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  1. She posted a video in IG. I think she watched a show in Vegas. Though not sure if its today or a late post
  2. Hi fellow ppc shippers! Been awhile since i posted...been reading posts for quite some time now...personally, sometimes i think that our captains have been together then they separated...but with the clues we see from our captains, my shipper heart skips everytime we notice a "coincidence" which makes me think again that they're just laying low but now i just miss them
  3. In a few days it's kang ki young's wedding. I hope there are pics and our captains are hopefully in attendance...
  4. Hi guys! It's been awhile since i last posted here...but I even if i dont post i still try to find time to like posts every now and then... Has anyone here tried buying psj's (esquire) and pmy's (no.1 something) magazine for may? They look so good. I miss them so much. I keep hoping also that even if there is no news about them they are still together. I love how their crews get together. Oh and i hope they are invited and will attend kang ki-Young' wedding. It's this may right?
  5. Omg it came true! My delulu self is wishing that he will send a food/coffee truck but it will not "directly" come him. Instead it will be from the crew
  6. Im still hoping that psj/the wwwsk team will send a coffee/food truck for pmy. A few pages back we're discussing this so i hope we can see the result soon
  7. Hello shippers! It's been a while but i still read our forum daily. I love your posts (esp. the BTS clips) that make our hearts flutter. Since they're neighbors...i hope they still have time for each other...
  8. Happy birthday captain PMY! (If you're reading our forum...or you have someone else reading it for you...we love you parkparkcouple shippers are here for you! )
  9. I wonder what our captains will do on vday. How do they ward off admirers? Lol *insert tiger and cat sound effects*
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