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  1. @mn0096 totally agree with you. Also, isn't it totally off that a 'real gf' would talk so casually about her plans to call her 'bf' in a show that is watched by many and has a rather steady viewership rating? And i have said this before, jk hyung is a very loyal, very loving guy and he himself said in the recent MUD ep that he would put his wife as priority no matter what the circumstance is. So from these characteristics, we can totally gauge what kind of a man jk hyung is. A man who would love his woman devotedly. So would a man like this so happily matchmake his 'gf' with another man?? I don't think jk hyung is the kind of man who would do such things, even for the sake of a show. That would be so insulting to his 'gf' to have her own 'bf' matchmake her with another man. Just something for some (not anyone from this forum of course) to ponder about ( more towards those trolls/ anti sa leaving unneccesary comments in SA igs)
  2. I too hear somin noona say "jihyo unnie and jong kook oppa" but i guess people got confused by the subs which said "isn't it him and jihyo?"
  3. In this video by spartace_matchmade, does anyone notice how jk hyung seems to be looking towards jihyo noona when haha hyung said "those who are in love should go" and seems like somin noona accidentally blurted out "shouldn't it be jihyo unnie and jong kook oppa?" (?) https://www.instagram.com/p/BzEUUJ2h1wA/?igshid=17zmhtle1j5rs
  4. Actually jong kook hyung did say "aniya aniya" right away and haha hyung also said "there is nothing about them. They are just so close". But of course soompi chose to not put those denying parts in their article. Soompi has always highlighted jong kook hyung and jihyo as family and always uses the word 'jokingly' whenever something happens with SA, but for jong kook hyung and other women, soompi is all so supportive
  5. @CI0 thanks for the info. I had expected it actually. Really doubt SA would want to interact just the two of them onstage. I guess it would be awkward for them. So i guess that was why she was paired with haha. Although it would have been great if sa can perform together with haha as a runningman team
  6. Love all these SA moments from the latest ep: https://www.instagram.com/p/By0Qm27nADN/?igshid=1xypqlinoeesq
  7. @CI0 thanks for the info. Seems like jk hyung will be busy with filming for a few shows (RM, MUD, The Call and this new show). Can't wait for this new show though. The concept seems interesting
  8. A cute comparison between of similarity between song song couple and uri spartace https://m.weibo.cn/detail/4384080391009433 Cr to weibo. P/s i hope someone can make the gif appear on the post itself instead of showing up as a link
  9. Ohh i see. Thanks so much for the clarification much appreciated
  10. Wow haha hyung actually said "between running man girls?" And look at how fast jong kook hyung said "how about jeon so min?"
  11. Thanks again for the translation. Really appreciate it
  12. Thanks so much what does the hangul words mean? If i may know? The hangul words before "is 40". Also, does anyone know the nickname jihyo noona gave to jong kook hyung?
  13. Does anyone know what was the nickname jong kook hyung gave to jihyo noona? https://www.instagram.com/p/ByxFXVbHmo6/?igshid=13ppxvt7fwket
  14. Thanks for sharing Hope that jong kook hyung hugged her back too. Are there any SA moments in this ep?
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