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  1. I just voted on Dramabeans! I love love loooove the new photos and YES we've been waiting for ever! I am so happy they're sooo close (the cast I mean). I've seen Just Between Lovers and I thought the same thing about Junho's character, there were some aspects of it that reminded me of MY. They have the same hair color too hahaha.
  2. I am sorry I haven't been that active, i have missed a lot of things including SIG fan meeting. I am really happy that he got the chance to talk about TSHLYE. and to discuss about some of the scenes that we loved the most. I can't believe it is almost a month that the show ended. I found another brilliant video on MooKang love story.
  3. Waa I am so glad PD is already working on another project. I haven't seen Oh my Ghost but I'll definitely check this new one with Park Bo Young (Uri Bong Bong). I don't know if I am the only one with this kind of thought but there are still unanswered questions on the murder. In episode 9, JG tells MY (the scene at the convenience store): I guessed the thoughts that were going through your mind while you waited here for 20 minutes for your phone to be charged. If you needed to charge your phone, five minutes would have been enough if you were urgent. You could have also borrowed the part-time worker's phone. You were the evil mastermind. If I am right we didn't get the explanation about what really happened, why he waited and If he really intended to plan her murder. Another thing (and i don't know if it is a plot hole or something) is that JK never gets the chance to ask MY about his involvement in the murder. When they begin dating she says: You told me to ask anything I wanted to know about you. Keep that promise. I'm really going to ask you anything. I have so many things I would like to ask you. Some, I will have to ask eventually. But i don't want to right know. You're probabily thinking "the show is over, get over it" but I just can't hahaha I wish I could go back in time and watch it week after week all over again!
  4. @dobbying wow thank you...please let us know if you understand something else. I wish I knew Korean. I found this on ig: I’m really happy Soo Hyun and In Guk are really close. Yes we should probably ship MooRong or Choyoung instead auhahaha at least we won’t get in fanwars I guess
  5. Since you’re talking about fashion, I just realised that the hoodie Chanyeol wore in Alhambra is the same MY wore in episode 12. You see? LoL
  6. Hi guys! I wanted to say hello here too. This is the first week without my favorite ship in the world and not a day passes without checking old and new videos of TSHLYE on YouTube. Where can I find this new Viki interview?
  7. @miyukiakira1988 Thanx for sharing your video, i really liked it. I've read some comments on youtube and I have to say that a lot of users share our opinion about TSHLYE being one of the best drama of the year (the best for me). I'm so happy about that but at the same time I am really disappointed about the fact that popularity seems to win over quality. Let's hope our cast, writer and director get some recognition cause I can't wait to see, if there will ever be a chance, to see our MooKang couple together on the red carpet. *.* And of course our ajusshi PSW aka JG, he also deserve all the love too, love the bond that he created with JSM on and off set! @alivingparadox24
  8. You said it! Well, I ship SIG and JSM in real life too but she has a boyfriend and I respect that. I wonder if JSM will jump soon into another project or she'll take some time off cause I am pretty sure it was not easy to play this heavy role. Sorry guys but I can't move on from this drama. Anyway, what do you think of Children of Nobody? I get the same dark vibe as TSHLYE. There you go..another melodrama ready to destroy my life lol
  9. https://www.soompi.com/article/1265835wpp/6-morally-conflicted-k-drama-male-leads-mesmerize-us Missing so much our Kim Moo Young! The first week without this beautiful show!
  10. I don't remember where I read this comment but basically a user said that SIG should have chosen a lighter drama for a comeback and also because of the military exemption controversy. Well, I want to thank him for choosing this drama cause: a) he has proved to be a versatile actor and b)acting means that there comes a point in time where an actor wants to show the full perspective of being an actor and be brave enough to take risks and go out of the comfort zone of romcoms. The same goes for JSM. I hope to see her in more movies by acclaimed korean directors. She deserves that.
  11. As much as I want them to choose quickly their next project, I’m not ready to see them with other leads and build a brand new chemistry even though I don’t think it can top easily the one we witnessed in TSHLYE. This was my first drama with SIG, I’ve only seen a few clips of his previous works but to me he had the best chemistry with JSM. What do you think?
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