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  1. Hello,this is Spartace forum customer service ,what can I do to help you my dear? Reply 1: fix ur mind Reply 2: get out Oh,I am sorry. You only have 2 choices, 1 OR 2 ,that's all. Thank you for using the customer service line. You are welcome. I am a song ji hyo fan,KTHXBYE
  2. LINE is a communication app where used all the time in Korea, just want to easier to communicate with all the spartace fans ,no condition,as long as u ship sa,u can join Can add my ID and mentioned that u r SA fans ID : cloudiee1004
  3. Hi guys , would like to ask if anyone want to join our LINE group chat for SA fans. Can leave me a PM so I can add u all in as some Twitter fans wanted to create it ,
  4. Did anyone find this,cause I am using phone is hard to paste the URL , staff/fan is holding the photo of SJH and KJK combined when KJK took the awards- PR choice award ,the one that KJK said he wish to have a daughter with SJH
  5. I had been missing g for a long time... HAHAHAHA come and drop this by , now gonna get going with my Finals and come back later :3 1. Introduce yourself! Username and a fun fact? As much or as little as you want to say. Cloudie is my game name, 1004 is my favorite idol birthday. 2. How long have you been watching RM? What got you into the show? Since Big Bang? The one where they took the helicopter, the fantastic baby era. 3. Who's your favorite RM member(s)? Has this changed over time? Yoo jae suk,still him. Basically I like most of all but I am still bias with YJS 4. How long have you been shipping spartace? Do you believe they're dating? What convinced you? This year? I know I am late yes they are dating. Anythings that can appear on this forum XD 5. What's your favorite spartace moment(s)? What made your heart race? What made you laugh? What made you think "no way they're not dating"? 160717 (the most cutest ep) My heart race ah? Erm..... The part where sjh does TT dance to kjk and he bites his lips? Laugh.... Most of it? There's some moment, I thought but I will just keep it to myself :3 6. What's your favorite spartace episode(s)? If you had to show a new RM fan some episodes to convince them spartace are dating, what would you show them? 160717 still. 7. Which RM member is really the president of the spartace ship? And who's the VP and who's the treasurer? Haha then YJS then....... Erm.... MYUKPD XD joking joking, the third one is JSJ 8. What's your favorite spartace fan video? All of it? 9. Any spartace fan fiction recommendations? Erm..... 10. If you had to pick a song that best describes spartace, which song would you choose? This chinese song called 恨幸福来过 ? Which kjk performs on MAMA this year. Reason : I feel like SA missed a lot of chance to confess about the relationship.. Like there's no right time to say it out to the world. 11. How would you honestly fare in a game of nametag ripping? last, I mean the first one to get out :3
  6. Gosh can’t wait to watch now, I wanted to wait for Chinese subs to come out first ...
  7. Hi guys, Just want to mention this,kindly do not force or comment for Anyone on SNS to make more SA moments, give them just deal it naturally.. i dont know but but I feel like is like disturbing PDs choices
  8. I am giving a full 100%, I am confident with them. Like how can you hold hand in a program, eat like husband and wife , 2017 year is the most sweet year for me , and 2013. Unless, they did get together, but they broke up. But still hahaha 100%
  9. They are always good together, even my brother the one who don't like to watch variety shows, said that as well.
  10. So about PJF, most of them were thinking that, "newlywed couple having a good time with besties. " not much on PJF tho but mostly are mad cause the answer for "Is kjk life partner inside this room" are gonna only be airing next week. For RM, CR to BAIDU SA and owner. These photo, sjh trying to stabilize herself by holding on to KJK, not obvious but at least.. Some skin ship :3 and this part as well (credit to SA baidu) , saying that "It'd be good if we have a daughter" ... Erm.. imo, If I was in that situation, is gonna be awkward, if me and the one who saying is not dating. Cause is something I thought is serious, is just my mind lah, different people different mind tho TBH. HAHAHAHA I stop here first, I get more again later..
  11. Let me have some check on Baidu SA and get back to you again, China/ Taiwan fans are really supporting SA hard by spamming comment of SA.
  12. Reply for my own mistake. Sorry about that, I shouldn't just trust the Translation, I know Korean and I understand them, but I didn't heard this word 지금 ,which pronounce as JiGeum, means "currently" ,I am so sorry for giving false hope, but HAHA didn't not mentioned about "past relationship", he mentioned that "I know who kjk is dating, " "celebrity celebrity. " But I am sure, he didn't meant past tense, but it could be past or right now. I am sorry, next time I will double confirm before making a quote. So sorry about that..
  13. This part,in most of the Chinese translation, HAHA : I know who is kjk dating "currently" HAHA : celebrity celebrity
  14. tbh when JOY asked KJK the longest he dated a girl, he said 7 years.. when JOY asked again, why didn't married, he think for a while only answers , sorry for bad english and my delulu. btw i regreted for putting a mask on while watching PJF , wasted one piece, cause i smile too much .... couldn't hold back...
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