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  1. I really hate the Kpop industry and I think it’s ridiculous someone can’t date in peace. Wish idols didn’t give a f*** about it like all the amerincan celebrities. It’s now comfirmed but I don’t really believe it. Maybe this their way of hiding their relationship again, but well who knows...
  2. Guys about the gc you said you’ll make on twitter, I’m still not added. P.S. Did u guys notice that Naeun’s rosary ring is now gold!?
  3. This had me thinking about Taeun. I watched SoRim couple, and I loved their chemistry though to be honest I always felt like Kim So Eun didn’t share the same feelings as Jaerim. They were literally just acting and it was all fake..... That breaks my heart. I guess people now won’t shut up about how fake WGM is and we’re probably gonna be bombarded with replies on twitter. I’m scared if Taeun ever asked these questions and answer the same....
  4. Imagine Taemin attending Apink’s concert but watching from backstage or just supporting Naeun backstage @kara1810 I agree, we’ll have to wait for so long if no news comes out before he has to serve in the military. I hope just like Taeyang he propeses to Naeun (if he hasn’t already ) before military. But Taeyang had it easier cause he was dating an actress. Either way I hope they both reveal it. We’ve been waiting for so long. I know it’s not any of our business who they date, but I just wanna let them know that we’re many who supports them!! I understand them though.... @watermelon2512 I’m so proud of Apink!!!! This song is so good, by far the best song ever and for me better than I’m so sick even if I’m so sick was heaven And Naeun had so many lines, so happy. As well as Hayong and Chorong!
  5. @xoxo_yanna98 I agree too, let me know where we can chat! Btw I don’t know who’s spamming me on my Curious Cat account on Twitter, but that person is really pressed for some reason. I feel like the second Prediction account with 21K followers or something is lowkey a Taeun shipper hahahha
  6. Isn’t it funny that Move was so big in Korea, everyone danced to it on reality shows etc, yet none of Apink has danced to it.
  7. Sorry these got on my nerves. Especiacially the comments. I feel so bad They get so many likes/rts and it just makes me think, that maybe our couple won’t really have so many supporters after all, if they ever reveal they’re dating.
  8. @chantaljaey their username is ‘pinktaemin’ so they’re probably a shawol, she made another tweet about the thing taemin being engaged soon and ‘was laughing at us’. she’s annoying me, because she’s a freaking hypocrite. what kind of person tells someone to stop shipping someone while they’re doing the exact same. I swear to god they need help. those 2min shippers hates us so much, that they’d do anything to shut us up
  9. That person is so annoyed by Taeun yet she’s out here shipping Minho and Yoona??? Lmao she’s gotta be kidding me. Let people ship whoever the hell they want and don’t be a freaking hypocrite!
  10. Guys, Taemin said back in 2014 he had his first love when he was 17 during the promositions of ACE. Why did he say on WGM then that he just had his first love with Naeun?
  11. @Rhoia Lity Honestly people will never know, Dispatch can drop something all of a sudden. People think Dispatch has given up but they never give up. Example: Kai dated Krystal and then they broke up, why follow him again? They just don’t give up. Someone’s just more busy than others, and that’s why they’re almost never caught. Plus Lee Joon is dating Jung Somin, so Dispatch doesn’t need to expose his relationship and that’s probably why they’ve “given up” on him.
  12. @taeun1234 Ikr and the fact that Taeyeon liked Naeun’s pic on Instagram and they don’t even follow each other??
  13. I’m not worried about Taemin and Naeun being revealed because I know they’re strong enough and will be accepted. I’m more worried that Taemin or Naeun will revealed with someone else :/ I can’t help it, but of course I’ll support them no matter what if so. Since Dispatch revealed there’s 4 more to be revealed I’m scared!!! BTW isn’t it weird Taemin’s best friend Kai has been caught dating twice but Taemin apparently has never dated That’s funny! I just can’t believe that. Also guys apparently there were a Twitter account dedicated to Jennie and Kai way before they were revealed (BTW I’m an exo-l and blink too, so I’m really happy) and I’m thinking about making one for Taemin and Naeun, what do y’all think?
  14. So guys. I’ve been on a bit of a break. BUT JENNIE AND KAI??? That’s so unexpected. Apparently there’s more couples to be revealed, and maybe one of them is Taeun or maybe not :/ Anyways! This picture of Taemin having an obvious hickey https://twitter.com/diamondtaem/status/1080033394027749376?s=21
  15. @mrsleetaeminsunmi What part of leave this thread did you not understand? No it’s not any of your business at all. He is my bias too and I can write about him all I want. Does it look like anyone in here is writing hateful comments about him? Why do you feel so threatened? The only one who needs help is obviously you. Shinee and SM is 100% aware of all of us. Our edits and videos. When they’re tagged and mentioned. If they wanted to report us they would’ve done so long ago. But obviously Taemin doesn’t want to, and you wanna know why? Because we’re not spreading hurtful things, but his precious memories he had with someone he cares deeply about. Sad he can’t express that because of so called fans like you. So stay out of this for God’s sake. How would you know that it won’t be Naeun? Is it your fear of them being true that is forcing you to believe they’ll never be real? Taemin isn’t going near Naeun because of you ugly people. Funny you haven’t seen. WGM yet you’re acting so brave, and doesn’t know a thing about them. You just assume it’s all fake because it’s a variety show? Well sorry to break to you cause WGM is reality variety? Don’t you understand the difference between that, then let me explain. Variety is made up and reality is unscripted real life situations. Does that help you? If not you should use a dictionary. This means that Taemin and Naeun’s relationship and behavior weren’t fake but how would you know anyway when you haven’t even watched their WGM? He didn’t say he’d like to dance with Sunmi again, he mentioned if he ever has to dance with her again he’d do a better job. Get your facts straight. You said they treated Taemin like crap but that only happened once and it was one staff who felt sorry for Naeun. That experience proves that WGM isn’t all scripted. If that’s what you’re talking about. It isn’t Naeun’s fault. Saying he wants 2 hours with her alone does mean something you piece of trash can, cause the show was already ending? Again you need help not us. Go get some. He did say he loves her you freak. Believe it or not if that helps you sleep at night. Sunmi Mrs. Lee nothing. Sunmi is an artist who just did her job and collaboration with Taemin. Even if it was a fake marriage Naeun at least got to be Mrs. Lee for a whole year nearly haha. Don’t YOU cry not us because Naeun was and will be Mrs. Lee once again (if she isn’t already that). I’m 19 and I’m a Shawol, and I’m older than you. I watched WGM because of Taemin because I was not a child and brainless. Taemin could’ve easily said no to be on the show, but he wanted too. Also WGM made him choose his ideal type and Naeun was one of them. Did he choose Sunmi? No cause he never said he did even though he did mention someone else as his ideal type but don’t get your hopes up to high cause that was not Sunmi either. Who cares about the Kpop industry or fans if we’re thousands of Taeun fans. People would go crazy over Taemin and Sunmi but that’s only because they’re both so popular if they ever happen to date. But don’t underestimate Taemin and Naeun’s relationship cause the Kpop industry would go twice as crazy for them. Half of the Korean population watched WGM and have seen Taemin and Naeun. They’d love to see a pair become real. Sunmi wasn’t even as popular before she went solo and released Gashina. Wonder Girls was more popular because they were under one of the big 3 entertainments. People notice new groups more from bigger companies and that’s just the truth. Just like Red Velvet, Blackpink, Twice. If they debuted under a small company Twice would probably not have won a daesang. Being from a bigger company helps you out in becoming popular. You’re overreacting Taemin touching Sunmi and Sunmi touching him, them talking. Did he ever hold hands with her? Told her he loved her? Hug each other and more? Fyi Taemin and Naeun danced together on WGM too. But I won’t bother put a link cause there’s plenty of moments of them in love and having fun (don’t use the fake thing again cause I already told you WGM is reality variety but you’re so weird because you use words other people use. You just believe what others tell you. You so badly want to believe it’s fake because you fear it being true. That’s funny to me. The evidence we found is real. You don’t even know what evidence we found. I won’t bother tell you about what evidence cause your brainless head will do anything to deny it. For THOUSANDS OF TIME WE’RE NOT CREEPY OR WHATEVER CAUSE WE’RE NOT DOING ANYTHING HARMFUL YOU RAT. You keep saying Naeun is far from being on Taemin’s level but SORRY TO BREAK IT TO YOU AGAIN BECAUSE SHE ALREADY IS. Then why are you a fan? You’re so much below Taemin. You talk crap and say hurtful things about someone Taemin loves and cares about. You’re far from being on Taemin’s level yourself so you can’t be a fan. No no. Only real not childish growing up people is allowed to stan someone like him. Do you think he’d accept you for being like this? You and the rest of you are the reason Taemin is protecting himself and hates talking about dating. Recently he was asked about dating and he said “my fans hate when I talk about dating”. That’s because of you ugly people he needs to hide and feel like he can’t love freely. You don’t deserve him. Lmao you think he never talked or touched his label mates? You think it’s only performances. I thought you’re a “fan” yet you’ve no idea about Taemin. He has taken pictures with some of them, talked and laughed, even touched. You’re so damn weird. You think he has only touched Sunmi? Is that why you’re acting so weird and crazy and so disturbed? Now that’s funny. Lmao then spread this thread. Does it look like we give a f***? Obviously not. You aren’t hurting us and I’m sorry if you’re so hurt by all of us. But that’s not your position to be the one being hurt. You’re not Taemin nor Naeun now are you? If you seriously believe people ship Taemin and Sunmi more than Taemin and Naeun then you’re the one who’ve lost your mind. Cause they’re not even close to be shipped as much as Taemin and Naeun. Don’t be so mad. Shawols don’t mind Sunmi cause she wasn’t paired with Taemin, if it was Sunmi instead of Naeun they’d have the same reaction cause they’re children and think they own their idols just like you. They can’t decide who he can date. Now if ever Sunmi and Taemin happens and everyone goes crazy it’d be because they’re both so popular at the moment. First of all I was a fan of Shinee before Apink, I had no idea who Apink was, and here I am mature and not brainless. And I’m older than you. So shut your mouth and leave this thread. Don’t think you can stop us, none can stop us. Only Taemin and Naeun if they ever date someone else. Until then don’t expect this to affect us in any way. Also Taemin and Sunmi will never be real keep daydreaming. Time can prove me wrong but you can’t. Take care because maybe you’ll need a shoulder when Taemin and Naeun reveal they’re dating to cry on. But we won’t lend you any. Go find someone else shipping your non existent ship. Naeun and Taemin doesn’t have any chemistry? Well I feel so bad because you have no f***king idea. Honestly you’re the one who needs actual help. Leave you stupid b****.
  16. @Rhoia Lity @mayaa777 Guys I was a Shawol before I even knew who Apink was and became a Panda. The whole reason I watched WGM was because Taemin was on at that time, I had no idea who Naeun was, what her name was or which group she was part of. I thought she looked stunning, and I was happy he got paired with her. To be honest, some Shawols thinks they own the members and that’s annoying. They think they get to decide when they can start dating and who they can date. Only reason some react like this is because of the fear of it becoming/being true. They were/are real. Obviously that was not ‘acting’. They were in love, and if people say otherwise they for sure haven’t watched their WGM. I even made my irl friend, who’s also a Shawol watch them and she ships them too. I’ve talked to lots of Shawols who likes Naeun and think they were cute together. The truth is that, if they think other than that, then they haven’t seen the show. That’s why keep believing. Time can prove us wrong but not these people. Also WGM is barely scripted, it’s already been proven. But people like so badly to believe it is, but whatever if that makes them feel better
  17. @mrsleetaeminsunmi I didn’t really want to write an essay but calling us delusional while you’re out here shipping Taemin and Sunmi? That’s just weird, cause we’re on the same page. Us having this thread is certainly not any of your business. We’re not hurting Taemin nor Naeun but you? You see that’s just too weird. This isn’t about you so I’ve no idea why you’d care so much. We aren’t spreading hate but love. We ship two people who WE believe is together/gonna end up together. Does it look like anyone in here cares about whether you ship Taemin and Sunmi. Funny thing. You’re laughing at us for shipping Taemin and Naeun as if they haven’t interacted more than Taemin and Sunmi ever have. All Taemin and Sunmi did was dance together at MAMA. This couple isn’t dead to us, so stay out of this. Y’all act like WGM was a fake show where couples had to pretend to be in love, when Taemin and Naeun literally fell for each other (Taemin said ‘WGM’ is really a special show’ because it makes people fall in love, which he didn’t think was possible). Taemin and Sunmi performed 5 minutes together and suddenly they’re soulmates? Please. Taemin and Naeun pretended to be a couple a WHOLE year nearly. At that time Taemin and Naeun shared each other’s phone numbers, and constantly texted (they said that and if you believe that’s fake then you need to seek help not us, because this came from their own mouth). You probably haven’t seen their WGM cause most people who has likes them. So let me tell you this. The end episode where they had to say goodbye and leave the show your beloved Taemin said “What is this? I thought we’d at least have 2 HOURS for ourselves”. That means more than just saying “I’d like to perform with Sunmi again” or whatever he said about performing with her again. The fact that he wanted to spend time ALONE with her, what would that possibly mean? I’ve seen lots of WGMs and at the end everyone said their goodbyes, but no one said they’d like to spend time alone with their partner before they part. THEY LOVED EACH OTHER (and probably still do). We have every right to ship and like them. We aren’t creating world war 3. We created a thread to share our love for the two people who we believe felt deeply for each other. They said they loved each other. Not even in front of the viewers, so we could hear it, cause they whispered it to each other. If it really was for the views, they’d just make it up and say it out loud, why bother whisper it? (Taemin admitted at the end of the episode he told Naeun he loved her. Fans caught them whispering in another episode where it was covered with music but we could hear them say it clearly to each other). I honestly have no idea why I’m telling you this, cause I’m sure if you watch them and don’t force yourself to hate them together you’d grow and understand us. I don’t care if you ship Sunmi and Taemin, but don’t tell us who we can’t ship Taemin with. Naeun is on Taemin’s level so please shut up. She’s a Queen. Who hurt you to even say words like that? You think you’re on the same level as Taemin? Don’t belittle other people, no one is better than others. There’s no level here. Sorry to break it to you but Sunmi isn’t gonna be Mrs. Lee but Ms. Lee and who knows she may marry someone who carry the Lee surname too other than Taemin, so maybe we can actually agree on the fact that she’ll be Mrs. Lee someday. We can also agree that Mrs. Lee will be Naeun, if she isn’t already. Mrs. Lee is the name Naeun is gonna carry too but her Lee is Taemin not Sunmi’s. I’m not even sorry cause I believe they’re real and only time can prove me wrong. Until then YOU should mark my words. Now leave this thread and don’t come back. Thank you
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