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  1. 1- I'm in love with the first ep and can't wait the next ep to came 2- Ae 3-handsome tin ____ cute Pete 4- when pete came to his mom that he is gay 5- all pond scene 6- emmmm I think is the kiss on the stairs and the kiss before there first 7- Ae pete 8- the final ep between ae and Pete I hope pete is going with ae to the beach and end it with the kiss 9- pete 10- no lol 11- saint of course 12- sure it's listed on the best bl for me
  2. No saint again I wish him success in another project with people respect him and respect his work ( he is the main lead)
  3. Khun new already has a new project And starts workshop on 17 November
  4. The tea's tooooo hot to be served Let's wait when LBC ends
  5. With all this bulshit going around I don't need saint to do season 2 or any bl drama and I'm really pissed
  6. Why the richard simmons did Ae Pete not close the door we need the 2 round Tooo much goldfish and pond
  7. About the drama I don't even care about saint in season 2 because he deserves better than this richard simmons Wellllll when pete has to cover his own mouth Deserve better than this richard simmons
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