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  1. Guys apparently Taemin wrote that he's participating in a collab, that we should watch out for soon. I truly think it's Yooa X Taemin coming.... How I wish it was Namjoo.... Honestly it would've been possible if WGM didn't happen lol
  2. Lol they always get annoyed when it's Taeun shippers. They never call out 2min shippers, and they're so much worse. It's only because it's a Naeun
  3. omg I hope he ends up on eunjis radio, I mean why wouldn't he? everyone's been there! I'm so happy they're gonna promote at the same time, namjoo and taemin. can't wait
  4. can you put a link to the august festival? I'm sure 2KIDS is just like a memory about their past, but now they are together. Taeyang and Hyorin had also been on/off that's why some of his songs about Hyorin are sad
  5. You know what I consider a huge hint? SNSD. Taeyeon and Tiffany. We all know Naeun doesn't get close to anyone easily. And the only reason she's friends with Tiffany kinda, is that they got to know each other through Taemin. And Tiffany recently tagged her !!! and even commented under her post with three hearts in that challenge. Naeun doesn't surround herself with many korean idols, in fact she barely has any of them as friends, so I truly consider that a huge hint.
  6. Seriously shawols are so annoying I want Taemin and Naeun to come out already to make them all shut the h*** up so we can tweet about them as much as we want
  7. Honestly I think there's more Kfans that will support Taemin now, but Taemin still thinks that Kfans aren't supportive because in 2018 on the Radio show he mentioned that fans doesn't like when he talks about dating so in fact he still thinks fans hate it. That could be a reason they aren't revealing anything. I truly hope we get a marriage announcement. Maybe a dating one next year or after his enlistment. I wish we could see them in love and their wedding pictures/videos of Apink and Shinee together.
  8. Also Jihyo/Daniel, Momo/Heechul, Hyuna/Edawn all of them, haven't y'all watched videos of them before it was revealed they were dating? Doesn't it remind you of Taeun?
  9. I don't know whether anyone is gonna hate me for posting this, but you guys keep saying we shouldn't overreact and think every move of theirs is a hint. No one is thinking that. We're all just assumung, and it's speculations between us. When we're proven wrong, we don't go and cry about it. We're actually mature enough, to understand that we misunderstood it. I'm well aware that sometimes we're exaggerating, but that's the fun part, enjoying and sharing theories, AS LONG AS WE DON'T CROSS THE LINE. I'm fully against tagging Taemin and Naeun in stuff like this, and I know that sometimes we caus
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