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  1. I may dislike Yang Zi's acting but I don't believe it's right to call her dumb or anything. That is your opinion, but there are people who like it; a lot of them. I guess you're really frustrated but please refrain from bashing. It's your right to like or dislike but the same way we feel bad reading negative posts about our faves, is the same way others feel about theirs. We don't have to stoop to the same level as a select few.
  2. The ring. The handkerchief. The rain scene. The pregnancy joke scene. The everything. Now that I have watched the trailer ten times, I'm calm enough to comment. All the good bits. Even the tiger soul something sword in Aranyas fight for Chen Ye. So many goodies
  3. ~But the girl in her memory had only been a lowly maid at Taichen Palace. In those juvenile days she couldn’t stop herself from being jealous of such a stunning servant. Fearing even Donghua would be bewitched if he saw her beauty, she did everything she could to prevent them from meeting one another. Secretly, she had given the maid many a hard time; sometimes she had been downright cruel. ~ Yes not in particular but they did mention it. I'm here wondering how the Aranya arc will accommodate Vengo as both Chenye and Xize when FengJiu falls into the formation. Remember the scene where he got jealous of Chen Ye?
  4. Aww. When FengJiu made those toffee foxes. This is in Aranya's dream if I remember. Just remembered Su Moye telling FengJiu not to let Xize aka Dijun know the toffee wasn't made exclusively for him. Now we know this scene is in the drama.
  5. I wouldn't be worried about the date since there's nothing official. Just started reading pillow book again keeping more attention to details. In motion, pillow book is actually going to be way more tragic than it appears when reading like even the cute moments are usually in the thick of heart breaking scenes. It's a good thing it's a happy ending. Another love story that we get to see which is actually interesting is Minsu the crossdressing bodyguard and Xunyang? I'd love to see theirs too
  6. Pillow book set its release for 4th quarter of 2019 (please be September) and guys it's 60 episodes.
  7. https://www.instagram.com/p/Bt0O2T3BMhb/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=2tlg0g7tn87k Yeah so I saw this on insta but the image refuses to share
  8. Thanks a lot. Dijun needs a job people, else Xiao bai may just start crying. Job openings anyone? Don't want our dear stone losing face in front of his wife's uncle in law.
  9. I wish I could understand the characters. My understanding is limited at rén. Dijun looks so irritated lol. The pages just keep increasing I wonder when we'll get an mv or trailer.
  10. Okay. For me I just went to their page directly not searched and a playlist for the drama is there. I also watched the eternal love from there
  11. For those inquiring about Candle in the Tomb actually it's taken up by Yoyo television and up to six episodes have been subbed on youtube in their channel.
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