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  1. Wow apink will compete against gfriend for january comeback.i am buddy, n i like apink too.n taeunian.i hope both group got the best result for the comeback
  2. Yes new concept.but 4th generation gg now very popular like izone -gidle.i think apink need more worked hard now.
  3. Oh i see.k think they like give hint like a couple item or something.ok thanks.i hole they really dating too
  4. No i just hear news he always shipper with lead female.i like her too.if they really dating i am happy too.because i just want to know like a a certain they are real couple.yes he in army right now
  5. I am fans ji chan wook.i am watching all his drama.n he always have shipper everytime filming drama.so i wanna know this shipper too or real they date.
  6. I am newbie in this couple.they really couple?or just shipper couple?do you have evidence they dating?
  7. I want to ask ... in your country there is a whatssapp or Line application or not?if there is an aplication how about make a groupchat.
  8. Many account kpop prediction now.many false account now.i am curious when taemin n naeun will revealed their relationship
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