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  1. I dreamed of PMY and it was connected to COSMO event when PSJ flew back to Korea first. I asked her where is her boyfriend and she said that he already went home, then I proceeded to question her casually how long they have been together and she said they've been together for 2 years, contradicting to the 3 years rumor. Then things got blurry and I woke up. Hahaha. Have a nice day everyone.
  2. To the author of ParkParkCouple fanfic, Please extend the fanfic story to include the Cosmo event yesterday. Thank you...
  3. This is ParkParkCouple's way getting my attention back to them. Daebak!!. Something happens when you least expect it. 'Been busy following the Century Couple these past few weeks. I'm gonna throw a party. Nyahahahaha
  4. How can Han Se Gye's nostrils are beautiful just like her? It's all I noticed from ep 1 to 14.
  5. Hopefully we can see them in cameo appearance in Lee Dong Wook and Yoo In-Na's upcoming drama. Hoping PD Park will bring them back together.
  6. I watched PMY kissing scenes from other dramas but only in WWWSK, she responded differently in her co-star. The open-mouthed anticipation of PSJ kiss in ep13. Hihihihihi. *naughty laugh*
  7. To tell you honestly, I'm Changmin shipper before. Lurking here and there just to invalidate all the coincidences of PPC. I'm more like of spying. But as I go through every corner of the internet reading about them, I can't deny that there's something between them that makes me jump on board. Happy shipping everyone. Good night.
  8. Been a silent lurker for a while now. This is the first time that I shipped a Korean Couple. Checking IG, twitter and reading this forum regarding PPC became an everyday routine. I always tell myself to stop checking about this ship since it always consumes time but I just can't. There's something about them that keeps me in this sail. Anyway, hello everyone.
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