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  1. A post by SA_Korean_Fan repost by spartacecouple ig. I love this post as below: https://www.instagram.com/p/BxsaDU1BysX/?igshid=1d5nm7rewq3ks
  2. I just love this so much and the fact that jong kook hyung is endorsing BRTC while jihyo noona is endorsing CLIV, both from the same parent company, AMI Cosmetics, and that phrase 'you are perfect to me' though https://www.instagram.com/p/BxphSYxnkwb/?igshid=ftfbglvzz9ua
  3. If SA is real, i think we will have some news within this year(?). It has been too long and jk hyung is not getting younger if he wishes to marry and have kids like he has been saying all these while, he should do it soon. So if SA are indeed together, i feel that we will get some news before the year ends. If not, I just wish the best for them.
  4. Yes, i really hope jihyo noona can join this time. It is just 2 days after her birthday. Hope they will celebrate her birthday together with haha hyung and jae suk hyung at the fm
  5. Any Indonesian fans here? Jk hyung just announced RM will have a fm in Jakarta on 17 August 2019 https://www.instagram.com/p/BxhoTdsBxGi/?igshid=wrta8jxebua
  6. Acoording to news, the first ever RM fm in Korea will be held in July this year. I hope they can do a National Tour in Korea too. https://www.instagram.com/p/Bxa2cvzBr1O/?igshid=197lpcp826z2e Also, since jihyo noona's schedule is slightly free now since her movie filming wrapped up, i hope she can take a well deserved break. Hopefully her LA Reward will be soon. I just hope the PDs and SBS will not just let it be forgotten like how they did with haha and gary's trip to London last time which never happened. If the LA reward trip is anytime within these few weeks, I guess the most likely member she will bring is sukjin hyung. Jeasuk hyung's filming schedule is quite packed whereas haha hyung will be welcoming his 3rd child soon so he would want to be with his family.
  7. Lol yeah. A lost soul who actually took the time to create a new account and pretending to be a shipper just to post in our thread. Btw i managed to see that troll's post in the kookmin thread. He/she stated that we SA shippers are getting insecure of our own ship and panicking/worrying due to kookmin. Lol So it is so obvious where that troll belongs. In the kookmin forum. Now i guess they are the one insecure, not us.
  8. Lol it is so clear you are a kookmin fan, so i guess your 'worry' doesn't apply here. But kudos for actually making a new account just to write in this forum. Lol
  9. So who cares and your point here is? go write that in the kookmin soompi forum. FYI,Yang Se Chan also updated his ig, picture also taken by KJK.
  10. Like @heynell mentioned, i too, noticed that there is indeed something different about SA's intetactions these days. Their vibe has gotten different and I am sure everyone can notice that difference. Yeah, it could be for various reasons, falling out, misunderstanding, uncomfortable with the limelight on them as a loveline, or perhaps indeed one of them have gotten into a relationship with another person. If the last possiblity was the reason of the change in their interactions, i guess that it is plausible. And if that was the case, most likely it is jihyo who has gotten into a relationship. Why do i say that? Because if it was jk who got into a relationship, he would have also been cautious with his skinship and interactions with Somin, but, as we can all see, he has gotten even closer to somin these days and interacts normally with her. But with jihyo, he is super cautious and avoids skinship/interaction with her these days. It was obvious when he decided sit several seats apart from jihyo in the last ep. If it is true that jihyo is in a relatonship with another, then the change in jk makes sense since perhaps he wants to be respectful to whoever jihyo's bf is. Also, if you noticed, jihyo too, has kinda stopped staying close to jk or interacting or having skinship with him in recent episodes. And it is also odd that the cast has completely stopped teasing them too. All these changes happened around the same time frame which is odd. I have checked the timeline that we last got moments/teasing from members. The last episode whereby we got moment: Ep 445/446The secret couple part 1 and part 2 whereby we got skinship and also that cute little scare to jk from jihyo. This ep was filmed on 11 March 2019 The last ep we got teasing from members: Ep 446 The jsm bday ep whereby jaesuk teased them and asked SA to get ready for a couple race too. This ep was filmed on 18 March 2019 And for BP3, Haha mentioning jh, Although it aired recently, that ep was filmed on 9 March 2019. So it has been quite some time that we got SA moments. I just hope no matter what happens, SA can still be close and have interactions/skinship as before, even if just as close friends. I miss seeing their closeness and moments on screen
  11. Seems today have guest, Lee Sangyeob. And seems kwangmong in the same team as Lee Sangyeob. https://www.instagram.com/tabi.zzing42/p/BxZZrJZH9Yj/?igshid=qet665q7fu1c Not sure how many guests are there but if there is only one, means there will be 9 people in total. So it will be 3 in one team (1 girl and 2 guys it seems)
  12. More filming bts from today: https://www.instagram.com/p/BxY0Z4rF8AN/?igshid=1pp3eogm7gne7 Seems like the girls are : jihyo, jong kook, sukjin and jaesuk (they are all wearing skirts) The guys will be : somin, kwangsoo, haha and sechan (they are all wearing pants) This will definitely be a couple race it seems. They will be paired off.
  13. Rm filming today. Seems like jong suk is back. Lol. I think the one with the black wig beside jihyo noona is jk hyung https://www.instagram.com/p/BxY5Iw8jNYr/?igshid=jvx4438gb5wn
  14. Thanks for making me feel a lot better i just hope we will get the usual SA moments soon, since we had a long drought of SA moments in the recent episodes. And hopefully jk hyung will be active again in regards to his interactions with jihyo noona
  15. Yes, i was sad too watching that scene. It seems jong kook hyung delibrately sat far apart from jihyo noona. Perhaps they want to take some time off and not have too much interactions and skinship for now? Or perhaps they had some internal conflicts? Because it has been weeks since we got SA moments in RM. I guess the lack of SA moments and the sudden closeness of jk hyung with the other member made my mood a little down these days. And it's strange the members totally stopped teasing SA and i was a little sad that jaesuk hyung teased jk hyung again with the other girl in this ep. I guess my wish for SA to be real is too much that i get hurt with these kind of little things.
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