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  1. OHHH MY GOSH! AS IN, OHH MY GOSH! After all the very long posts that I've always been writing about this drama, that's all I can say about it tonight, at least for now I never asked that much for I am aware since the start that it will break my heart. Thus, all I ever asked is that, they won't turn out as siblings. And I'm happy that my wish has been granted. So thankful to the hundred million stars for granting my wish. Thanks to all of you who wished with me. I can present my academic writing tomorrow with a wishful heart. Thank you and good night from my side of the world!
  2. WHY THEY WON'T TURN OUT AS SIBLINGS: I have previously posted my "What If" post, about them probably being really siblings in the end. Thus, this is my counter-argument based on my other self's analysis and based on the preview as to why they won't turn out as siblings. XD Aside from the previous ones I've posted, these are my 5 other reasons why: 1.) The structure of the original drama is a double tragedy that first, they are siblings and second, they both die at the end. Thus, basing on its structure, in this version, a first tragedy already happened and that is, MY's father killed his own mother and two other people (who could possibly be JK's parents). And the second tragedy, as much as I do not also wish for it to happen is that, both will die in the end. However, what I am saying is that, the requirement for a first tragedy in the J-version has already been met in this version. Plus, considering that based on those who have already watched the J-version, this version has already toned down the darkness of the original and has focused more on its romantic and bright side. Thus, I am in doubt if the Korean production would make it even more darker than the original. I mean in case they follow the siblings route, it will be a case of a triple tragedy: 1.) their father killing their own mother 2.) romantically loving each other only to find out they're siblings and 3.) both of the characters' destruction in the end. I do not know but I doubt that the K-version will go down that triple tragic route considering the way they've been portraying the story so far. 2.) The change in the members of MY's family. In the J-version, MY always thinks or imagines of his mother when in fact, he doesn't have one but he actually has a younger sibling/ sister. So, it could possibly be that they chose to change it in this version. So in here, MY is portrayed as someone who always thinks of a younger sibling but the truth is, he only has a mother. In short, the mother was eliminated in the J-version while the younger sister will be eliminated in this version. 3.) In the preview, upon remembering that he possibly has a "younger sister", MY went to confirm it with Se Ra. I have been thinking the past days that for me, it will be crucial as to whom he goes first, whether to JG or SR. If he goes to SR, then the probability that she is only making fun or manipulating him is higher. However, if he has gone to JG first, then for me, the chances that they aren't sibling is already over. But he went to SR first. 4.) I've somehow mentioned this before but the changing in the recent scalding incident. It was JK who was scalded and not MY. Thus, it is like a foreshadowing in the order of their death as opposed to the J-version. In here, it is probable that JK will die first than MY and also a change from an incestuous route to a non-incestuous one. 5.) The doctor as an additional cast. He seemed to be so concerned about children of murderers because he himself is one. But why is it that he was only persistently looking for Moo Young? If Jin Kang is also a child of a murderer, mustn't it that he should have also looked for her or at least inquired about her especially when he talked to Jin Gook or Moo Young? Ok, he wouldn't talk about it to MY as he wants him to forget the past. But how about Jin Gook? PLUS, I think the preview is giving away too much clues that they are siblings. To me, at least for now, it's like they're saying, they're not. It could be that in the end and during the actual airing, the last 2 episodes will show that they are not. Besides, this drama has always been so good in misdirecting the viewers by its preview only to surprise us during the actual airing. So, as I have been saying in my previous posts, JG's determined opposition in the past could just be because 1.) of his extreme brotherly love for JK or a 2.) false presumption that they are siblings. But again as I've been repeatedly saying, my worry now is, when will the characters especially MY know about it? Most probably, when it's already too late for them to save each other from death already (e.g. MY saving JK). However, in all cases, I cannot help but mostly put the blame on other characters especially on Jin Gook and Tak. One of the moral lessons is, if they have only been more honest and unselfish from the start, this would have not happened to MY and JK. In fact, even if they turn out as siblings, I believe that they are the ones who could have prevented their very tragic ending. (P.S. I'm aware that this is just a drama. XD) P.S +. Thanks much @kdramaaddict212@aisling@camichi@jujuls for the kind words. Sorry, my thank you is already very late but as they say, better be late than never.
  3. Please, let me just clarify my "What If" post. Kindly, I do not mean to discourage anyone from watching the drama but more of, I would just like to share my views on both possibilities that could happen from both sides of the coin in order to prepare myself. I mean, I've been even wishing over and over again that more people would appreciate the excellence of the drama and that it may receive the credits that it deserve, ratings and award-giving bodies wise. Also, I could not even remember the number of very long posts that I've written in my unending appreciation of the love story between Jin Kang and Moo Young and of the incomparable chemistry between Seo In Guk and Jung So Min. In fact, as an avid fan of this drama, I've always believed that I should hold on to it through ups and downs, through thick and thin, whatever the ending. And as I have mentioned, and as you have probably read in my earlier posts, I have always been writing this scenarios and sharing these insights in my mind as to the reasons why I cannot fully convince myself that they are really siblings. Most of my posts are in fact on the Not Siblings Route. Perhaps, in fact, even if 99% of the drama will show that it's going down the siblings route, at least 1% of me will still be wishing that they are not siblings up to the very end. Such a very tragic ending will sadden me but what saddens me the most if indeed they will follow the J-drama route is the fact that I may not have the heart to watch the drama again. I am afraid that I may not be able to see them in the same romantic light as I've been seeing them again. And I really really want to be able to re-watch the drama even after its ending. But again, to save myself from too much sadness and also, as I also want to appreciate the drama from both sides, whether incestuous or not, I also have those "What If" insights in me...
  4. JUST SOME FINAL THOUGHTS FOR THE LATEST EPISODE: One of the main reasons why I had this inkling that they would change the version from an incestuous to a non-incestuous one is because of the change in the drawing. BUT THEN, every now and then, I would have this thinking, what if it's just a divergent ploy? What if it's just the production's tactics to keep the viewers on watching? I mean they are aware that everybody will inevitably know about the original version's ending sooner or later. Thus, they must change something to give a little ray of hope to everyone that they will not follow the original thereby keeping the viewers on board. I mean if they did not change it, then, it won't be that much harder for the viewers to deduct that they are actually siblings. What if it was all made up just to keep us on watching? Thus, what if yesterday's episode was a ploy as well? Adding the story that MY's father killed his mother and 2 other people still gives hope that JK is the daughter of the 2 victims. But what if they are just doing it to keep us holding on with our hope and continue on watching the drama until the end? So, in short, they are making some twists here and there but in the end, they are retaining its originality that is: that the two are siblings and of their tragic death. Also, I've had this presumption that they won't take the original route because of the conservative Korean society. But what if the production is already willing to make such courageous and landmark move in the history of Korean drama? Besides, the drama's rating wasn't that good in Korea (but of course the drama was excellent and super loved by us international fans. It's really because of the fear of tragic ending). So what, I'm trying to say is, what if the production is willing to make such a bold move since an extremely tragic ending won't affect that much of the Korean population's anyway based on the ratings and decide to make a big history instead? Also, I personally find Seo In Guk and Jung So Min to be very bold actors. I mean, SIG accepted this role despite of criticisms because of his discontinuance in the military. On the other hand, JSM also made such a bold move by doing such intense scenes despite criticisms because she's in a relationship. So what I'm arriving at is that, the 2 are very bold and excellent actors who are so willing to hone their craft. They accept works based on its good script writing and based on their passion for acting in a masterpiece drama notwithstanding the fact that they will not appease a large number of audience. I feel like they are the kind of actors who prefer passion and excellence in their craft over popularity. So, what if indeed? These are just my "after the episode thoughts". WHAT IF? Though I prefer the earlier scenarios that I've posted but somehow honestly, these insights have helped me prepare for the worst/ saddest case scenario next week.
  5. @teachermok Hehe! It's weird but I have always find myself leaning more into the "Not Siblings Route", wishful thinking and objectively wise. And I am almost sure that Moo Young will follow Jin Kang even in the next life in case she dies. However, I don't see Jin Kang taking her own life. It just doesn't suit the way she is portrayed in this version. Most probably, she will be put to death under the machinations of Se Ra. MY will then kill Se Ra, probably with the gun that she once gave to him. And MY will take his own life to follow Jin Kang and come back to her. I am even having this feeling that he will do that on that cliff. He even seem to have a deep connection to it when he went there like saying that he can actually stay there. Even in the teasers, he is shown to be on the verge of throwing himself off. But with Jin Kang's death and absence, no one will be able to stop him anymore. That gives me that feeling. So so sad.. really sad. Also, I think I read somewhere that in the J-version, it was Ryo who got scalded? And it was JK who went to the pharmacy? I am not just sure if i remember it correctly. So, this version changed it. With that changing of order, what I'm also getting is that, it is a foreshadowing they will also change the order of their death. It will be Jin Kang first then Moo Young. As much as I also wish for a happy end for both of them but I don't think that it is possible. As the production has said, they will keep the strength of the original story thus, if at least they will not go to the incestuous route, they will keep the tragic death of both protagonists. I think that making their love story beautifully tragic is one of its strengths. So, they will have to keep it that way even if it will break our hearts into pieces.
  6. Halloo! @teachermok Now, remembering last night's episode upon waking up really hit me so hard this time. BUT still, I cannot find myself fully convinced that they are siblings. Aside from the reasons I've mentioned earlier, I just really cannot get the logic of why would JG not tell it to him during their confrontations? I could not get a logical reason. Because he does not want JK to know what he did? But I mean, it just doesn't make sense, he knows that MY is already unravelling the past. And why would he not tell him and be anxious that there could be something between the two? He has seen him having romantic scenes with his sister. And he's been strongly opposing the 2 because he knows that they're being incestuous? But then, he learned that the guy has already been able to go in and out of their house. And yet, being a police officer, he does not question as to how he was able to do that? He still does not suspect that something is still going on between the 2? I find it illogical to the plot. Maybe he understands that the 2 are still seeing each other and thus, he asks MY to make such a promise instead before he gets shot. Also, based on this episode, it shows that JG is really not that of a complete selfish person which makes me think that he would really not be selfish to reveal the secret just to save his face from JK. Also, he has a lot of opportunities in this version to reveal. I do not know if the J-version has also this scene where MY was able to sneak in their house and have confrontations with JG even after knowing what he did. But my question now is, when will MY be clarified in his memory that they are not actually siblings just in case? Will it already be too late? I think Se Ra will be taking advantage of him. And this time, he really won't have a choice but to break all the promises that he told JK. Maybe he will not go back to his house again after gaining a bit of his memory. He'll break the promises one by one: he will leave without a word, he will turn off his phone, and worse, he will lie and tell her that he hates her in case JK finds him. He will get lost once again. Thus, when he told JK, " No matter how far I'll go, I'll always return and come back to you". It could also mean that he'll come back after finding his complete memories. But I hope it would not be too late already and that is, when JK is not in the brink of death because of Se Ra. But if that happens and if JK dies, I can really see him following her, returning home to her, even in the next life. After all, to him, she has already become his everything. Ohh my heart!
  7. What an episode! I can compare it to the roller coaster ride of Jin Kang and Moo Young (minus the expressionless face of MY ) and I really love it! All emotions rolled in just one episode. I laughed. I cried. I giggled. I was worried. I got surprised and more. But honestly, unlike yesterday, this episode has somehow made me tell myself: Better prepare your heart darling. They might really turn out as siblings. But again, objectively wise and not just wishful thinking, I wonder why I still cannot be totally convinced that they really are siblings even with just 2 episodes left. Questions run into my mind like: Why did this version have to change the drawing? Why did they have to add a story that MY's father killed 3 people including his mother? ( I am not sure if it's in the J-version though. I haven't watched it. I've seen just a few clips.) Could it be that JK is the daughter of the other 2 people whom MY's father killed? But in his conversation with Se Ra, it seems like she is telling him that, yes, he doesn't have a younger brother. A younger brother that is, but he has a younger sister? OMO! But then again, what if the really important thing that she is talking about is the fact that MY's father killed JK's parents? Another thing that strucked me was MY and JG's conversation at the early part of the episode and that is, when JG told him that MY can surely shoot him if he wants to but he should promise not to let Jin Kang see it. Somehow I had this interpretation that what JG is telling is that, MY should not let JK see that murderous side of him. And I was like, OK if they are siblings, why didn't he just tell him straightaway since he is already on the verge of being shot to death that they should never be together since they are siblings? Why ask to make such a promise instead from MY? Remembering that scene quite swayed me. But I do not know if there is an exact scene in the J-version. Plus, based on the subtitle, it says that MY's mother took the child with her. Child means singular form. But MY's father found out their place of refuge. I also remember that episode where MY mentioned that, he was so happy that time when he saw his father because he hasn't seen him in a long time. So if the translation is correct and it really means in singular form, that could only pertain to MY. Having said all of these, perhaps, my heart right now is in a state of 50-50. XD But this episode is perhaps one of the most touching episodes for me. I was really moved to tears when MY was looking at the tablets of his parents at the temple. Again, for the nth time.. Oh! how I feel so so sorry for him. What he has feared of in a previous episode has really happened and what he discovered turned out to be even worse. It's like all of his hopes about his family have been scattered into tiny little pieces breaking him so hard one by one. But indeed it's true.. as to what Seo In Guk has said, that he is happy that at least, Moo Young's character has Jin Kang. Indeed, love saves him. And I mean, just imagine if he doesn't have Jin Kang by his side? I just can't imagine the pain as you go through such a very dark revelation in your life with no one by your side. And indeed, one cannot really help but be awed by SIG's acting in this drama plus knowing that he is also actually an excellent singer and many more. I just fall for him more and more. I wonder what he eats for breakfast. Or maybe, can I just be the one to prepare his breakfast? Haha! Just joking. Dreaming while awake. Also, honestly, I started to love again Jin Gook's character in this episode. He is indeed a good person. I do not know if you feel the same. Maybe, I'm just the only one. Plus, Park Sung Woong's acting was daebak in this episode! His confrontations with Moo Young was so emotional on my part. The sadness and apologetic expressions on his face as he talked to Moo Young really moved me. I also cried on that part when he was talking to Tak about his mother. He made me miss my mother in that scene so much so that I also just want to go home and see my mother (and of course my father as well). That was really moving. BUT.. perhaps I will hate him again in case it turns out that MY and JK are really siblings. He is the one who could do something about it if he would only not allow his selfishness and cowardice to ruin things further. I do not know. We will see next week. And finally, whether this drama turns out to be incestuous or not, all I can say is that, it has been consistently and superbly great in all aspects.. from the start and even up to now that we are down to the last 2 episodes. How I wish that everybody really receives all the credits that they deserve. And thus again, what saddens me now is no longer the possible very tragic ending but rather the fact that it's going to end next week. I can't let it go! I love it so much! XD What am I gonna watch after it? Nothing catches my attention these days except for it. Sad! P. S. I have a question.. so in this version, the drawing was drawn after the incident already and is actually merely based on MY's imagination since the other man in the drawing looks like a police officer? But I think it was mentioned in a previous episode that he was carrying it already when someone found him. I am not sure. Also, does anybody know the name of the amusement park where they had their date together? I must go there. Thank you very much!
  8. And may I just add that in last night's episode, I had the same question as Se Ra when she asked MY as to why he would like to look for his "brother" instead of his mother. It reminds me of my previous guess that the female figure in the drawing is actually JK for he did not grow up with a mother for he does not even have a subconscious memory of a mother. But again, maybe I'm just wrong. XD PLUS the photos posted by @phi3nkmake my heart beat faster. Haha! I haven't watched the Japanese version but I've seen a few clips and I think that scene was quite a defining moment. So maybe they really are... Omo! I am not sure but based on google translate, they will reveal their connection tonight. But I'm just thinking.. What if it's not the full revelation? Maybe they'll make some twist again in Ep. 15 or in the last episode? Ohh my! But if I am the writer, I would be sorry to the audience but I would also love to do that.. Just to keep the thrill going up to the last minute just like a rollercoaster ride. BUT.. it's hard when you're an audience. XD
  9. Haha! Haalloo @jujuls I'm quite touched when you mentioned my name. Thank you! As to my thoughts about the "possible incestuous ending", I do not know, maybe I am just weird but this episode almost makes me feel certain that they are not siblings. I do not know why and it's difficult to explain but as I have been commenting, that is the vibe that I've been getting and with the way the story is structured as I perceive it. I do not really know but my thoughts haven't changed that, that young child is actually Jin Kang. Perhaps, these are the clues that I'm getting at least from this episode: 1.) The short hair which still fits Jin Kang up to this day. The flashbacks and the picture of JK in short hair with Jin Gook keep on simultaneously recurring. 2.) When Jin Kang was able to repair Moo Young's toy to MY's surprise. I felt that she has done or has learned it in the past already when they were still young. Or maybe, I'm just imagining things. 3.) Since episode 1, the drama has already this vibe that they know each other since a long long time ago and thus, explains their easy but deep connection from the start. For me, the flashbacks signify the strength of their relationship since the beginning and that explains why they keep on returning back to each other. But again, as I have been saying, although they are the children shown in the flashbacks, I feel like they are not actually siblings. However, after watching this episode, my second theory that Jin Gook's opposition is merely based on bad blood (that MY's father killed JK's father and that JK was taken into the household and was possibly abducted) now stands out more than my other theory that Jin Gook's opposition is based on a false presumption of an incestuous relationship. Perhaps, it will change again tomorrow (HAHA) but as of the moment, these are my insights why: 1.) When Jin Gook recalled his conversation with Jin Kang as he was talking to Tak that Moo Young has been hurt by people like him who will do their best to protect their children even to the detriment of other children not their own. 2.) When he mentioned to Tak that he had to protect JK from MY since he compares MY to a car with no brakes and thus, might run over and hurt JK in the process. 3.) When he wrote that passcode to his lifetime bank account for Jin Kang. I do not know but based on these, what I am perceiving is the fact that Jin Gook has just such an enormous brotherly love for Jin Kang (although it also hurts her and MY in the process). As previously shown, it was JK who kept him going despite of his sin and it was her who saved him from the brink of death. Perhaps, he just really fear so much about his perception of MY's "dangerousness" and his "possible criminal propensity" just like his father (as his father was said to be a notorious criminal in a previous episode) and thus, his determined opposition to their relationship. It's just like what Jin Kang has said that, Jin Gook is like those parents who are more than ready to hurt "other children" (MY) just for "their own" (JK). From JG and Tak's conversations, I cannot get a glimpse of an opposition from them based on a possible incestuous relationship (again based from this episode) But again, I cannot still be absolutely certain as to the basis of his opposition since he does not know that the two are secretly dating. Perhaps, I'm wrong with my perceptions. I'll see it when we get there. By the way, the ending was quite unexpected. He was finally able to use the pass code twice as expected. Also, I like the way Moo Young is portrayed as someone who is caught between his anger and disbelief that Jin Gook actually did it (as he views him as someone whose act of killing doesn't suit him). Plus, Jin Gook's portrayal who is also a good person but who likewise have to agonize and rectify for his sins is also well portrayed. I do not also think that Moo Young has the heart to really kill him. Perhaps, he just can't believe what he has discovered. It hurts him so badly and thus, he wants to know the truth straight from him. Many may disagree with me but just like Moo Young, I can also still see the goodness in Jin Gook. But of course, I am not saying that he did not commit such wrongdoings. He definitely must pay for it especially for what he has done to MY. And finally, honestly, I have not been anxious anymore about the ending. What I am actually worrying about these days is the fact that we're now down to the last 3 episodes and I can't let go of this drama. I can't!!! It's just so so good. Wednesdays and Thursdays will never be the same again. I really need... A HUNDRED MILLION EPISODES. XD
  10. @Mau_Cherry@aislingIndeed! That scene was definitely a foreshadowing. MY will be left with no choice but to break all the promises that he told JK in the previous episode. Worse, he will have to play with other people's feelings again and pretend that he is actually the evil person that they think he is as he goes back to Se Ra. And such will be really bittersweet knowing that he will all be doing that for the sake of his love for JK. In the past episodes, we can truly see how much he loves her and one way is by showing that he also values the people who matter to her. That for me is true in love in its truest sense. I think in the next episode, he will already remember that it was JG who killed his father. He could not share that to JK. But to protect her from the harsh truth as well as to save the image that she has of her brother (as MY has been doing in the previous episides), he will have no choice but to stay away from her thereby protecting the image of her brother while unfortunately destructing his own. Ohh Moo Young ❤❤❤
  11. "Love will save people". For me, it does not literally mean that their love can actually save them from dying or from an inevitable beautiful sad ending in the same way that people do not have any power over our loved-ones once the time comes that they have to leave this world no matter how much we love them even more than ourselves. For me, understanding it in the context of the drama means about the immeasurable power that the love you give can do to another person during his/her lifetime, that power of love that is so accepting so much so that it makes a person cherish his/her life more and strive everyday to become a better and a truthful person, and the power of love that transcends human judgment, world understanding and that goes beyond lifetime. Perhaps, many would view that it is only Jin Kang’s love that saved Moo Young from a life of lost and darkness. But for me, MY’s love for JK has also saved her. MY is a person who is imprisoned from the labels and judgments that the world throws at him but JK saved him from such imprisonment. She is able to see right through him whatever the circumstances. However, I believe that JK’s life had also been somehow a life of imprisonment, a life where she cannot be completely honest with herself and her feelings. But MY has also somehow freed her from that imprisonment that she built upon herself and taught her to be truthful about her feelings. MY is someone who generally does not think about other people but JK changed him thus for once in his life, he has genuinely loved and cared for a human being. On the other hand, JK is someone who always puts other people’s feelings first even to her own detriment but MY also changed her. She learnt that there are times when you also have to think of yourself first so that you may also experience life at its most beautiful and at its finest. Also, I believe that it can also be viewed in the light of the siblings’ love between JG and JK. As for Jin Gook, it is because of his love and the love that he receives from JK that has saved him from giving up on his life. It’s been his source of strength to continue living on despite of his very dark past. As for JK, as she has said in a previous episode, it is his brother’s love that saves her from seeing herself as a person with nothing to a person who actually values into something. As painful as it may be, but as I see it, this drama will inevitably have to lead to a tragic end. As much as I wish for an endless happy ending, but for me, having such kind of ending will not be in accordance with the seamless flow and overarching melancholic vibe of the story. For me, watching Moo Young and Jin Kang’s love story unfolds is probably the most beautiful, the most moving, and the most genuine portrayal in the history of Korean melodrama. But along with that beauty is the feeling they invoke in me that their love story is unfortunately not meant to last in this world. Their love story is just so beautiful that theirs do not belong to this world but perhaps in a world far more beautiful, perhaps in the beautiful world of the stars where they originally came from. Maybe, some of you may say that I am just being overly romantic, but that’s how I see it and feel about it. And besides, even in our real world, it is sometimes not the length of the love story that counts. It’s the depth and genuineness of that story. P.S. Kindly, I’m not saying that people should stop from wishing for a happy end. All of us are always entitled to our own wishes and interpretations. My writings are merely based on my own personal musings and reflections about the drama that I wish to share with you. AND OHHH @piekeboeboe Thank you so much for your kind words. I really appreciate it. Also, thank you for the pictures. I'm so moved over and over again by Moo Young and Seo In Guk is superbly nailing his character. Again, THANK YOU for the appreciation!!!
  12. @deishii Yes, that was indeed so cruel of JG. By the way, this is out of topic, but I just noticed your photo and am curious. Is that in Trolltunga? I mean, if you don't mind if I ask.
  13. He wishes to be born again. I feel so sad for him again. The world must have been such a cruel place for him to live in for him to wish something like that. But I'm glad that he still has Jin Kang. At least, he has been genuinely happy and has loved at least once in his life. Sometimes, once is already enough. I cried during JK and JG's conversation. Indeed, he has been through a lot already but why is it that the world and the people around him just can't let him be? Now that JG has found out his identity, I hope that he would put his atonement not just in words but definitely by actions. For if you found out that the person whom you've been falsely labeling as the murderer is the son of the person whom you killed, isn't it more necessary that you seek for forgiveness from him? More so, you almost even killed him? Isn't it more that you should realize that you are one of the reasons why that person had just been existing so lost and lonely for a long time instead of living? As to the drawing, I stick to my theory in my previous comments that the 4 persons there are: Moo Young's father, Moo Young, Jin Kang and Jin Kang's father. I do not know why and if it is just me, but I am so calm and optimistic with the thought that they are not siblings. Does anyone feel like me? Or maybe I am already past that stage already. I mean, I do not worry anymore whether they are siblings or not. I feel like I can already accept them as they are (and just skip the revelation scene when I rewatch it XD). But definitely, I will be truly sad especially with the thought of one or both of them dying. Yet, I just really want to enjoy their present moments and allow my heart to cherish it. I do not wish to think much of their tragic future. Tomorrow will worry about itself. At least, this is what I'm feeling as of the moment. P.S. I think MY will have no choice but to break his promises to JK in the coming episodes for he will already learn that it was JG who killed his father. I am not sure but that's the vibe that I'm getting from the preview. I've posted this before already but this is still the vibe that I'm getting in case they change it. The 4 persons in the drawing are: Moo Young, MY's father, Jin Kang, and JK's father. Their fathers are friends and so are MY and JK during their childhood. Before the shooting incident, JK's father either 1.) abandoned or left JK, 2.) died 3.) was killed either intentionally or accidentally by MY's father or 4.) Jin Kang was kidnapped by MY’s father. From either of these options, JK was adopted or became then a part of MY’s household. Then, the shooting incident in Haesan happened. Jin Gook shoot MY's father which unfortunately lead to his death to JG’s dismay. Both MY and JK are in the vicinity during the shooting incident as reflected in MY’s dreams . As they were rushing towards MY’s father who was shot, the kettle accident happened and thus explaining their connecting scars. Both were brought to the hospital but MY run away looking for JK. MY narrated in a previous episode of his first memory, that he walked endlessly as if knowing that someone is waiting for him This also explains why JG lost him aside from the fact that JG was so guilty to face him the first time he saw him in the hospital (as shown in a previous episode). Having experienced a very traumatic incident at a young age, both MY and JK lost their memories. Finding MY and JK in the same household and both kids losing their memories, JG and the police force assumed that they are siblings. Thus, thinking that the person he killed is also JK's father, he adopted JK but lost MY. On the other hand, MY was adopted by an older woman and later on was taken to the orphanage. At first, I was thinking that the other people in the picture could be indeed, MY's dongsaeng (who could be JK) and the female figure is his mother. But then, it seems to me that he doesn't even have a subconscious memory of his mother. He only always thinks of his father, whether in his dreams or in reality. In the previous episode, he said that his first memory was that he was endlessly walking as if “someone” was waiting for him. When JK asks him, “Who? Was it your mother?” He could not answer and just showed the drawing. In that scene, I feel like he never had experienced growing up with a mother. I think he also somehow mentioned this when they ate a meal together after MY playfully asked JK to treat him. Thus, I think that “someone” is actually JK. And in the latest episode, JK appeared in his dream while he was endlessly walking.Thus again, the female figure in the drawing is actually JK and not her mother for he did not grow up with a mother. Now putting up all the other pieces in the puzzle, the police officer that MY's been dreaming about is actually JG. While the man that was shot is actually his father. Also, the feeling he has that he was not actually abandoned but was lost pertains to JG not really abandoning him but losing him in the process. MY and JK indeed know each other already way, way back. Thus, when he said in an earlier episode that it's already the 4th time that they've met since JK reminds him of his dongsaeng whom he is not sure of but he remembers subconsciously, that is actually JK. Besides, if I'm not mistaken, "dongsaeng" does not always necessarily mean a younger sibling. It could also refer to a friend or acquaintance who is younger than you. Also, if the voice who always calls him “Kim Moo Young” in his dreams is actually a little girl, that is in fact JK also. That’s why MY said in the previous episode that he has quite a feeling that it is JK. And finally, when he said to JK in the previous episode the words "My brother looks mischievous, right?" I feel like that boy will turn out to be actually him, Moo Young himself (considering the mischievousness that he has been doing so far haha but of course, I love him to the moon and all the way to the hundred million stars.). P.S. I was thinking that JG’s opposition could be merely based on the option that MY’s father killed JK’s father. Thus, a bad blood and still a forbidden love. But JG’s opposition and fear is so so strong and besides, it will not portray the essence/originality of the drama. Still, it could either be of the 2 but I think that the theory that JG is not completely aware of their past stands more. Thus, I can say that when this version added another person in the drawing, that also means that they are adding a backstory that was not shown in the J-version. But still, either incestuous or not, and I will really really be sad, but I have a feeling that either one or both of them will die in the end like a hundred million stars falling from the sky. Again, this is still my humble theory up to this moment although as I have said earlier, I think I can already accept it whatever the ending. My biggest worry now is that this drama is already about to end. I can’t let go so much so that I just want to grow old with them. llion stars.).
  14. @miyukiakira1988 Thank you Wowww!!!! Not only do they have an overflowing chemistry when acting but as well as with their singing. I wonder how they are able to do that. So impressed beyond words. SIG and JSM are for life!
  15. How could Jin Gook stab my darling Moo Young? XD But seriously, I cannot fathom any longer as to where his hatred is coming from so much so that he has to stab him. Even assuming that MY and JK are siblings, how could he think of killing a person again? He doesn't want Jin Kang to get hurt but he's killing the man she loves? Can't he tell that he is inflicting so much pain to her already? Didn't Jin Kang tell him already that even without him knowing it, she has been hurting even in the past? He should have already learned from his past or else, history will really repeat itself for him plus double the karma. I wish I could understand him. But really, I don't have time for Jin Gook and allow him to ruin my happiness for today's episode. Just like what Moo Young told him, that he can't stop them, he can't also stop me. HAHA! Wed. and Thurs. are screaming days for me. Soo inlove with SIG and JSM's overflowing chemistry. They are so so natural.. so raw and so genuine. They never cease to make my heart flutter and they raise the bar in each and every episode. I especially love that scene when MY sprinted just to follow her but only to find out that she's just outside his house actually waiting for him. And then he carried her all around. That was so cute and sweet! I'll never be able to get over it. I also love that one when they were shopping especially when Jin Kang picked the stuffed toy then Moo Young told her: "Put that down. I'm really not that kind of a person." HAHAHA! But he is actually becoming that kind of a person already all because of her. How sweeeet! Finally, he bought cups already.. and not only cups but he is actually creating a home for her already (from a very dark and lonely house). And their scenes during the housewarming party was sweetness overload. I particularly like that part when Jin Kang was asking for the picture then Moo Young showed his wallet then Jin Kang kissed him: "That's my boy." HAHA! I am really so over the moon when they tease and make fun of each other. Sometimes, more than the kissing and hugging scenes, it's those scenes that make me go super crazy. But really, I super love all their scenes together. And sometimes I am torn between I also would want to know already as to how their love story will change in this version but at the same time, I really really don't want this drama to end. I cannot let go of my Moo Young and Jin Kang. I'm supporting Seo In Guk and Jung So Min all the way whether for reel or for real. Love them so! P.S. Jin Gook is truly becoming so selfish and horrible. It was even so heartbreaking for MY already when he waited for him wishing to give him some drinks to win his heart but only to be belittled and hear those discouraging words from him. In fact, he was almost killing him with those words already. I mean this person is sharing with you his dream to become a police officer but then in just seconds, you tell him to stop dreaming just because for you, he is a murderer and is not deserving of anything in this world? I loved Jin Gook at the start but he has really turned into someone I could no longer comprehend.
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