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  1. I really hate the Kpop industry and I think it’s ridiculous someone can’t date in peace. Wish idols didn’t give a f*** about it like all the amerincan celebrities. It’s now comfirmed but I don’t really believe it. Maybe this their way of hiding their relationship again, but well who knows...
  2. Guys about the gc you said you’ll make on twitter, I’m still not added. P.S. Did u guys notice that Naeun’s rosary ring is now gold!?
  3. This had me thinking about Taeun. I watched SoRim couple, and I loved their chemistry though to be honest I always felt like Kim So Eun didn’t share the same feelings as Jaerim. They were literally just acting and it was all fake..... That breaks my heart. I guess people now won’t shut up about how fake WGM is and we’re probably gonna be bombarded with replies on twitter. I’m scared if Taeun ever asked these questions and answer the same....
  4. Imagine Taemin attending Apink’s concert but watching from backstage or just supporting Naeun backstage @kara1810 I agree, we’ll have to wait for so long if no news comes out before he has to serve in the military. I hope just like Taeyang he propeses to Naeun (if he hasn’t already ) before military. But Taeyang had it easier cause he was dating an actress. Either way I hope they both reveal it. We’ve been waiting for so long. I know it’s not any of our business who they date, but I just wanna let them know that we’re many who supports them!! I understand them though.... @watermelon2512 I’m so proud of Apink!!!! This song is so good, by far the best song ever and for me better than I’m so sick even if I’m so sick was heaven And Naeun had so many lines, so happy. As well as Hayong and Chorong!
  5. @xoxo_yanna98 I agree too, let me know where we can chat! Btw I don’t know who’s spamming me on my Curious Cat account on Twitter, but that person is really pressed for some reason. I feel like the second Prediction account with 21K followers or something is lowkey a Taeun shipper hahahha
  6. Isn’t it funny that Move was so big in Korea, everyone danced to it on reality shows etc, yet none of Apink has danced to it.
  7. Sorry these got on my nerves. Especiacially the comments. I feel so bad They get so many likes/rts and it just makes me think, that maybe our couple won’t really have so many supporters after all, if they ever reveal they’re dating.
  8. @chantaljaey their username is ‘pinktaemin’ so they’re probably a shawol, she made another tweet about the thing taemin being engaged soon and ‘was laughing at us’. she’s annoying me, because she’s a freaking hypocrite. what kind of person tells someone to stop shipping someone while they’re doing the exact same. I swear to god they need help. those 2min shippers hates us so much, that they’d do anything to shut us up
  9. That person is so annoyed by Taeun yet she’s out here shipping Minho and Yoona??? Lmao she’s gotta be kidding me. Let people ship whoever the hell they want and don’t be a freaking hypocrite!
  10. Guys, Taemin said back in 2014 he had his first love when he was 17 during the promositions of ACE. Why did he say on WGM then that he just had his first love with Naeun?
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