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  1. I guess it make sense since Fanyin valley is always snowing so maybe they want to air it on winter. TMOPB also aired around jan-march right ?
  2. I think for 0:38 Its when Fengjiu fight miao lou, there is a leak fancam for that and she is wearing the same clothes and there is blood stain on Donghua's sleeve. There is also a leak scene for when Donghua taught her for the competition and she is wearing a red clothes
  3. Miao Luo is a manifestation of the Hui ming realm, its a neverending cycle I guess since its a toxins from 3 wordly sins~ This is from book 1 ch 8 "Starting from more than two millennia ago, the Miaoyi Huiming Sphere had never been at peace. Every ten years Dijun used the lecture at Fanyin Valley as a pretext to come and purify the three toxins inside the Huiming Realm." "Not many knew of the Huiming Realm's existence other than ancient deities of prehistoric times. Despite bearing a Buddhist name, it was not a benevolent place in the least. From the three worldly sins of greed, ignorance, and discontentment arose wars and potential extinction. To protect the Mortal Realm, Donghua created another world in seven nights to absorb the excess toxins which the Mortal Realm could not withstand. This world was the Huiming Realm. Tens of thousands of years passed by fleetingly. Owing to the Huiming Realm acting as a giant urn to contain the toxins, Heaven and Earth remained in peace. Even so, if one day the Miaoyi Huiming Realm were to collapse, it'd be the end of the world as they knew it."
  4. Btw, I just read the description on Pillow book weibo page again and it said "Love border" Trailer version, so maybe we will get another Trailer?
  5. Chinese from Indonesia ~ http://www.dramapanda.com/2019/10/step-back-into-world-of-peach-blossoms.html?m=1 Looking at the comments make me upset, I mean, Vengo looking like greasy old man? Do you need a glasses ???
  6. For live streaming its available for all region I think? Based on my experience from The Untamed they keep the video available about a day. Btw, long time no see~ miss you here I dont know what is this, looks like a game, the title is Fox spirit matchmaker. Look how pretty Reba is in that fox ears https://weibointl.api.weibo.cn/share/100102415.html?weibo_id=4433412779487573 @angelangie Its the same for me because I think its gonna be late december-jan~ But who knows? At this point I just want them to take their time so we could get a high quality drama I want pillow books to win all the awards
  7. Yes I just want to say this again, please support them by watching it at WeTV (YouTube or app or Website). Its FREE, comes with subs and airing at the same time with china And I wanna say sorry to the mods, I guess we're all too excited Please dont quote the pics guys~ Btw, its so heartbreaking to see the mighty Donghua Dying like this
  8. Live streaming on YouTube is fun, we could chat there~ See ? I told you guys Tencent will upload it on WeTV
  9. This look like their first meeting after separation and before the last battle? DEAD Our Xiao Bai is toooo cute
  10. OMG I just cant think right now, keep replaying the trailer We finally reach 100th pages This is from Tencent
  11. The Trailer !!!!!!!! https://weibointl.api.weibo.cn/share/99872343.html?weibo_id=4433129777605934
  12. LOL I always imagine Nie chuyin as a playboy/weirdo who collects beautiful fur/ladies
  13. Wen su is Jiheng personal bodyguard right ? The one that Jiheng liked before Donghua ? So I guess they will add more scenes in mortal realm and Demon clan, lets hope its not to draggy EDIT Jihengs personal guard name is Minsu, maybe they changed it?
  14. Welcome on board ~ and dont worry I believe Tencent will stream it on WeTV just like The Untamed. The app is free and comes with english subtitles. It also aired at the same time with china, and if you want to see more episodes/week you could pay for their VIP which I think is really cheap (around $1/month). If you dont want to install their app you could also watch it on their YouTube chanel/website.
  15. I'm so excitedddddd right now https://www.jaynestars.com/news/eternal-love-the-pillow-book-rumored-to-air-in-january-2020/
  16. I think this is a rumor, since the original picture state that 70 days again come from iQiyi, but since they will be airing on Tencent/WeTV its not possible to use another streaming site right?
  17. It seems like Tencent conference has been rescheduled to oct 30th, there is a rumor for new material (Trailer please )
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