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  1. OMO OMO I literally stopped breathing for five seconds. HOLY CRAP - this show is going to be the death of me with all the chemistry shooting around.
  2. See this still bugs me on a broader level because it makes me wonder if the male counterpart was married and was "doing the work" in the kissing scene would anyone think poorly of him and think he is overdoing it? I don't think so. This inherent double standard really bugs me and saddens me that IF she wasn't participating in the kiss as much as he was because she didn't want audience members to think, "oh oh that's too much, she is enjoying it too much. She is married in real life, it's gone too far". then heaven forbid! It's acting! It's make believe! Too much of seeing two actors have great chemistry and wanting it to bleed into real life. As an actor, I think this bugs me more than normal and also because earlier episodes hinted that Dan-i was sexually progressive in that she spoke openly about it. I'll talk about the episodes later cos overall I just ADORED them.
  3. I find it so entertaining that the majority of us are all so taken with Director Ko - for all the faults we see in her character. She is definitely striking a chord with a lot of us. I find her more pitiful than getting annoyed or angry at her decisions. I think it's because that moment where she realised the delivery guy was her ex-fiance, I just started crying. The pain of that moment just really connected with me; seeing someone you loved and haven't really gotten over after so long. UGH my heart. And that moment with the wedding photo frame and her later ripping up the photos she had kept all these years. I just find her so sad and rather hope that she and some peace by the end of the series. Also a random note about this article: http://www.helloasia.com.au/features/5-reasons-were-super-into-netflix-original-k-drama-romance-is-a-bonus-book/ As I was reading the post, I was like this sounds like it was written by an Australian and them boom - .com.au website. HAHAHA As a fellow Aussie, I really like that there is an article written in my country about this show!
  4. Omgosh! Yes please, I adore reading these. They give such a beautiful insight into how they are feeling. Something that you only get from the written word. Definitely reiterating how lovely it is to read. After this show is finished, I am going to get back to the pile of books that are on my bedside table!
  5. I believe it is more nuanced than that, as it is entirely dependent on what the job description is asking for and for what industry. Usually, it would be asking for relevant education and work experience. So I don't think you are obligated to divulge all of the information, only what is relevant. In the example of someone with a PhD applying for a receptionist role I disagree that it is legally wrong for them not to disclose that. Who's to say what circumstances lead that person to want to apply for that job. It isn't relevant to it and would be up to that person to demonstrate in their application their suitability to the selection criteria listed. Now in Dan-i's case, it is a gray area and I can see the for and against arguments about her situation. Haha I just know if I was her employer, I would be surprised and puzzled but I wouldn't think I would need to fire her.
  6. Oh man, and I thought after last week's episodes, I couldn't become anymore giddy, giggly and smiley but ep 11 and especially 12 has taken it to another level. I pretty much watched these episodes cuddling a pillow to my face hahaha I think the acting and chemistry between our two leads is just soooo perfect. It is making me reminisce over those first moments you have with someone, that are so heart fluttering and just warm you up. From the secret hand hold to the SUPER CUTE way Eunho asked her out to dinner. It was the first time I think that he was actually a little nervous and hesitant to ask. Oh they are just toooo cute. My heart aches for when Dan i finds out about her losing her job, and I commend Eunho for taking her out and them having a good time until that moment has to happen. I personally don't believe it is grounds for her to be fired from her job. If you accept the terms of employment and salary why does it matter what qualifications you have. It would be an issue of that person felt the work of the job they got was beneath them and too menial but Dan-i always does all of the tasks with a smile on her face. So a little annoyed by this direction cos it feels unnecessary. And if the Director did have a real issue with it, she is a contract employee. So just let her finish out the contract. You still have a dedicated hard worker at your disposal. It would be more of a headache to have her removed and then find a replacement. Oh Haerin you crack me up, I LOVE how high emotional she is, so super passionate. I also love the way Seo Jun looks at her too, he definitely didn't look at Dan-i like that. Such amazement, puzzlement and interest. In some ways this couple could have worked in their own series! Also got to mention the conversation between Dan-i and Seo Jun too and her "break up" with him. I was pleased it was so well communicated and not so "drama-y". It felt gentle, heart-felt and honest. Oh and poor kid with the meningitis! When I was about that age, I got really sick and had that spinal tap test. Thankfully I wasn't diagnosed with meningitis but holy crap I remember how painful it was. The needle they use is HUGE. The only saving grace was that I was so unwell and feverish, I was too weak to get scared. Oh man, only 4 more episodes to go. I honestly really want to go back and watch it all in one hit again! I do hope to find another set of subtitles though. As while I am so so so grateful that the episodes come out on Netflix really quickly, I don't think they are as accurate as they could be given the posts on here.
  7. Oh this show just makes me laugh, cry, squee, and heart flutter! <3 My jumble of thoughts/feelings from watching Ep 9 & 10: YAAAAAASSSSSS! For a moment there I thought Ep 10 was going to end BEFORE he kissed her. I swear I stopped breathing when he swooped in with his arms behind his back and gave such a gentle open mouth kiss. AWuGHHH I am a puddle! No dead fish comments from me, to me it makes sense for her not to kiss back yet. It happened out of the blue(ish) and probably was still in shock from it. As much as I would love the two leads to just get together so we can have more episodes where they are together than not, I actually do like the fact that Dan-i is warming to the idea. Already the way she interacts with Seo-Jun is different and she has put a guard up. I think she def likes him as a person but is also flattered by the attention from him. Doesn't mean she is falling in love with him. The line where Dan-i says why does he like me? Oh man I totally get it lady! I'm going to enjoy watching her mind/heart open up. I sincerely love all the characters, no one is boring or useless. Even that silly womanchild, I love that they gave her a moment to start listening and observing the conversations around her so she can start growing up. Chingu convo in the lift! So cute Two maknaes "asleep" on the table while they are having a meeting! So funny! Watching all four romantic leads at the one table restaurant oh so funny, all of them acting so well and all the interconnections between all four. Oh So good. Hae-Rin getting mad at Seo-Jun. OH I SHIP them so much! Him finding it cute how much a of a fiery temper she has. Haha and even Eun-ho's reactions in that meeting were priceless. I also love how Hae-Rin, even though she is quick tempered as soon as she saw what Seo-Jun was offering, she had no qualms in changing her mind. She has pride but isn't prideful. Such a cool chick. I would totally want to be friends with her. Everyone's relationships with books is so inspiring. I realise I haven't read a book in SO long, (too many kdramas to watch!) and I do miss it. Time to pick up a book again I think. Oh my heart feels so full. Never have I thought while watching a show that's currently airing that once it is all finished, I know I want to go back and binge watch the whole 16 episodes again. I feel like I will gain so much more out of a second viewing. Thank you to those who have translated the poems at the end. They are so beautiful and definitely the subtitling at the bottom does not do them justice. I hope in future, somewhere we can find all of the poems/prose available in English.
  8. Oh Episode 8 makes me soooo happy! So many things to love about this episode. The feeling of unease when KDY goes out with JSJ and just my heart aches for CEH and the amount of him freaking out but also not wanting to freak out. Although at the same time being conscious of not wanting to put full on pressure on KDY because in the end her happiness comes first. It's really mature and sweet, and refreshing as a viewer because how many times when the male lead wants the female lead, the jealousy gets ridiculous and full on. That said I am glad that he starting to wake up and release that he can't be so subtle about it anymore. Putting her happiness above his own for so long that it become a detriment to his own life. Of course it is such a balance between keeping others happy and yourself and the way this show is working through this is really good so far. The amount of SQUEEEE-ing with CEH and KDY's moments. Oh man when she was touching his chest and going ooh you have muscles I nearly died. My heart also went Da-Dum Da-Dum. Then finding out she wasn't asleep when he was touching her face! OMG - that totally took me my surprise. And I cheered for joy when CEH finally wasn't subtle about "The moon is beautiful", like at all! For a while, I think we have been waiting for her to wake up and I was impressed that there were three moments in one episode that didn't feel like it was rushed. The preview for next week's episodes look so good. I so relate to that state of being when all of a sudden you are HYPER aware of someone else and the slightest touch is super scary. I can't wait to see how their relationship develops more. I now have hope that JSJ and SHR have their own thing cos I think they could be really suitable for each other. Shocked actually that CEH is fully aware of those letters that SHR has been leaving! Not sure how I feel about the fact he has essentially been ignoring it... LOVE the two maknaes and their blossoming relationship - the dude has really grown on me. Looks really aren't everything, got to love a great personality. I really really like the relationships forming between the KDY, the marketing team leader and the Director. Female friendships are so important and so relate to the fun part of drinking and then it is followed by TEARS and lots of them. So many LOLs with KDY losing it and swearing so much. I wonder what the age differences are with those 3 ladies. It was great to get more insight into the Director and I'm glad they spent time on her character in this way. I am also really loving the marketing team leader's character and think the actress playing her is great. I really feel for her.
  9. Haha I just tried to read the link above and google immediately translated it to the weird set of English text. But I think I got the general jist
  10. oh boy am I already so enamoured by this show! It was on my radar to watch thanks to LJS but didn't realise that it would be released on netflix week by week! I'm all caught up now and I just been gushing about to the show to my mum and partner (who couldn't actually give two hoots about kdrama he isn't interested but I don't care, he will listen to me talk about this show). Right from the get go, I could tell from the cinematography and the soundtrack that this show was different to other kdramas I have watched. It had almost a 'movie' like feel to the scene, esp with the opening and the gentle and subtle way of introducing the two main characters and the husband character. I became intrigued with LNY's character immediately and find her incredibly stunning to watch act. LJS is charming and wonderful as always but since I have seen him in a lot of his dramas, I don't sense anything brand new as such. Definitely not saying that is a bad thing at all, it's just LNY is all shiny and new to me and she is just so cool! Aside from the lead characters and me loving their story, relationship, history, just everything, I just adored some other elements too: Guy who is 2nd lead, liked him straight away. Found myself really enjoying his scenes with LNY and wanting to see how their relationship develops of the course of the 16 episodes. These two actors have great chemistry too. (though I still want the two leads to end up together) but I have found in past drama-watching I get bored of the second lead and annoyed at having to watch their scenes. But this is not the case so far with this guy. I LOVE the subtle way they introduced bisexuality in to the show with LJS' ex being with a woman now. So cool I also just LOVED the "come over for ramyeon" conversation between the leads. The fact that LNY's character was so open to talk about sex and lamenting that it had been ages since she had sex had my mouth gaping in shock but also so pleased that we have a female character openly and unashamedly talking about her (currently lacking) sex life. It feels real, it feels natural and more in line with the fact we are in 2019. and LOVE the fact that while LJS' character has been pining away for LNY, he hasn't been a monk about it. Like I have always found it rather unrealistic and am intrigued by the fact that we have characters that are engaging in casual relationships but still maintain solid working relationships etc. This also feels 'newish' to the kdrama world and I would be interested to know if there are other kdramas out there now that heading down this path. I think I still get a shock when watching kdramas and seeing this kind of representation (as small as it was) in korean tv. Compared to another Netflix offering - Sex Education (a british tv show) which is really good. All that stuff is not a surprise to have in the show. I think it is just really damn cool to have a kdrama that has these elements in it. Lol that most of my loves at the moment of the show are centred around the more sexual elements of the show (haha) but I guess those are the elements that don't appear in kdramas a lot. Really looking forward to seeing where this show goes over the next 6-8 weeks.
  11. Oh it makes me so happy to read all of your comments about this - I am glad that haters are on here and are enjoying this drama as much as me. I am giddy for these two - I think their chemistry is just so so gooood and both of them are great actors. Also re the kissing scene, which is prob one of the sexiest I have seen in kdrama (aside from Encounter with Seo Kang Joon and the hint of tongue.. :P) I also really really really am a fan of the fact that KYJ's character is just as into him and wanting to express herself in this physical way. Like it isn't just the guy who wants it. This scene is made better for her involvement in it, kissing him back, wrapping her arms around him and arching her back. To me, the arching of the back is a real sign lady is into what is happening. I'm kinda glad that Ep 14 didn't air this week so I can bask in the awesomeness of Ep 13 more.
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