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farishta = 1004 = angel. 


“so in my defense, when i found dramas, the world suddenly became bright.

in my defense, the windows were thrown open. in my defense, spring.” 


hi! my name is anah, i am seventeen years old, and i have been watching dramas since around 2010 or 2011. whenever netflix finally got around to having boys over flowers and playful kiss as a part of their forum. i have ventured into dramas even before that, so feel free to ask about those as well. some of my favorites are my lovely samsoon, delightful girl choon hyangoh my venus, pinocchio, and woohoo waikiki. as you can tell, i do like older dramas a little more than the newer ones! nevertheless, i do my best to keep watching and finding new favorites. dramas are the best wind-down activity after a long day, when i can curl up in bed with a heating pad and hot earl grey and raspberry chocolate and just watch stuff that makes me happy! so i don't think i will ever get tired of dramas. indeed, i hope i won't! however, i do watch cinema from other parts of asia as well, like persian films, indian cinema, pakistani serials, chinese dramas, and turkish shows. feel free to talk to me about these as well! besides dramas. i like flowers, books, and my two puppies. hope you're all doing well! 


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