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  1. Maybe cause liying has back problem (like mine), it's hard to sit on the floor, it's very uncomfortable and hurt for some positions
  2. I never fully give my attention to any celebs before until i found liying and she's worth it, not because of her pretty face or her acting but because of her character ♡
  3. I think the majority of people like Elle and me just worry about Liying's heart, she's known for her innocence and good heart and Shaofeng has a lot of experience in relationship with many women. Like if you have a sister/daughter who dated a much older guy who has "bad" reputation, will you be relaxed?. I am not accusing Shaofeng as a bad person tho, I want them to have a happy married till the end. Just some worry fans but time will tell and i hope for the best for them
  4. I just hope shaofeng can treat liying the best that he can so they'll have a happy marriage till they get old despite his past rumour reputation (i feel bad for yifan though, he's nice young gentlemen who treats liying very well and also gentle towards her)
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