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  1. Not only my friend though, some other shippers too know that you have jumped ship from SA to shipping jong kook with another whom I do not wish to name here
  2. Lol waiting for someone to say this She obviously ships jk with someone else now based on her ig likes (informed by my friend), but still likes to come here to dampen our shipping spirits.
  3. Thanks @Regita M. P for always updating on the episode for us Lol at the family reason again. Aren't we all used to it already? Like I said before, and I am sure most of the shippers are the same. We will only stop shipping them once one of them announces their relationship with someone else
  4. No offence to anyone, but isn't it better if we keep our negative thoughts to ourselves? Writing it here would just bring happiness to antis and lurkers of those who ship jk with others or jh with others.
  5. Love this video so much https://www.instagram.com/p/B1YADB1gfhv/?igshid=ao5m31mnj8pg Jihyo noona showing mini hearts at jk hyung and jk hyung pointing at her
  6. I loved jk hyung's reaction when jihyo noona said "you little punk" as a nickname for her bf. Lol. He was smiling and seemed to be caught off guard too not to mention the shy look on his face
  7. Does anyone know when the RM ep with SA as a pair will air? Is it this Sunday?
  8. Lol jk hyung's typical response when asked about jihyo noona, clip from big picture and mud: https://www.instagram.com/p/Bz-yW9mB6AU/?igshid=is940ua83hsr His typical reaction is flustered, very shy and most importantly, no denial
  9. Lol even little children are asking whether he loves jihyo and he didn't answer no though. I mean i do not understand hangul but i am pretty sure i did not hear the word aniya. I hope someone can translate it
  10. Seems like he is in vancouver, based on the location tagged in the post below: https://www.instagram.com/p/BzwkP-6BXdK/?igshid=96359uh4tfs3
  11. I am not sure where in Canada though but it seems it is part of my ugly duckling filming and is also gonna be his dad's first appearance on MUD since his dad was also spotted at the airport with him.
  12. Jk hyung will have a concert in California on Oct 5 as below: https://www.instagram.com/p/Bzt7YDMBGEA/?igshid=1tuueyeifa92m
  13. Jk hyung seems to be going for a vacation. He was spotted at Incheon Airport today and according to original poster, he seems to be filming for something (perhaps MUD?). Based on the comments from his friend, chrislee in the comments section of this post below, jk hyung is going to Canada first, followed by LA https://www.instagram.com/p/Bzr2zNGASNH/?igshid=88p4dakd142b
  14. I think this is rather subjective, since he teases Somin too. I guess we have to look at again, the circumstances of his teasing. With Somin, he usually teases her due to her crazy poet personality/crazy and silly personality. However with jihyo, he seems to tease her alot as a result of another person praising her, which to me, is more meaningful. For eg, in this ep, when the soran band member wanted to team up with jihyo, he interrupted and teased her by saying "you havent heard her sing", and another example was during the secret couple ep when jihyo and the guest held hands, he then teased her again by saying "she'll be turning 40 soon". To me his teasing of jihyo seems more like a result of jealousy rather than just plain teasing like he does to Somin. Also, another diff i noticed is, cmiiw, he never match makes jihyo with any of the guest so far. With somin he has matchmake her a few times, including with the basketball player during the kwangsoo press conference ep and recently with kim jong min. Makes me wonder, if he really sees jihyo only as his little sis and family, why doesn't he matchmake her like he matchmakes somin, why doesn't he follow her ig like he follows somin's ig, why doesnt he publicly comment in jihyo's ig like he does with somin's ig?? Really makes me wonder why the difference tho
  15. Just wanted to add, jk's activities : filming The Call 2, preparing for Turbo album and preparing for solo album (according to his recent interview during the Call 2 filming)
  16. I was rewatching the pohang jk hyung's full segment on youtube. Here is the link below: https://youtu.be/AWWi7rOiBoI At 22:21, you can see jihyo noona peeking to look at jk hyung from the tent behind the stage. At 22:45, you can see jk hyung keep on glancing towards that tent where jihyo noona was, most probably he saw her at that tent. At 23:41, you can see jihyo noona dancing along to sarang surowo from the tent behind. Just thought i would share all these
  17. I really hope the LA trip actually happens. I am afraid they might forget about the whole trip since the PD now is chul min and not hwanjine anymore. I hope SBS keeps their promise and brings jihyo to LA for her well deserved reward
  18. Haha hyung is indeed the president of Spartace shippers fan club. Lol Cmiiw, but haha hyung has never been so supportive of jk hyung's other lovelines as much as he is supportive and vocal of SA (yes he teases jk hyung with hjy too previously but not as much as he teases SA). He even made it clear that jk hyung and jsm are just close and nothing is going on with them when jong min brought the issue up. But with SA, it is the total opposite. Lol he even promotes to the Pohang mayor that SA is kind of a couple and he refers to jihyo noona as hyung soo (sis in law). Actually i guess it is also thanks to him that the organisers also invited jihyo noona as special guest for the Pohang event and thanks to him that we got SA moments at Pohang since he was the one that mentioned song ji hyo noona to the mayor. Haha hyung has also always favoured SA and gives support to SA when compared to jk hyung's other lovelines for eg jk-hjy loveline. When the time comes for SA to announce (IF SA is real), haha hyung is definitely gonna be the happiest among the members
  19. A full version of jong kook hyung's segment in Pohang: https://m.tv.naver.com/v/8988681
  20. A compilation of SA moments at the Pohang event: https://www.instagram.com/p/BzWh-k3Aipc/?igshid=lp3dolxn2i5
  21. Love it when jk hyung pointed towards jihyo noona when singing the lyrics "i am so proud to have you as my girl" https://www.instagram.com/p/BzWB0b9h6lu/?igshid=1k2gdo212lhvg
  22. In this video, after jk hyung sings "i am so proud to have you as my girl", he introduces jihyo to the crowd, coincidentally, saying "it is song jihyo-sshi, everyone ( song jihyo sshi mida yeorabun" https://www.instagram.com/p/BzSpYUVAjm1/?igshid=1u5fdo4k669v4 I know it is just a coincidence, but what a sweet coincidence
  23. I just want to talk about the circumstance/sweetness of the 3 hugs SA shared yesterday. No i won't talk about the fact that jk hyung hugged jihyo noona (or else some antis/lurkers will say "he hugs our bias too" ) but rather would like to talk about how the sweet hugs unfolded and the fact that it was jk hyung who initiated all 3 hugs. The first two hugs you can see it below: https://www.instagram.com/p/BzTKZxjAY_U/?igshid=1ii0g97jfuis8 1) The first hug happened when jihyo noona and haha hyung came on the stage to join jk hyung. You can see when jk noticed jh came on stage, he immediately walked to her side and went on to give her a hug, but didn't hug haha hyung. Lol And jk hyung was smiling seeing jihyo noona dance while introducing her to the crowd saying "everyone, here is song ji hyo!". Again, he did not introduce haha hyung. Lol 2) The 2nd hug happened during the "saranghae" part of the song. You can notice jk hyung already moving towards jihyo noona when that "saranghae" part was approaching and again, he gave her a hug right during the "saranghae" part which they sang with the crowd. 3) The third hug happened here: https://www.instagram.com/p/BzStO6YgouJ/?igshid=196b6413zuaev This was when jk hyung's segment has ended and he was already leaving the stage but he returned to give haha and jihyo noona a goodbye. He high 5 haha and once again, hugged jihyo noona. And you can see jihyo noona's eyes following jk hyung as he left the stage All in all, for me, personally, the circumstance of the hugs meant more than the hugs itself and it was more meaningful since jk hyung initiated all 3 of the hugs for me i am more than thankful we got these sweet moments since i originally did not expect SA to meet on stage. I am very sure they met backstage too after jihyo noona ended her talking/singing session with the MC.
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