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  1. I really loves 2 of u describe on YJ towards her co actor @firstaid and @thi2018 as it is exactly what i see n feel on every single videos about them..toward HI..YJ is like a big sister..she guides him very well and the drama is succes...


    and i also think YJ is a girl who hard to get..if i can remember her interview with The Fact..she said that she really likes a guy who wait for her for a long time rather than a guy just meet her n said like her..now i think she is referring it to HB..as the negotiation was filmed in 2017 and HB have to wait for her until finished filmed be with you..sitr...and when they were doing promotion for negotation they met again...and they really spent their time knowing each other to be true on their own feeling...

    i also like her with KNG...but yeah she treats KNG only as her friend..not more than that..

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  2. Its so funny..psh fans feel insecured on yejin...even ctj ig also been attacked by them...asked him to break up with psh so that psh can be with HB...


    our unnie is so beautiful and talented thats why they dont want HB collab with her...they knows HB show his interest on syj..they even get caught being together..


    i agree with..most of binshin shipper is psh fans..


    I missed syj..why she didnt update her ig...do u think she will come to the baeksang award in may?

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  3. 4 hours ago, cybertron said:


    is it confirmed?

    Dont know ..no news on that..just read in the binnie jinnie fb...or mayb the translation on fb is wrong..hahaha

    but im really excited for the movie...really hope syj will accept the role

  4. 1 hour ago, fchopin said:

    Kng-syj were in drama Shark. The ending was tragic that’s why many viewers didn’t like it. I personally love it. The chemistry of the leads was awesome. Everyone said SYJ-hi’s chemistry was the best but I don’t agree. She had good chemistry with every costars. With Hae in, I think more viewers like it because of the sweet love story that easily connected with them. I thought the kisses between SYJ-hi were a bit awkward.  The kisses with kng were so natural. My personal opinion of couse :)

    Im with u...i really love shark drama...i repeated it many times....the chemistry was awesome n beautiful..they really perfect even the interview also live...as KNG always teased YJ..

    Actually i dont really watch SITR ...i cant finished it..for me shark is a way better than SITR...ppl loves SITR cause too many kisses in the drama..which i really dont like.(my opinion..hahaha)..in shark thèy dont have many kiss scenes but it touched my heart...its a tragic love story...

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  5. 1 hour ago, cybertron said:


    i think its mermaidleejh’s bday celebration..

    because i saw a lot of bday wish on her ig..


    still not pic of yejin at the premier.

    Owhhh..then it must be something when they toast to YJ glass....:wub:


    Any update on Pirates 2?is YJ will act again along with KNG....im really looking forward for that movie...how HB will react...hahaha:P

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  6. 4 hours ago, cybertron said:

    now when i look at this pic,seems like everyone toast to yejin’s glass..B)

    Because its YJ belated birthday celebration....and maybe she has something good to share:wub:

    Just read...YJ was coming to her BFF premier movie(with KNG) with Yoona on 8th feb...

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  7. 5 hours ago, cybertron said:


    the only thing i know is LMH send a food truck to Yejin during Pretty Noona filming..

    and after Master In The House (before the rumor with HB) some people said Hae In should beware and make a fast move because seems like Lee Sang Yoon have a crush on Yejin..

    And another person comment something like “dont forget LMH will finist his enlistment next  yr (2019)..”

    just a joke but yeah thats it..

    Yeah...LMH send a food truck for YJ..

    Lee Sang Yoon mayb because of his direct proposal ask YJ to get marry in the MITH programme...i watched that clip.and its so funny...YJ was shocked when he was like to propose her..hahaha

    Did u read what HB said YJ as an actress in sonyejin.love ig??something take my interest that HB said that YJ is a bit tomboyish...seems he knows YJ well...

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  8. 1 hour ago, cybertron said:


    New Year Eve & Her B’day with boyfriend.

    Chinese New Year + mermaidleejh’s bday with all bff...:D

     if her bff didnt upload this pic,we didnt know that she already in SK..

    errrmm did she comeback the same day with HB?;)

    It is possible....same day with HB...hahaha...

    But why she didnt show her face with her BFF...i miss her and HB so much...i want to see how happy she is now..(since she has someone special now)...

    Im waiting for @fchopin to translate new post in fb binnie jinnie..:P

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  9. 4 hours ago, cybertron said:


    seems like she's in SK...

    and nobody caught her in airport...:lol:

    Only now she can celebrate new year+birthday with her BFF..coz now she has a boyfriend...so need to be with him first...her priority is change now:lol:

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  10. 1 hour ago, cybertron said:


    the latest one? 

    i think its about fortune teller said something good bout them..

    will get married next year..cant marry this year because will break up...

    not sure,waiting @fchopin to translate..

    there’s 2 new posting right..

    Yes ...hv 2 postings..1 was about fortune teller....

    And the other one seems interestings to me..SK still talked bout this ...seems like they were discussing on HB and YJ rumour...and the possibility of they are a real couple....

    About the trolley when they bought grocery things...cook meal for 2 nor for many ppl...hahahaha...how i wish i can understand dat....


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  11. 2 hours ago, cybertron said:

    Hae In accepted Spring night.

    But on twitter said with Han Ji Min..

    Its okay,i want Ye Jin in Pirates.

    And i dont want people to compare Spring Night with Pretty Noona if both in it.

    like i said,lets HI & Yejin be an epic noona-dongsaeng love story couple..no need another romance for these two unless its a movie

    Its so funny when read the comments said YJ didnt get HB approval to act with HI...hahahaha

    Then how about pirates??is KNG has been rumour with YJ...and both of them also sweet together.....

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  12. From latest pic posted in YJ ig, what i can conclude is in subtle way YJ want to tell us...yes she is with someone in LA:wub: because the coat she wore was not hers...its obviously too big for her...and it is a male cutting...

    The rumors is still.hot in town...and why she needs to post that picture ...hahaha....previously also she posted many pic and video with HB...like she wanna tell us something...or she already marked her territory on HB is mine...hahaha

    If there is no video or pic on their intimacy we can conclude as a rumor with no base...but there are many evidence that both of them.were so closed and looks like fall to each other..the way they looks and smile to each other...

    Before the supermarket pic leaked..there was a rumor on them in LA..but they denied...but they cant lied when the pic leaked hahahaha

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