadcast KBS1’s Sunny Again Tomorrow – 22.5% Nielsen Korea KBS2’s The Ghost Detective – 1.7% Nielsen Korea (1) (record-low), 1.9% Nielsen Korea (2) KBS2’s Madam Cha Dahl Rae’s Love – 6.3% Nielsen Korea KBS2’s Love to the End – 13.8% Nielsen Korea MBC’s Secrets & Lies – 10.2% Nielsen Korea MBC’s My Secret Terrius – 7.9% Nielsen Korea (1), 9.7% Nielsen Korea (2) SBS’ Heart Surgeons – 6.7% Nielsen Korea (1), 7.5% Nielsen Korea (2) SBS’ I’m a Mother, Too – 9.2% Nielsen Korea Cable MBN, Dramax’s Devilish Joy – 2.2% Nielsen Korea (MBN) | 0.4% Nielsen Korea (Dramax) (record-high) OCN’s The Guest – 3.4% Nielsen Korea tvN’s The Smile Has Left Your Eyes – 2.7% Nielsen Korea (record-low)
  2. I want to know how to post images when you create a topic? I wanted to create a topic with pictures in it but I do not know how to do it.
  3. 2 Days 1 Night, for me, is the best Korean variety show ever. It helps me relieved my stress from my work. Fan from the Philippines <3
  4. Maybe it has something to do with the way we interact with the forums. The more interaction, the greater chances our fan levels will rise up.
  5. I love this airport drama. It breathes new air to Korean dramas. And the chemistry is there. Kudos Lee Jehoon and Chae Soobin <3
  6. It is really true that many celebrities have sometimes same breed of dogs but to name them in a parallel way is another story. Simba, is basically a name taken from the movie "The Lion King", which a a worldwide favorite. Leon, if you try to search in a google, is also a character in a French animated series which happens to be a lion, too. And, both PSJ and PMY went to the French capital, Paris. So basically, Simba and Leon is parallel to PSJ and PMY. Hahaha
  7. Hello there. I always believed that there is always a right time for everything. Maybe, PSJ and PMY is not yet ready for anything. Let's wait and see. A shipper from the Philippines.
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